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Taylor Swift Collaborations: List of Songs & Artists

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Throughout her esteemed career in pop music, Taylor Swift has created some of the genre’s most indelible melodies, fascinating stories and instantly recognisable hooks. She’s not just a solo phenomenon though, her collaborations have seen her push the boundaries of her music while still retaining that quintessential Swiftian essence. Each collaboration serves as a snapshot of Swift at that particular moment in her career, whether it’s the raw crooning with Bon Iver, the pop-punk splash with Fall Out Boy or the country twang with Chris Stapleton.

Taylor has collaborated with the following artists:

  • Hayley Williams
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Chris Stapleton
  • Phoebe Bridgers
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Brendon Urie
  • Panic! At The Disco
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Future
  • Bon Iver

These collaborations are like precious gems scattered through her discography, each reflecting her myriad influences and her willingness to explore different musical territories. So let’s get into it. From endearing anthems to heart-wrenching ballads, here are all of Taylor Swift’s collaborations ranked.

9. Castles Crumbling (feat. Hayley Williams)

Reflecting on the dizzying heights of Swift’s past fame, it paints the image of an empire in decline, a fallen monarch examining the ruins of her burned-down bridges. The verses weave a narrative of a golden age turned to dust, where cheers have morphed into hate-filled screams. The fault? Swift pins it on her own ego and unkept promises. Williams’ vocals echo Swift’s anguish, their harmonies adding layers of depth to the lament. Throughout, “Castles Crumbling” lays bare the cost of hubris, the loneliness of sitting behind walls of regret, and the bitter nature of fleeting fame. It’s a poignant critique of an often unforgiving industry and a heartfelt confession that adds a touch of vulnerability to Swift’s usually guarded persona.

8. Electric Touch (feat. Fall Out Boy)

Indisputably one of the lyrical high points in Taylor Swift’s laudable collaborative canon. Here, Taylor shines in her storytelling prowess, effortlessly crafting an intimate narrative of expectant love. She’s awaiting this unnamed lover, and the tension is palpable. The song speaks to the anticipatory jitters and trepidation associated with a budding romantic connection.

She alludes to a history of past heartbreaks, with a hopeful undertone that perhaps this time, things might be different – a sentiment we’ve all cradled at some point. The electric touch, a metaphor that runs throughout the song, symbolizes a spark capable of resuscitating a desolate emotional landscape. It personifies a rejuvenation of feelings and the prospect of a love that endures, away from the transience and pain of past misadventures. With Fall Out Boy’s pop-punk reverb spicing up the melody, this collaboration sparks a dazzling sonic experience, making it a defining moment in Taylor’s repertoire.

7. I Bet You Think About Me (feat. Chris Stapleton)

A lyrical gut punch and a stellar addition to the Swift folklore. This Taylor Swift x Chris Stapleton collab is a post-breakup anthem, packed with the raw emotion that only T-Swift can deliver. It’s a track where Swift flexes her lyrical genius, painting a vivid portrait of a relationship gone sour.

The song dives deep into the night-time ruminations of a heartbreak where Swift is awake at 3 a.m., contemplating about a past lover who’s moved on in a different city, sleeping soundly. Swift juxtaposes their worlds, his upper-crust circles feeling alien to her more humble upbringing.

But the jolting punch comes when Swift hits the chorus. She accuses her ex of being unable to forget her, despite his best efforts. This song is an introspective look into the aftermath of a breakup, where Swift speculates that she’s left an indelible mark on her ex’s life, one he’ll forever think about. This collaboration delivers the classic Swift heartbreak in fresh and exciting colors.

6. Nothing New (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)

An aching ballad that sees Taylor Swift exploring the anxieties of fading youth and relevancy, with the help of indie darling, Phoebe Bridgers. This stripped-back gem is a deep cut from Swift’s re-recorded album, an introspective journey into the pressures of fame and the quest for continued validation. Swift and Bridgers’ voices intertwine in an emotive blend of raw vulnerability and profound self-awareness. Tackling themes of fear of becoming passé and the societal pressure to stay perennially young and exciting, the lyrics are a poignant commentary on the pitiless ticking of time. It’s another Swiftian masterclass in storytelling, filled with hauntingly relatable lines about growing older in a world that often dismisses and undervalues women as they age. Even without the commercial brawn of the other collaborations on this list, “Nothing New” cuts deep, proving yet again why Taylor Swift is a force to be reckoned with in the world of pop music.

5. ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco)

This collaboration is an audacious anthem of individuality and unapologetic self-expression. Swift playfully toots her own horn, daring us to find another like her, while Brendon counters with his own charm.

This song is an absolute ticker-tape parade of positivity, dripping in rainbow hues and sprinkled with sparkling wit. Its lyrics navigate the complexities of romantic relationships with an emphasis on the uniqueness of individual personalities. Swift’s nod to a willingness to be a ‘handful,’ and embracing ‘trouble,’ is a ride-or-die commitment to being authentic – messy, vibrant, and unmistakeably herself.

“ME!” is a bubbly demonstration of Swift’s ability to package profound life lessons in catchy pop hooks. It’s a love letter to oneself and a rallying cry for all those who dare to embrace their quirks, individuality, and, yes, even their ‘psycho’ moments.

4. Bad Blood

An unabashed anthem of betrayal, embittered by the venom of a friendship gone sour. Making a defiant departure from her usual love narratives, Swift switches lanes into a grittier terrain, lacing each verse with the pain of a deep-seated feud. The narrative unravels a dark dance of power struggles, wounds that don’t heal, and hopes that are forever lost. Kendrick Lamar’s verses add another dimension to the conflict, painting a vivid image of a battleground scarred with deceit and disillusionment. His biting commentary on insincere respect underscores the gravity of the feud and elevates the overall intensity of the track. A distinct shift from the traditional pop framework, “Bad Blood” reels you into a world of interpersonal warfare, provocatively reminding us that not all endings have to be romantic to be profoundly heartbreaking.

3. Snow On The Beach (feat. More Lana Del Rey)

It’s a heartstring-tugging pop-folk ballad dabbling in both artists’ love for ethereal imagery and visceral emotion. The song uses a distinctive metaphor—snow on a beach—to poignantly encapsulate a breathtaking but seemingly impossible love. Swift’s lyrics paint a vivid picture where the serenity of a snow-covered beach mirrors the strange yet beautiful experience of falling in love; something that feels impossible yet wildly captivating. Lana’s contribution heightens the song’s melancholic beauty, making the listener ache for a love as unique and unforgettable as snow falling on a beach. This collaboration presents a beautiful paradox, one that ingeniously showcases Swift’s storytelling prowess and ability to turn seemingly incompatible elements into a harmonious delight.

2. End Game

A collaboration with Ed Sheeran and Future, it’s a testament to Swift’s versatility as a pop powerhouse. This track sees her effortlessly blending hip-hop beats with irresistible pop hooks, all the while illuminating her lyrical prowess.

The song delves into the complexities of relationships in the public eye, laying bare the rollercoaster ride of romance under the microscope of fame. With her signature candor, Swift references her “big reputation”, her past mistakes and her unwillingness to be another “ex-love”. The chorus reveals her desire to be somebody’s “end game”, their main player, their finish line in love.

“End Game” charts a journey from the turbulence of public scrutiny to the peaceful intimacy of a beach setting, showcasing Swift’s knack for storytelling set to the pulse of pop music. It’s a reflection of the duality that defines her – the ‘drama queen’ flipped by the ‘hopeless romantic’. In all, “End Game” is a pop melody that perfectly navigates the terrain of love, fame, and persona.

1. exile (feat. Bon Iver)

The song, characterized by its indie-folk composition and heart-wrenching lyrics, explores the aftermath of a failed relationship, employing a cinematic narrative that Swift has masterfully honed over the years.

The lyrics are a poignant exploration of rifts and miscommunication in love, exploring the tension between Swift’s and Bon Iver’s characters. They skillfully paint a picture of two ex-lovers reflecting on their failed relationship, highlighting their inability to understand each other’s signals. A sense of regret and painful nostalgia permeates the song, with the mournful chorus underscoring the heartache of love lost. Narratively, each verse enhances the pain, growing in intensity as Swift and Bon Iver alternate perspectives, culminating in a powerful duet filled with raw emotion.

In true Swift fashion, “Exile” showcases her knack for evocative storytelling, capturing the essence of human emotion and relationships. The strength of the collaboration lies in its melodic simplicity and lyrical complexity that will undoubtedly resonate with long-time Swift fans and indie music lovers.

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