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Katy Perry Collaborations: List of Songs & Artists

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Don’t blink now—this ain’t just a teenage dream. For over a decade, Katy Perry has been strutting her stuff down the main avenue of pop music, leaving her cotton candy-scented mark with high-charting hits that are as colorful as they are catchy. But what makes our pop queen so vibrant is not just her ability to knock out a bop—it’s her collaborations.

Perry’s partnerships take her sound from deliciously pop to the outer regions of dance, hip-hop, and electronic music. She merges with artists from different genres and her versatile vocal character acclimates to these collaborations like rainbow to a prism. From the hip-hop royalty of Kanye West to the Latin allure of Aitana, Perry’s collaborations are a thrilling roller-coaster ride, unpredictable, and unforgettable.

Katy Perry has collaborated with the following artists:

  • Cash Cash
  • Missy Elliott
  • Dr. Luke
  • Cirkut
  • Dream Machine
  • Tommie Sunshine
  • Oliver Heldens
  • R3HAB
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Valentino Khan
  • Joel Corry
  • Luísa Sonza
  • Bruno Martini
  • Tiësto
  • Aitana
  • Kanye West
  • Migos
  • Skip Marley
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Juicy J

So let’s get into it. From “Birthday – Cash Cash Remix” to “Dark Horse”, here is the Katy Perry Collaborations List, ranked.

16. Birthday – Cash Cash Remix

You might remember the original track from Katy Perry’s gem of an album “Prism”. Now, get this, the boys of Cash Cash pump it full of new energy, transforming it into a pulsating EDM beast. Pure pop prowess, folks. The lyrics remain untouched, keeping their winking, flirtatious charm, but the added beats elevate the party feel tenfold. Perry, the so-called “queen of metaphoric sweetness”, teases with lines about treating every day like a birthday, offering up the sweetness (and hey, the occasional bite). It’s EDM frosted with a pop swirl. If you’ve dismissed remixes as mere window dressing before, this one might just change your mind. It’s a reimagination that’s as sassy, bold, and irresistibly catchy as Perry herself.

15. Harleys In Hawaii – KANDY Remix

The lyrics tell a captivating, sensual story. The narrative cruise down a “heart-shaped highway” as Perry describes an idyllic romantic getaway with her lover, punctuated with the powerful imagery of “pink and purple in the sky” and the teasing playfulness of a hula dance. The longing in Perry’s voice, reinforced by the insistent beats of KANDY’s remix, evokes an enticing push-pull dynamic. They cement the song as an anthem of escapist love, embodied in the eponymous Harley rides across Hawaii. These rides, as Perry envisions, are not just about the physical journey, but also the shared emotional and sensual experience, making “Harleys in Hawaii – KANDY Remix” an unforgettable spin on the original track.

14. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

It’s filled with enough high-octane debauchery to make even the most wide-eyed party-goer blush. Perry masterfully journeys through a montage of hedonistic undertakings, as the protagonist wades through the aftermath of a raucous Friday night – dancing on table tops, maxing out credit cards, getting kicked out of bars – all culminating in a devil-may-care attitude that perfectly aligns with the song’s jubilant pop melody.

The song, brimming with risqué elements – skinny dipping, a ménage à trois, a blacked-out blur of a night – captures the carefree spirit of the weekend warrior, always ready for the next round of Friday night escapades. The narrative also touches on the fleeting regret and epic hangover that often accompanies such nights, hinting at the human propensity for excess. It’s a joyride of a song, served up in Perry’s distinct bubblegum pop style, and a quintessential anthem for the eternal Friday night spirit.

13. Tommie Sunshine’s Megasix Smash-Up

This remix by Tommie Sunshine, a revered figure in the electro-dance scene, takes us on a wild joyride through Perry’s pop anthems. The blend opens with a nod to “California Gurls”, flashing its sun-soaked imagery and exulting in the West Coast lifestyle. It segues into the heart-stopping infatuation of “Teenage Dream” before plunging into the regret-tinged narrative of “The One That Got Away”. But the party’s not over until we relive the hedonistic excesses of “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”. Peppered with elements from “E.T.” and “Firework”, it serves a thrilling reminder of Perry’s deftness in pop craftsmanship.

The lyrics themselves serve as a fascinating snapshot of Perry’s discography. Spanning from intense attraction to youth’s reckless abandon, ending with an encouraging shout to embrace your inner spark, it’s a vibrant tour-de-force of Katy Perry’s pop ethos. Looking at the lyrical narrative, one doesn’t just listen but experiences the infectious energy, defiant optimism, and emotional depth Perry is so revered for.

12. Chained To The Rhythm – Oliver Heldens Remix

Pumped up with a distinctively infectious electronic vibe, the lyrics serve up an audacious critique on our all-too-easy acceptance of life’s superficialities. Serving up an unflinching examination of our societal malaise—the white-picket fence complacency, the numbing routine, the rose-colored glasses—we’re all dancing, dancing, dancing to the distortion.

The song is a call for awareness, dragging us into the light and making us question the rhythm to which we’re all chained. The brilliant Heldens’ remix delivers a grooving house beat that entices us to dance, even as we soak in the sobering message. Perry’s collaboration with Heldens on this remix underscores her willingness to push boundaries while staying true to the pop genre’s knack for catchy, dance-inducing tunes that pack a punch with their message.

11. Never Really Over – R3HAB Remix

“Never Really Over – R3HAB Remix” is one of those instances where Perry drifts effortlessly into the EDM territory, yet never loses that quintessential Katy Perry flavor. The lyrics explore the relentless draw of a relationship long past its expiration date, but the thoughts of a past lover continue to intrude, making it “never really over”. This is where R3HAB steps in—further electrifying the already resonant track with a buoyancy that’s pure dancefloor fire. The result is a collaboration that manages to mix the pathos of Perry’s poignant lyrical introspection with R3HAB’s exhilarating beats, producing an end product that’s delightfully infectious. A masterstroke of pop-dance fusion, it’s a testament to Perry’s chameleonic prowess and R3HAB’s remix wizardry.

10. Swish Swish – Valentino Khan Remix

Infused with house beats, this remix amps up the original’s feisty energy, transforming it into a dancefloor banger. The lyrics operate as an assertive clap back, penned with a clandestine veneer of sass. Perry doesn’t mince words, she’s here to stay and thrive, while effortlessly brushing aside the haters.

With lines emphasising resilience and endurance, Perry imparts the notion of sticking around and winning, irrespective of the white noise. The remix adds an extra layer of ferocity to these sentiments, bolstered by the energetic beats of Valentino Khan. It’s essentially a pop titan’s anthem clad in the electronic brilliance of the dance music maestro.

The lyrics essentially revolve around a ‘swish and a flick’ of dismissal towards the detractors, and the unflappable stance of a woman who’s made her mark and isn’t budging. It’s a pop call-to-arms that transformed into a dance music colossus in the hands of Valentino Khan.

9. Smile – Joel Corry Remix

The amplified club energy of Joel’s remix steps up Katy’s infectious beat, transforming it into a dauntless, dance floor hurricane. Drawing from the original lyric sheet, Katy Perry echoes a story of overcoming adversity with the enduring chorus, “Now you see me shine from a mile, Finally got back that smile.”

Despite the adversity suggested in the verses – “Every day, Groundhog Day, Goin’ through motions felt so fake” – Perry seems to advocate for an inner revolution rather than dwelling in the pits of despair. The empowering message, peppered with acknowledgment of life’s hardships but underscored with indomitable optimism, makes for a notable pop anthem. The defiantly upbeat trail blazed in lyrical content of “Smile” feels like Perry giving herself, and her listener, the permission to overcome hurdles, dust off, and emerge stronger.

8. Cry About It Later (feat. Luísa Sonza & Bruno Martini)

And y’all, this is one fierce trifecta! The track is an unapologetic celebration of pushing aside pain and embracing the freedom of a shameless night out, a theme Perry nails dead center. The lyrics reflect a protagonist who decides to sidestep her heartache, choosing instead to drown her sorrows in a fun-filled night, all the while knowing that the repercussions will come around eventually. What’s particularly striking is how Perry’s character balances vulnerability and hedonism, echoing the sentiment of anyone who’s ever had to swallow their heartache in favor of a good time – It’s the classic “laugh to keep from crying” mantra, drenched in a familiar pop euphoria. This track is a testament to Perry’s knack for catchy, yet authentic, storytelling – a melody-driven narrative that’s high on the pop-o-meter.

7. Resilient (ft. Aitana) [Tiësto Remix]

Aitana) [Tiësto Remix]” sees Katy Perry teaming up with Spanish pop sensation Aitana and the world-renowned DJ, Tiësto, for a power-packed rendition of resilience and persistence. The lyrics underscore the idea of rising from adversity, reinforcing the belief that brilliance is often born from resilience. Perry’s uplifting verses meld with Aitana’s Spanish lyrics, creating a dichotomy of struggle and triumph that transcends language barriers. Filled with gripping metaphors like the flower growing through concrete, the song illustrates resilience as an innate, organic quality that flourishes despite hardships. With Tiësto’s pulsating, house-infused beats driving the narrative forward, this track shapeshifts into an anthem of human endurance and determination. An audacious assertion of strength even in the face of adversity, the track redefines resilience through a pop lens and asserts Perry’s commitment to musical evolution.

6. E.T.

Combining elements of pop, electronic, and hip-hop, Perry delves into an extraterrestrial love story that borders on the erotic. The song is a metaphorical love letter to the otherworldly, the unconventional, and the incomprehensibly exhilarating.

Perry’s lyrics are imbued with an invigorating sense of exploring the unknown and indulging in the enthralling allure of the incomprehensible. The song evokes a sense of reckless abandon, embracing the bizarre and the strange in the pursuit of love. Perry’s lover is characterized as an alien: enticing, enigmatic, and utterly irresistible—an embodiment of the uncharted territories of the heart. The chorus bursts into a plea for affection, igniting a poignant juxtaposition of vulnerability and assertiveness, amplifying the tune’s emotional depth.

Thematically, “E.T” playfully tackles the tension between the familiar and the alien, the earthbound and the celestial, blurring boundaries and boldly affirming that love knows no limits, terrestrial or otherwise. It’s a daring, unconventional anthem that epitomizes Katy Perry’s knack for pushing pop music boundaries.

5. Swish Swish

The lyrics are a sharp-witted jibe at an unnamed adversary, with Perry asserting her dominance and resilience in the face of haters. It’s a song that reeks of confidence and an unwavering belief in personal strength. Perry utilizes rich metaphors, comparing her critics to “a shellfish or a sheep,” while casting herself as a “courtside killer queen.” It showcases Perry’s staying power in the industry, dismissing negativity and embracing triumph with repeated refrains about laying her enemies “up like Swish, Swish, bish.” It’s a lyrical confrontation, a call-to-arms for those dealing with their own critics. Featured artist Nicki Minaj continues this thread in her verse, adding her trademark bravado and grit. Overall, “Swish Swish” is a sassy anthem of persistence and self-assuredness, encapsulating Perry’s evolution as an artist who’s not afraid to throw some punches.

4. Bon Appétit

This track, a delicious collaboration with Migos, is a tantalizing invitation to a sensual feast. Its lyrics are layered with playful and provocative metaphors of indulgence and desire, making your ears perk up and your taste buds tingle. Perry transforms herself into a five-star Michelin, challenging her lover and the listener to satisfy their appetites for seduction. The rhetorical flavour of this track is in the careful weaving of gastronomic imagery, each verse seasoned perfectly to create a sizzling atmosphere. Perry is a buffet spread out in front of you, a gourmet selection that demands unhurried savouring. Similarly, Migos, too, bring their lyrical prowess, adding the right amount of spice to this saucy ensemble. So, here’s Katy Perry’s “Bon Appétit” – a masterful mix of pop and food, of desire and fulfillment that leaves you wanting seconds.

3. Chained To The Rhythm

Perry’s words are a wake-up call, an indictment of the complacency born from mindless indulgence in popular culture and a call to shatter the rose-colored glasses we often adorn. Perry cleverly uses the rhythm of the dance floor, a common ingredient in pop music escapism, as a metaphor for societal obliviousness. This track is not just a catchy beat, but a socially charged anthem challenging the listener to become self-aware and question their place in a world steeped in inequality and injustice. Partners in crime, the lyricism and production work in tandem, underscoring the illusion of freedom wrapped in dance-inducing beats. “Chained to the Rhythm” adds another dimension to Perry’s repertoire, further solidifying her as a potent voice in the pop music landscape.

2. California Gurls

Constructed in the classic, pop-infused mould, Katy – the quintessential California girl herself – along with guest artist Snoop Dogg, lays out a sun-drenched tableau of what life on the west coast is perceived to be: beaches blanketed with sunbathers, swaying palm trees, and the unending party vibe. The song is essentially a passionate, sparkling love letter to their home turf, painting an alluring picture of bikini-clad, sun-kissed girls, breezy coastal living, and the undeniably infectious west-coast spirit. Big on iconography and low on introspection, the lyrics are a delightful blend of playful innuendos and sassy braggadocio. Perry and Snoop toe the line between being tongue-in-cheek and borderline brash, making no apologies for their unabashed Californian pride. It’s a frothy and effervescent track meant to encapsulate the fun and frivolous nature of the California beach scene, turning the state into a pop culture nirvana.

1. Dark Horse

The song is a bold statement of female empowerment, a gambit in the game of love where Perry isn’t afraid to lay down the rules. The lyrics are ripe with mythology references, with Perry asking her suitor to make her his Aphrodite, but warns him not to turn her into an enemy. It’s a game of chance, a dance with danger, and Perry’s calculated confidence is infectious. Juicy J’s verse adds an interesting dynamic as he falls under her spell, admitting he’s gotten addicted to her love, spinning a tale of toxic allure that threads throughout the song. This infamous pop-rap collab is a nod to the risky side of romance, power play and the intoxicating magnetism of an unexpected love.

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