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Released: 2020

“My Head & My Heart” by Ava Max is a vivacious pop anthem depicting an internal struggle between logic and emotion in the context of a romantic relationship. The song characteristically wrestles with the timeless dilemma of love and the conflicts that arise when one’s heart and mind are at odds.

Kicking off the song, Ava sets the scene with a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about a past love: ‘Baby, now and then, I think about me now and who I could have been, And then I picture all the perfect that we lived’. The ‘tiny violin,’ a popular metaphor for self-pity, hints at Ava’s decision to cut ties with a partner who couldn’t see beyond their own woes.

Racing ahead, Ava’s catchy hook: ‘My mind’s got a ma-ma-mind of its own right now..My head and my heart are torturing me,’ provides the crux of the song—it’s here that we fully grasp Ava’s quandary. The dynamite metaphor is symbolic of her explosive inner turmoil, which pushes her to the point of drastic measures. It’s an age-old conflict between reason and emotion, adding depth to an otherwise up-tempo pop track.

Touching on another classic dilemma in pop lyrics, the chorus paints the picture of being ‘caught in-between’ two seemingly opposing forces—the ‘angels’ and ‘monsters.’ Angels reminiscent of good advice and conscience, and monsters suggesting the tantalizing allure of a destructive love affair—could be the metaphorical representation of heart vs. head respectively.

The simple ‘La-la-la-la-la’ bridge—not to be underestimated—serves as an ode to her quandary, reflecting Ava’s emotional limbo with clean simplicity. Lyrics such as ‘I’m standing at the crossroads, I cross my heart with X and O’s’ also reinforce the notion of inner conflict, as she stands torn between two choices.

In conclusion, “My Head & My Heart” is a dance pop anthem that paradoxically explores romantic indecision and the conflict between reason and passion. Armed with this knowledge, listeners can feel empowered not only to sing along word for word, but also to delve deeper into the lyrics and appreciate the complexity of the emotions Ava presents.

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