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Meaning of ‘Is What It Is’ by ‘Judah & the Lion’

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Released: 2024

“Is What It Is” by Judah & the Lion is a reflective exploration of life’s uncertainties, encouraging acceptance and mindfulness. The magic sauce that sizzles beneath this track’s every syllable is laced with themes of questioning existence and embracing the unexplainable.

The opening verse, “I don’t know what any of this means / Why we go through so many things”, sets the tone for the song. It suggests that the singer is grappling with life’s existential questions and personal struggles. The line “Me and my friends just talk about the aliens” could be a metaphor for venturing into bizarre conversations as an escape from reality or as a way to ponder larger, cosmic mysteries.

A recurring phrase, “It is what it is, wasn’t meant to happen any other way”, is a mantra accepted by many when life doesn’t go as planned. By accepting that things happen for a reason, even if unknown, allows one to find solace.

The song’s chorus repeats “Breathe in, breathe out/ My two feet on the ground”, which suggests the singer’s anchoring themselves in the present moment, a typical mindfulness practice. It’s a grounding reminder that despite life’s larger questions, we remain here, in the now, alive.

A fascinating twist in the lyrics, “That’s why old men just talk about the weather”, paints a picture of how people often resort to small talk as a distraction from unresolved questions or uncertainties about life.

In the final stanzas, “Begin by settling into your body / Just notice the thinking, softening / In through the nose, out through the mouth”, the singer immerses listeners in a guided mindfulness session. This brings an element of calm acceptance, embracing the reality that life “Is What It Is”.

Overall, the lyrics of “Is What It Is” blend deep introspection, zen practices, and the bumpy rollercoaster ride that is life. This introspective anthem is a welcoming nod, urging listeners to embrace the uncertain and the bewildering, affirming that it’s okay for things to be, just as they are.

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