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Meaning of ‘Only Want The Best’ by ‘Judah & the Lion’

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Released: 2024

“Only Want The Best” by Judah & the Lion is a heartfelt confession of a bitter yet selfless love. Wrapped in a bittersweet melody, it captures the turbulence of romantic breakdowns common in pop narratives, with yearning lyrics reflecting the singer’s struggle to accept the end of a relationship.

Opening with the line “Fight or flight, it’s black and white”, the singer conveys a moment of crisis, a common outcome when love goes sour. “I froze in time and I’m stoppin’ the traffic” metaphorically depicts the shock of the breakup, like an unexpected interruption in the smooth flow of life. The repetition of “I want the best, I only want the best for you” is a selfless expression of love, voicing the wish for the best for a loved one, even if that best doesn’t include the singer.

Later, the singer admits his blindness to the signs of relationship’s downfall: “I was blind to all the signs”. He expresses remorse and release with “I gave the hate a sweet goodbye so Only love was left”, emphasizing a conscious choice to let go of negativity. The want for the person’s happiness remains omnipresent, again emphasized in the repetitious chorus.

Then, a subtle shift to acceptance and healing, “After all that we’ve been through / I forgive myself and you”. The singer’s attempts at forgiveness and personal growth show resilience and humility after heartbreak. The ending notes resonate with hope and good wishes, wishing his ex-lover a bright future “And I hope that all your stars align”, reinforcing the central theme of the song – even in pain and loss, love can transcend personal turmoil.

In essence, “Only Want The Best” by Judah & The Lion is a masterful portrayal of a raw and real human experience. It paints a candid picture of love, heartbreak, acceptance, and the selfless desire for a loved one’s happiness, a testament to the emotional depth pop lyrics can reach.

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