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Released: 2015

In “Youth”, Australian pop sensation Troye Sivan paints a vivid portrait of youthful rebellion and exploration. He seeks to capture that ephemeral feeling of invincibility often experienced during one’s youth, expressed through the desire to break free from societal constraints and to delve into the unknown.

The song starts off with a strong “what if” sentiment hanging over the lyrics, indicating an intense desire for change and liberation. “What if, what if we run away? What if, what if we left today” Sivan posits, conveying a sense of urgency and a yearning to escape. The repeated use of “what if” serves the purpose of contemplating possible realities beyond the known. The lyric, “What if we said goodbye to safe and sound?” further intensifies this craving for rebellion, suggesting a willingness to forego safety and comfort for the sake of freedom and adventure.

The chorus hits us with the declaration “My youth, my youth is yours,” where Sivan offers his youthfulness, representative of freedom, excitement, and a touch of naivety, to the listener or the person he’s addressing. The phrase “Trippin’ on skies, sippin’ waterfalls” harps on the theme of intoxication associated with youth, with “trippin'” referring to a heightened state of consciousness, while “sippin’ waterfalls” could represent the thrill and awe of new experiences.

The line “What if speeding through red lights into paradise?” from the second verse accentuates a youthful disregard for rules, while equating the act of rebelling to reaching paradise. The phrase, “‘Cause we’ve no time for getting old, Mortal body, timeless souls” signifies the perennial struggle against the passage of time, further emphasizing the immortal nature of youthful experiences.

When the chorus reiterates, it solidifies the main theme of the song, reinforcing the association of youth with freedom, courage, and the pursuit of one’s heart’s desires. The final line, “A truth so loud you can’t ignore,” serves as a call to action, urging listeners not to ignore their youthful instincts and passions but to embrace and live them out loud.

In sum, “YOUTH” is not just a series of melodious verses, but a daring call to harness the spirit of youthfulness. It advocates embracing uncertainties, breaking away from societal norms, and most importantly, chasing after your dreams no matter how frightening it might seem.