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Meaning of the song ‘My Oh My’ by ‘Ava Max’

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Released: 2024

In a nutshell, “My Oh My” by Ava Max is an electrifying pop anthem that reverberates with an unabashed celebration of fame, high-energy nightlife, and the feeling of being under the spotlight, set against the backdrop of the ’90s paparazzi culture. Ava Max uses clever pop culture references and epithets to paint a vivid picture of the intoxicating and glamorous scene she finds herself in.

The opening lines “My oh my, baby, this my kinda night / Flashin’ lights up on my body, feels like ’90s paparazzi” communicates Ava’s exhilaration at the fame she is experiencing, harking back to the ’90s era when paparazzi culture was at its peak, and snapping celebs was a full-time obsession. With her body awash in flashing lights, she revels in the glory of being the darling of the crowd, akin to feeling like she’s the star of her own movie. That movie feels like a spectacle where dancing strangers surround her, who are caught up in the same infectious energy she’s radiating.

Next, Ava invites us into the grandeur of her lifestyle with the lines “Retro glamorous, modern fabulous, point your cameras, / Giving MTV, Bella and Gigi, sippin’ on Clicquot.” She’s exuding an irresistible mix of modern style and retro glamour, and she’s loving every click of the camera. The lyrics also name-drop pop culture icons Bella and Gigi Hadid and make a nod at luxury champagne label, Clicquot. Ava belts out a palpable ‘big energy,’ making a bold and powerful assertion about her charisma and confidence.

In the next part, Ava draws comparisons between her and pop culture icons, “I run the table like it’s Vegas, I’m like Charlie with these angels / Taking pictures, feeling famous, / I feel so Kim and Khloé, ain’t no Photoshop, Adobe /Walk in like I am Naomi.” The allusions to Charlie’s Angels and the Kardashians pin her experiences under the flashbulbs with the fame and paparazzi those figures attract. Crowned with a reference to supermodel Naomi Campbell, she dismisses the need for Photoshop edits and affirms her naturally alluring presence, clear of any digital enhancements.

Each chorus of “My Oh My” cements the growing ecstatic vibe, emphasizing the electrifying atmosphere and the rush of being the center of attention, making everyone want to roll out the red carpet for her. It evokes the liberating sensation of living in the moment, basking in the thrill of a night infused with spontaneity and hedonism reminiscent of an exciting movie plot.

Through this vibrant pop anthem, Ava Max is stepping into an arena where fame comes with its distinct set of experiences and thrills, and she’s ready to embrace it with open arms and a flourish!

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