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Released: 2023

“Honey” by Troye Sivan is a compelling pop anthem that explores the turbulent emotions of budding attraction. A rollercoaster of infatuation, desire, and hesitancy, Sivan takes us on a journey of anticipation, seduction and the excitement of the unknown conveyed through sensual, metaphor-heavy lyrics.

The song kicks off with a candid admission from Troye, “Give me the courage to say all the shit I mean, yeah.” He’s seeking the bravery to express his feelings, wrestling with the push and pull of wanting to make his emotions known to the object of his affection. The term ‘shit I mean’ is a slick showcase of slang, indicating the things he truly feels but struggles to verbalize.

As the track progresses, we uncover the depths of his desire. “Give me a song to rock your body, a lucid dream,” Sivan pleads. This isn’t just about physical desire; it’s an intimate yearning for a connection, likening the experience to a ‘lucid dream,’ a dream where the dreamer has control. This analogy portrays his wish to orchestrate reality as he envisions it in his fantasies.

However, it isn’t just about lust. The line, “I see love in every space” illustrates the overwhelming impact of this infatuation – it’s all-encompassing, coloring his entire perception of the world. The idea of sex in every city, every town, is a hyperbole, representing his heightened sense of desire that appears amplified and omnipresent due to his strong feelings.

Fast forward to the chorus, “Give me that honey, honey, love,” where ‘honey’ is another front for affection, passion, and sweetness. It implies a blend of physical and emotional desire, a yearning for the sweet intoxicating blend of love that his partner possesses. Worth noting, the repeated lines create a haunting mantra, echoing in listeners’ ears long after the song ends.

Moving on to the bridge, “Mantra, eternally in my mind”, Sivan paints a picture of a mind captivated, an ode to the way thoughts of this person have become an everlasting chant in his head. It’s a romantic notion, but also one tinged with a hint of desperation – an intriguing paradox that adds to the song’s allure.

The line, “I don’t pray a lot, God knows”, emphasizes the significance of this attraction. He’s resorting to prayer, signifying how immense his feelings are. Moreover, it’s a clever nod to ‘God’ as an entity, highlighting that even the divine is privy to his rare acts of devotion.

Overall, “Honey” articulates the heady intoxication of budding love or lust in a tongue-in-cheek, sensuous, and genuinely heartfelt way. Sivan brilliantly amalgamates a sprinkle of cheeky slang with profound emotions, creating a pop anthem that captures the essence of all-consuming attraction.

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