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Meaning of the song ‘Maybe You’re The Problem’ by ‘Ava Max’

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Released: 2023

“Maybe You’re The Problem” by Ava Max is a pointed, empowering anthem aimed at an egocentric lover, questioning their behaviour, and placing the blame for their relationship’s turmoil back onto them. The lyrics illustrate a woman who has managed to distance herself from the toxicity, and recognises her worth, refusing to be a scapegoat for someone else’s issues.

The opening lines depict our pop maverick conveying her frustration with a self-absorbed lover; “Always say you love me, but you / Always make it all about you”. This repetition of “you” solidifies who the problem really is, emphasising on the self-centred nature of her partner. The line, “Especially when you’ve had a few,” indicates the partner’s troubling behaviour escalates when under the influence – a classic predicament in pop ballads.

The chorus, “Baby, maybe you’re the problem” is a bold assertion. A turning of tables, compared to the pop culture trope of self-blame in failed relationships. This is the anthem’s punchline – not only is it catchy but it also packs a powerful message. It’s an affirmation saying, ‘Hey, it’s not always “me”, maybe “you’re” the one who needs to do some soul searching’.

The line, “Worked on myself, opened my eyes,” shows Ava’s self-growth, an important narrative within pop music. “You hate my friends, turns out they were right,” a nod to the age-old wisdom of friends seeing things we don’t when we’re caught up in a toxic relationship.

“Your point of view, got it all backwards” and “And your short fuse, just like a time bomb,” Ava directly points out her partner’s flaws – they’ve got a warped perspective (hence “backwards”) and an explosive temper that’s the root cause of frequent arguments (“time bomb”).

The continual repetition of, “You should take your little finger and just point it in the mirror,” drives the point home – ‘Don’t blame me, take a good look at yourself’. It’s a fitting pay-off to a song crackling with empowerment, self-realization, and a hefty dose of ‘enough is enough’ attitude.

In a nutshell, Ava Max’s “Maybe You’re the Problem” serves as a powerful reminder that relationships are a two-way street, and if one party refuses to take responsibility, it might be time for the other to step away. It’s brilliantly assertive pop with a message that’s as clear and crisp as the pop princess’s vocals.

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