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Released: 2021

Ava Max’s “EveryTime I Cry” is a bold, self-assured anthem, weaving a narrative of personal growth out of pain. Unpacking its lyrics reveals a journey of overcoming inner demons, and building resilience through emotional adversity.

From the jump, our pop maestro sets the mood with “I had a dream that I was sinking slow motion.” Dreams here are a metaphor for her previous state of mind, feeling trapped in a crumbling reality while everything continued around her. Max admits to being overwhelmed by her “messy” emotions – a common sensation for many enduring emotional turbulence.

Then comes the game-changer, the heart of this powerhouse track, “Every time I cry, I get a little bit stronger.” Max harnesses her emotional scars as a source of power, asserting her growth within pain. She’s gotta fight for every tear, each sobbed-out ballad morphing into an anthem of strength.

“Angel used to be the devil on my shoulder” further reveals her internal battle with her own demons. Every pop queen has her dark past, and Ava is no exception. Yet, she proclaims this emotional upheaval is no more, reinforcing the concept that she’s overcoming her past struggles.

Ava gets real about her self-care when she speaks of “When the voices get loud, I’m turnin’ ’em down.” She’s all about silencing those negative thoughts, dimming the inner criticisms, and prioritizing positivity. “Feel good in my body forever and ever” expresses her aim for long-term self-acceptance and contentment.

In an industry that often glamorizes pain, Max’s “EveryTime I Cry” isn’t about wallowing in the hurt. It’s about catching your tears, converting them into stepping stones, and rising ever-stronger towards a better future. And that’s pop with a punch, if you ask me.

When she sings “I used to spend the nights inside my head thinkin'” and “I used to count the days inside my bed drinkin’,” Max is conveying a relatable sense of overthinking and escapism. Let’s be real, who hasn’t been there in the aftermath of a heart-shattering moment?

But the crescendo of the last verse “Every time I cry, I get a little bit stronger,” repeated with conviction, delivers the message home: growth comes from embracing your emotional journey, not bypassing it. Even when life throws a sucker punch, Ava Max is declaring you can rise stronger, more bulletproof, with each tear shed.

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