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If pop music is the heartbeat of your day, then you’ve just stumbled upon your rhythmic haven 🚀

Top Pop Tracks is an independent digital media publication celebrating pop music culture, from the origin’s of rock through to punk rock and today’s pop innovators.

Born out of a collective passion for those chart-topping bangers and underrated jams, we’re a crew of avid pop music aficionados. From the neon glow of the 80s, the fierce diva anthems of the 90s, to today’s genre-blending soundscapes, our team is plugged in 24/7.

  1. Lists For Days: Ever wondered which pop hits dominated summer ’08 or which ballads are perfect for rainy days? We’ve got a list for that.
  2. Reviews & Rundowns: Fresh tracks drop. We listen. We spill the tea. Get the lowdown on the latest singles, albums, and MVs.
  3. Deep Dives: Beyond the beats and melodies, we dig deep into lyrical content, artist evolution, and the stories behind your favorite tunes.

In the vast universe of music, pop forms a galaxy of its own. It’s ever-evolving, reflective of our times, and, let’s admit, wildly addictive. At Pop Pulse, we cherish this universe, offering fans and newcomers alike a space to explore, discuss, and bop along to the vibrant world of pop.

Whether you’re a casual listener or a pop trivia champ, there’s something here for everyone. Dive in, share your thoughts, and let’s keep the pop pulse alive and kicking!

Feel the rhythm. Feel the pulse. Dive into pop with us! 🚀🎤💖


Eleanor R. pink hair and glasses illustration avatar

Dancing through the rhythms of the pop scene, Eleanor R. has been your go-to girl for all things sparkly and sonorous since the 2010s. With an intuitive knack for spotting rising stars and a soft spot for powerful divas, she paints the world of chartbusters with her eloquent prose. If there’s a catchy hook or a heart-wrenching ballad out there, trust Eleanor to dissect it with flair and passion. 🌟🎧💃🏻

A beat chaser with an ear for the next big hit, Andy Mac has been navigating the glitzy world of pop since the noughties. With a penchant for deep dives and a flair for the dramatic, he translates the pulsating heart of pop culture into words that vibe. Whether it’s the latest chart-toppers or forgotten gems, if it’s pop, Andy’s on top of it. 💥🎤🔥

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Would you like to contribute? Contact us at [email protected].