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Best 12 Justin Bieber Songs inc. Collaborations

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The pop landscape has been significantly shaped by the force that is Justin Bieber, whose colossal impact has spanned over a decade. Emerging as a viral sensation, the Canadian prodigy has matured from an acoustic heartthrob to a sophisticated pop savant. His discography, filled with an eclectic mix of earworms and heartfelt ballads, has been a testament to his artistic evolution. This narrative is evident in his Christmas-themed album, “Under The Mistletoe”, a collection of festively whipped pop confections.

Not to mention the dance-pop bangers from “Believe” and “Purpose” which showcased Bieber’s ability to adapt to the shifting trends of pop. We must not forget “Justice”, a soul-baring album that saw collaborations with gifted contemporaries like Daniel Caesar & Giveon, veering into more musically mature territory. Each song of Bieber’s became a new thread in the fabric of the pop music tapestry. So, let’s get into it. From “Mistletoe” to “Ghost”, here are the Top 12 Justin Bieber Songs Ranked from Worst to Best.

12. All I Want For Christmas Is You

Straight outta the Bieber vault of holiday paraphernalia, this festive trembler just about snags the 14th spot. Yes, it’s a Mariah Carey cover, and yes, his palpable zeal and boyish charm injects it with a fresh, albeit slightly bland, Bieber-esque twist. But, when matched against the original diva glory, it lacks that ‘oh-so-fine’ Carey sparkle. Moreover, it gets a tad lost in translation, missing that timeless classic vibe. It’s like unwrapping a holiday gift oozing Bieber fever, only to find it lacking the festive punch you expect. Not quite the star at the top of the tree, if you catch my drift.

11. Maria

Now here’s the thing, pop music has seen its fair share of autobiographical tracks – from Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” to Taylor Swift’s discography. But “Maria”, it didn’t hit right. It’s the sonic equivalent of a raised eyebrow – it’s got that piqued curiosity. But it’s also frantic, Bieber’s youthful whine ever present, just not harnessing the maturity needed to sell such a personal narrative. Pop is about evoking, resonating with the audience, and on that count, “Maria” falls short. It’s a revealing track, sure, but doesn’t pack the punch we know Bieber is capable of delivering.

10. 2 Much

In this track, Bieber forgoes the club-ready beats for a more introspective and stripped-back sound. Instead of catchy hooks, we are treated to heartfelt confessions tumbling over ethereal chords. For some, his sudden swerve into the realm of atmospheric synth-pop might seem like a misstep. But to those attuned to the Bieb’s evolution, it’s evident that this is an artist striving to push his boundaries, even if it doesn’t always hit the mark. However, this risk-taking doesn’t quite pay off here— “2 Much” does feel like too little in terms of depth and emotional resonance, landing it lower on our ranking.

9. Company

Coming from his fourth studio album, ‘Purpose,’ ‘Company’ marks a decision point in Bieber’s musical journey – a shift from the teen-pop persona to a more mature sound. The track is intimate, yet ambiguous, letting listeners into his world, albeit with firm boundaries. Its infectious beat and moody production elements, courtesy of the prodigious talents of Axident, Big Taste, and Gladius, give it an R’n’B leaning. However, ‘Company’s’ lukewarm lyrics, which lack the depth of some of his later tracks, make it a mellow yet somewhat forgettable number in his discography. A decent Bieber bop, but not his brightest glow-stick by far.

8. Boyfriend

Released as the lead single from his third studio album, “Believe” in 2012, its confident swagger signaled a remarkable change in Bieber’s sound and persona. With sultry whispers and a rumbling bass, the song exudes a grown-up charm that’s miles away from the bubblegum pop of Justin’s early days. However, while it’s undeniably catchy, “Boyfriend” is a popcorn single – easy to munch on, but ultimately, it lacks the substance we’ve seen in other tracks. It’s Bieber playing at being a casanova, but he hits the sweet spot in later tracks where he wraps that braggadocious attitude with deeper emotions.

7. What Do You Mean?

Released in 2015, this tune showcased a departure from the bubblegum pop sound that characterized his earlier work. A dance-pop anthem with a tropical house flavor, it signaled his venture into a more nuanced, sophisticated soundscape. Bieber’s vocals, tinged with frustration and confusion, painted a vivid picture of young love’s ambiguity. Armed with a smooth beat and an infectious hook, this track went straight to the top of the charts worldwide. It’s an embodiment of Bieber’s evolved sound and foray into more adult themes, underlining his status as not just a teen idol, but a fully-fledged pop powerhouse.

6. Beauty And A Beat

Coming in at number five, this electro-pop banger marked a departure for our boy Bieber, a move that saw him shaking off the teen pop vibe and leaping headfirst into a more mature soundscape. This wasn’t just a meet-and-greet with club culture, it was a full-blown love affair, masterfully assisted by king of clubs, Zedd, and verses from Nicki Minaj, the queen herself. Credit where it’s due, “Beauty And A Beat” was a game-changer, introducing Bieber to a whole new audience and cementing his status as not just a pop-heartthrob, but a bona fide music heavyweight. It was bumpy, sure, but our man rode the waves like a seasoned pro.

5. Baby

Marking his transition from YouTube sensation to bona fide pop prodigy, this song is a time capsule, a quintessential slice of late-2000s bubblegum pop. The earworm chorus with Ludacris’ guest verse showcased Bieber’s potential for cross-genre appeal, earning him a permanent spot on the pop culture radar. Yet, the track’s saccharine sentimentality and repetitive lyrics have also led to some cringe-evoking reminiscences. Still, it’s hard to deny the legacy of “Baby”- it was a significant stepping stone for him, paving the way for more sophisticated, sonically diverse outputs. Despite its shortcomings, it remains a noteworthy entry in Bieber’s discography.

4. Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & Giveon)

Daniel Caesar & Giveon)”. A sumptuous slice of R&B-inflected pop, this track sees Bieber aligning with Daniel Caesar and Giveon, and the vocal combination is nothing short of magic. Basking in the California sun, the lyrics are a relaxed romp through the sweet life of the Golden State. What the song lacks in thematic depth, it compensates with its warm, laid-back vibe, complete with a hypnotic hook that wraps around one’s consciousness. This is JB shifting gears and showcasing how he can seamlessly hop between styles and sounds, serving a song that feels effortlessly cool. It’s the embodiment of a sunset drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, and it’s a ride I’m down to take any day.

3. Sorry

Released in October 2015, as the second single from his fourth studio album ‘Purpose’, this dancehall-infused pop song was a turning point in Bieber’s career: a public declaration of accountability and a plea for forgiveness. Skrillex and BloodPop’s fresh, tropical-house production blends seamlessly with Bieber’s maturing vocals, creating a pop melody that’s as infectious as it is remorseful. The song’s lyrical honesty showed a more vulnerable side of Bieber, marking a pivotal moment in his musical evolution. It also proved that he had the chops to make universally compelling music, beyond his teenage fanbase. No surprise it’s a fan favorite, a chart-topping hit, and a staple in Bieber’s discography!

2. Love Yourself

With Ed Sheeran’s fingerprints all over the pensively introspective lyrics, this stripped-down track is a sonic departure from his usual high-octane bops. It’s a daring move, spotlighting the raw vulnerability in Bieber’s voice and turning the mirror on a flawed love story. The acoustic guitar adds warmth to the frosty sentiment, creating a resonant contradiction that’s delectably replayable. It’s Bieber at his most honest, revealing his ability to blend pop confections with emotionally charged narratives. This isn’t just a break up anthem, it’s a pointed, visceral articulation of personal growth and self-recognition.

1. Ghost

Piercing through Bieber’s glossy pop veneer, “Ghost” reveals a sensitive soul grappling with loss and longing. The track showcases Bieber’s maturing vocal range, blending understated verses with a soaring, anthemic chorus that lingers long after. It’s uncharted territory for the “Baby” hitmaker, demonstrating a newfound depth to his songwriting. Sure, “Ghost” may lack the danceable hooks of “Sorry” or “What Do You Mean?”, but its raw emotion and introspective lyrics cement its place at the top. It’s Bieber at his most vulnerable, and arguably, at his best. It’s a testament to his evolution as an artist, and a beacon of his future trajectory. This is Justin Bieber, unfiltered, uncensored, and unequivocally captivating.

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