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Top 20 Best ‘Troye Sivan’ Songs of All Releases

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You know that feeling of stumbling upon an artist who sings right to your soul? For the fans of pop music, Troye Sivan is one such gem whose voice and lyrics strike many an emotional chord. With his debut LP, “Blue Neighbourhood,” Troye rocketed to the upper echelon of pop music, blending the synth-driven beats of the ’80s with 21st-century wistfulness. His sound, laden with romanticism and living-on-the-edge themes that resonate with millennials and Gen Z, has earned him his rightful place in the pop universe.

The South African-born Australian singer and songwriter stirs up pop music waves with his distinctive style and resonating lyrics. His works aren’t just songs, they’re colour-soaked, emotion-drenched vignettes that tug at your heartstrings, throwing you headfirst into the narrative.

From the breathy lyricism of “Strawberries & Cigarettes” to the pulsating rhythm of “My My My!,” Troye’s music isn’t just catchy—it’s transformative. He brings depth to tracks like “Bloom” and “Easy,” casting an introspective lens on love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. His collaborations, like the flirty dance-pop anthem “Dance to This” with Ariana Grande or his adventurous team-up with PinkPantheress and Hyunjin of Stray Kids on “Rush,” showcase his versatility and ability to transcend genre limits. Sivan’s repertoire is vast, his sound distinct, his impact undeniable. His music, in essence, is a labyrinth of emotion and rhythm, making any attempt to rank his songs an enjoyable, albeit challenging endeavor.

So let’s get into it. From the heartwarming nostalgia of “WILD” to the infectious energy of “One Of Your Girls,” here are the Top 24 Troye Sivan Songs Ranked, from Worst to Best.

20. Silly

The track utilizes an insatiable arrangement of synth-pop rhythms that speaks to the core of our feelings towards self-discovery and vulnerability. Lyrically, Sivan molds a narrative about yearning for understanding, connection, and the desire to escape the confines of our own self-doubt.

The song beautifully encapsulates the struggle of knowing oneself, feeling trapped within one’s own skin, and the longing to find understanding through the validation of others. At its core, “Silly” is an ode to the complexity of self-perception and the incredible journey of self-growth. Sivan’s poeticism shines with verses like “I’m just tryna put that sh*t away. Don’t need anybody here to console me. I’m just tryna get outside of this body.” It’s a thoughtful and introspective tune that showcases Sivan’s ability to marry catchy pop hooks with meaningful and raw lyrical content.

19. WILD

The track leads us through the electrifying journey of navigating newfound romance in a suburban setting – a ‘blue neighbourhood’, as Sivan puts it. The song is marked by its raw honesty, showcasing Sivan’s sincere songwriting skills. The protagonist is deeply engrossed in the exhilarating highs and daunting lows of their relationship, a common experience for many young lovers. The emotional cycle of excitement, fear, hope and vulnerability is equally chaotic and captivating, much like the wild nature Sivan compares it to. Regardless of these rollercoaster emotions, it’s clear the protagonist finds the love experience irresistibly thrilling. This is epitomized in the repeated refrain, ‘And it drives me wild’, where ‘wild’ serves as a powerful metaphor for the unpredictable and fervent nature of youthful love.

18. Somebody To Love

This Troye Sivan’s rendition of the Queen classic is a definite earworm but falls just a bit short in our ranking. This pop ballad sees Troye confessing his longing for a significant other, the desperation palpable as he works tirelessly day and night to find that special someone. The reflective lyrics serve as a mirror to his vulnerability and desperate yearning for companionship, expressing a universal sentiment that resounds with many. The sheer raw emotion Troye conveys has the ability to capture listeners, as he lays his soul bare, asking, pleading, for somebody to love. The song’s lyrical depth showcases Troye’s strength as a songwriter, effectively translating heartfelt emotion into pop music language. While it’s an undoubtedly a memorable part of his discography, there are other tracks that better represent Troye’s unique musical style.


Central to Sivan’s early repertoire, the song is an ardent confession, mapping the contours of foolish love through evocative imagery. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of domestic bliss that contrasts sharply with the imploding reality of his romantic desperation. Santa Monica swimming pools, cozy living rooms, the tranquil nights, all serve as the backdrop for an affection that is dimmed by the partner’s indifference. Unfolding in layers of regret and refusal to surrender, the lyrics progressively reveal the narrator’s RSVP to the party of lost lovers – yes, he is a fool for falling, a fool for wishing, a fool for trying. Yet in admitting his romantic folly, Sivan also acknowledges the universal human pang for connection, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable differences.

16. Bloom

But when you deep dive into the lyrics, you realize it’s so much more. It’s an unabashed, vibrant expression of love and desire connected with the metaphor of blooming in love. Troye has masterfully used the metaphor of a garden to express the relationship’s evolution, covering every stage from the initial spark of attraction, the exhilaration of falling deeper, to the anxious anticipation of what the future holds. The repeated line “I bloom just for you” encapsulates the essence of the song – the intense, sweet desire to be one’s best for someone else. In simpler terms, Troye is saying, “I’m here, I’m open, and I’m ready to love fully and completely.” “Bloom” brilliantly showcases Troye Sivan’s propensity for creating deep, meaningful pop music that resonates with listeners on an emotional level.

15. Easy (with Kacey Musgraves feat. Mark Ronson)

It’s a melodic plea, drenched in desolate lyricism and a pulsating synth-backed ambience. The track exudes an aching regret and a desperate yearning for resolution. What sets it apart is the raw vulnerability embedded within its impassioned lyrics.

The narrative is steeped in an unfolding drama of a crumbling relationship. Sivan implores his lover not to abandon him amidst the metaphorical house fire of their love, symbolizing a chaotic whirlwind of emotion. The imagery of warped wood and distorted lines further emphasizes the upheaval they’re facing. Autobiographical in nature, Sivan presents a candid view of heartbreak, the difficulties of love, and the nihilistic tendencies that often accompany a bitter end. This track effectively captures the complexity of human emotions when faced with the loss of a cherished relationship.

14. Lonely People

It’s a poignant anthem for those feeling lost in the crowd, alone even amidst the hustle and bustle. Troye, with his emotive vocal delivery, bridges that isolating gap with raw honesty. The lyrics give voice to the internal struggle, a shout-out to the solitary souls feeling overshadowed by life’s relentless pace, convincing us it’s never too late to land on the brighter side. True, it takes a bit of Troye’s pop sparkle and trades it in for a melancholic charm but hey, isn’t that real life? It’s reminiscent of ’70s soft rock ballads that sought to capture life’s grey areas, just updated with Troye’s distinctive flair. But what stands out here is the sense of hopefulness it inspires, encouraging us to keep reaching for that silver lining.


Troye Sivan paints the famously elusive portrait of youth — fleeting, ephemeral, but oh-so-ravishing. The song is a clarion call for young love and the reckless abandon that often accompanies it. “YOUTH” encapsulates the intoxicating feeling of coming-of-age experiences, cranking up the volume on the invincibility factor that is often tied to our teenage years. The lyrics conjure images of running away, closing our eyes to the world, and speeding into our version of paradise, defying the rigid frame of reality. Troye’s metaphorical play with ‘tripping on skies’ and ‘sipping waterfalls’ embodies the limitless thrill and infinite capacity for dreams and desires that characterise one’s youth. It’s a booming anthem about seizing the moment, embracing the exhilaration, and most importantly, never letting the world dull your sparkle.

12. How To Stay With You

It’s a gently unfolding narrative where the protagonist pines for a closeness that remains tantalizingly just out of reach. Sivan conveys an intricate interplay between physical distance and emotional nearness – the longing for physical proximity acknowledged in ‘Wish you lived a little closer,’ and the temporal tension in ‘maybe when we’re a little older.’ The protagonist is essentially caught in a conundrum – wanting to hold onto someone he knows his family might approve of but not in ‘the same way’ as he does. Amidst the chaos and confusion of his feelings, he earnestly seeks a way to maintain this relationship, even if it means turning around for ‘one more kiss.’ In these layered lyrics, Sivan skillfully captures the essence of what it means to yearn, to love, and ultimately, to stay.

11. Can’t Go Back, Baby

The song serves as a haunting narrative, words crafting an evocative portrayal of a romance that, while once vibrant, is now irrevocably lost. The lyrics strike a chord through its intense focus on the uncomfortable realization that you can’t return to the past, combined with the difficult process of coming to terms with changes that are sometimes inevitable.

The track is a masterclass in modern pop storytelling, with Sivan pondering on the conflicting emotions of longing for what was and acceptance of the present. There’s a poignant balance between nostalgia and forward-thinking acknowledgment that what’s done is done. Sivan’s emotive delivery further drives home the narrative, culminating in an immersive, melodic experience that is both relatable and powerfully introspective. “Can’t Go Back, Baby” is a testament to Troye Sivan’s knack for transforming personal tales into universal anthems – a standout in his discography.

10. My My My!

This bop stands out as a stellar burst of self-affirmation and passionate pursuit of love. The lyrics encapsulate a bold chase of desire and hedonism, combined with an endearing vulnerability as Troye draws a line in the sand to take a stance for love. He’s craving intimacy, living for every move, dying every night with his lover. It’s a pulsating declaration of his willingness to shatter conventions and live in the power of the moment. It’s a heady embrace of selfhood and queerness, where desire, passion and authenticity are intertwined, foregrounding Troye’s love journey where connection and vulnerability reign supreme. All up, it conveys a poignant message of love served raw, fearless, and unapologetic; all while throwing down infectious pop vibes that stick in your head like sweet, sweet candy.

9. Honey

The song brims with electric energy, serving as a rallying cry for bold declarations of passion. Oscillating between an intimate confession and a euphoric anthem, “Honey” explores the nebulous realms of romantic relationships. The lyrics of the song, layered with raw emotion and candor, depict the singer’s craving for connection and intimacy. The repeated refrain, “Give me that honey, honey, love you’ve got the recipe” underscores the intoxicating allure of romance and desire. The “lucid dream” mentioned in the song vividly captures the surreal, dreamlike quality of intense attraction. Sivan’s invocation for courage to express inner feelings demonstrates a palpable vulnerability, complimenting the raw, charged, and sensual tone of the song. The lyrics resonate as an honest and daring exploration of love’s different stages and nuances, creating a rich tapestry of emotion, intensity, and subtlety.

8. Dance To This (feat. Ariana Grande)

The track serves up an intimate celebration of love and connection, evoking the simple, yet profound euphoria of enjoying each other’s company, with no need for elaborate parties or grand gestures.

The lyrics paint a picture of two lovers, lost in their private world under the kitchen lights. It’s a testament to the electric charge of attraction, the kind that makes denim feel like dynamite. Destined for shared stereo waxing and late-night slow dancing, the song juxtaposes the thrill of attraction against a backdrop of laid-back, almost lazy instrumentals. The sentiment of preferring one’s company and dancing to the rhythm of their hearts sends a clear message: Love doesn’t always have to be a loud statement—it can be a gentle sway to shared beats.

7. In My Room

The song blends English and Spanish lyrics, exhibiting a fusion of cultures that’s rapidly becoming a staple in pop music. With its themes of inner turmoil, longing, and a battle between love and lust, the lyrics convey a deep-seated restlessness. The catchy chorus “I’m all alone in my room, I’m just thinking ’bout you” provides a raw look into Sivan’s mind and emotions. The images of an ‘unmade bed’ and ‘tangled hair’ offer a poetic representation of his confused state of mind. His lyrics question his feelings; whether it’s ‘admiration, copulation or adoration, no defense, infatuation’, showing an intense self-awareness. Sivan’s voice is just as mood-driven, hooking us into his emotional universe. This song genuinely stands as an intimate and honest glimpse into his emotional landscape.

6. Angel Baby

Emboldened by lyrics that tap into a profound sentimentality, Sivan paints a vivid picture of finding solace within a lover’s embrace, making the mundane feel significant and cherished. The lyrics evoke notions of sanctuary, of being pulled back from the brink by love’s restorative power. It’s about cherishing the smallest details of someone, from counting the tattoos on their skin to sharing secrets. Sivan’s storytelling captures the euphoria of experiencing a love so fulfilling that it becomes difficult to envision life without it. The underlying theme is a familiar one: navigating through the ephemeral stages of life with someone who embodies an eternal feeling of home. A celestial figure of solace, a haven in human form – the “Angel Baby”.

5. What’s The Time Where You Are?

The song traverses the intricate maze of time zones in a long-distance relationship, expressing longing and vulnerability with precision. The lyrics highlight an international love, with Sivan reaching out to his distant lover through time and space. Against an infectious beat, he navigates through feelings of longing, asking about details of his lover’s day as a means to bridge the distance – a metaphorical ‘international through line to his heart.’ Splashed with Sivan’s signature emotional rawness, it’s a powerful exploration of love in the digital age. Layered, nuanced, and texturized with longing, we’re right there with Sivan, waiting, aching, and yearning for his lover across the miles. A solid tune from his repertoire, its position in this ranking attests to the depth and scope of Sivan’s musically emotive storytelling.

4. Got Me Started

It’s about an irresistible attraction, the kind that grabs you on a primal level and doesn’t let go. The song sees Troye deeply infatuated, captivated by someone’s charisma that he describes as challenging gravity. The lyrics personify the late-night euphoria, strutting with the audacity of a man free in his sexuality, ready for a connection that threatens to consume him. The starry-eyed Aussie doesn’t shy away from owning his desires and blends it with the pulsating beats. With lyrics that touch on intimacy and the exploration of one’s physicality, the song thrives on its frankness and honesty. “Got Me Started” is a bold declaration, an unfiltered self-expression that spills over with desire for emotional and physical connection.

3. Strawberries & Cigarettes

Sivan uses seemingly ordinary imagery—strawberries, cigarettes, blue eyes, black jeans—to craft an aching ode to a love that’s both fleeting and indelible. It leads us through recollections of secret rendezvous and stolen moments, encapsulating the thrill and heartache of a relationship that’s as addictive as it is elusive. The song’s refrain, “But strawberries and cigarettes always taste like you,” becomes a poignant metaphor for how certain associations continue to linger long after the relationship ends. The narrative of the lyrics, coupled with Sivan’s heartfelt delivery, ties together the bittersweetness of the past with the relentless tug of unfulfilled desire, making “Strawberries & Cigarettes” a resonant anthem of yearning.

2. One Of Your Girls

The track expresses a raw, fervent desire to be noticed and loved, almost akin to fangirl culture. The lyrics revolve around the narrative of a dedicated admirer who is smitten with a high-demand lover, an object of everyone’s affection. Sivan’s mastery in expressing yearning and devotion in words excellently captures the mix of desperation and determination often experienced in love. The line “You get the key to my heart, and I need it” especially resonates, underscoring the depth of the protagonist’s feelings and their willingness to surrender control. It’s a testament to Sivan’s knack for injecting emotional substance into catchy pop tunes, making “One Of Your Girls” a striking entry in his discography.

1. Rush

The lyrics paint a picture of kinetic attraction, seeping with the thrills of physical connection and passionate exchanges. It’s buoyed by a pulsating beat that mirrors the pounding heartbeat the song references, effectively capturing the addictiveness of a new, exciting love. The central motif of the song is the ‘rush’ – the intoxicating adrenaline of a blooming romance that’s so good it’s almost palpable. It throws caution to the wind, surrendering to the wild ride of desire while craving more. Elements of dance and seduction are intertwined with vocal harmonies that make it feel as intoxicating as the love it describes. It’s amped up by the distinctive styles of PinkPantheress and Hyunjin who bring their unique spins to the narrative, layering it with more textures and making it a sonic roller coaster of a love song.

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