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Meaning of ‘Starting Over’ by ‘Judah & the Lion’

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Released: 2024Judah & the Lion’s “Starting Over” is an emotive ballad soaked in the raw reality of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. It’s a brave confrontation of past mistakes and unhealed wounds, while also vowing to rise above it all and turn a fresh page.

The opening lines, “I sold off all of the things we bought together, All of our dreams and all of our old college sweaters” paints a picture of a terminated relationship, a painful purging of memories. This is a common manifestation of loss and a symbol of the courage to start anew. With the mention of “skeletons in the closet” and a “child of an alcoholic”, it’s clear that this is not just about a physical separation, but a deep dive into personal demons.

Moving on, the lyrics reveal a plunge into depression and the struggle to find inner peace, evident in “Filling up my head with another antidepressant”. The protagonist’s confrontation with their partner, stating “I looked you in the eyes and I told you you’d regret it” is a desperate grasp for control amidst the chaos of their emotional turmoil.

Next, the line “And I fought God, and I made a deal with the heavens” suggests a tussle with spirituality, seeking redemption and release from guilt. But there’s a poignant realization that the healing process requires acceptance as stated in “Forgive myself meant that I’d have to accept it”. This is a testament to the power of self-forgiveness in moving forward.

The verse: “When I look back now it’s not with the anger, Just sad as hell cause you’re a stranger”, indicates a shift in perspective, replacing fury with sorrow, mourning the transformation of a loved one into a stranger.

The chorus, “So lay down your armor, Surrender in honor, You can be free when you leave it behind”, feels like a rallying cry. It encourages the shedding of past burdens and embracing vulnerability to truly liberate oneself.

Finally, the closing lines: “I thought I’d write you a letter, Someday things will get better”, presents a glimmer of hope. It reaffirms the belief that though heartbreak may feel eternal in this moment, time brings healing and the courage to “start over again”.

“Starting Over” is a brilliant exposition of hurt, healing, and hope. A testament to the resilience of the human spirit, it encourages us to confront our shadows, shed our burdens, and believe in the power of fresh starts.

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