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Released: 2023

“Got Me Started” by Troye Sivan is a no-holds-barred expression of attraction and desire, set against the backdrop of a party, with the central theme revolving around the magnetic allure of a specific individual, and the singer’s inability to resist it. This steamy anthem is packed with each verse and hook narrating the progression of the night, as our protagonist succumbs to the captivating charm of his object of desire.

Let’s start with the first verse, where Troye vividly describes the character who’s caught his eye – a charismatic man, so attractive and magnetic, that not even gravity could hold him down. The line ‘He’s got the sexuality of a man who can take a room and drown it out’ suggests an aura so powerful it can make everything else insignificant. This scenario evolves “Inching closer to sunrise,” hinting how the night progresses and attraction builds up.

The chorus is straightforward, and provides the central thrust of the song: ‘You just got me started, and I don’t think I can stop it’. It’s an exclamation of how this man has ignited something inside Troye that’s become unstoppable. His candid confession ‘I don’t wanna go home alone, alright?’ hits closer to home with its raw honesty about longing and desire.

Then, with the line ‘boy, can I be honest? Kinda miss using my body’, Troye is explicitly revealing his physical yearnings. The unabashed honesty underscores the urgency and the primal instinct of love and attraction in the rawest form. Just like how the party brought the liveliness to demise, Troye also feels his body wants to let loose.

Segueing into the second verse, Troye explores the mutual chemistry with the line ‘we’ve got that hot chemistry’, and also suggests a desire to take things to the next level with the words ‘we should experiment’. The ever-evolving evening is again echoed with the phrase ‘Inching closer to sunrise; how we’re laying side by side’, hinting at a possible intimate encounter. This adds another layer of depth to the song, showing us that this isn’t just about a fleeting attraction, but it could be something more substantial.

The song continues to circle back with the chorus, each repetition placing more emphasis on the irrepressible attraction he feels. The track ends with ‘we got something to give each other’, a line that seems to sum up the mutual desire and potential reciprocation from the other person.

In essence, “Got Me Started” by Troye Sivan is a sultry pop anthem, laying out the progression from an initial spark of attraction to a potentially deeper connection. Its candid and forthright portrayal of desire, mingled with evocative imagery and catchy hooks, makes it an infectious track that captures a universally relatable emotion.

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