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Meaning of ‘Great Decisions’ by ‘Judah & the Lion’

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Released: 2024

“Great Decisions” by “Judah & the Lion” explores themes of personal turmoil, regret, and the process of healing after destructive actions. It’s a truthful commentary on coping with the aftermath of poor decisions and emphasizes the critical role of personal accountability in influencing our emotional well-being.

The haunting chorus “I’m feeling chaotic, I wanna holler, you got what you wanted.” serves as an emotional unveiling of inner strife. The lines evoke images of someone grappling with profound regrets. The phrase “you got what you wanted” suggests an external influence driving the singer into their current state of turmoil, which amplifies a sense of victimhood.

The song progresses into deeper introspection with lines like “I’ll be just fine after some time, I’ll be alright, that’s just the cost of living. Hope you’ll be okay after some days, Learning to live with all those great decisions.” It’s a validation that our mishaps, while regretful, are part of the human experience. It upholds the truth that it’s okay to make mistakes, and what really matters is learning to live with them and grow.

And then comes the punch – “Hate that our therapist never mentioned our actions have consequences.” This line injects a note of sarcasm, highlighting the glaringly obvious realization that actions indeed have repercussions. It’s a recognition of personal responsibility and an expression of frustration towards therapeutic processes that may neglect to address this fundamental truth.

Overall, “Great Decisions” isn’t just a pop song; it’s a lesson in emotional resilience. It’s a mantra for every soul grappling with the weight of their past actions, teaching us to confront our regrets head-on and accept them as essential chapters in our stories.

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