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Miley Cyrus Songs List: Top 50 of All Time Ranked

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Ah, Miley Cyrus – the pop chameleon! She morphed from the tamed Hannah Montana into a radical pop-rocker, a transformation as gripping as her tunes. This wild child has since traversed genres and styles with sass, spunk, and vocal chops to boot. Her discography: an eclectic sonic carnival – from the piquant pop of “See You Again” to the neo-soul burn of “Prisoner”, to the punk-inspired “Bad Karma”, featuring the indomitable Joan Jett.

With “Nothing Else Matters”, she’s commandeered her career, driving it into new territories, while “Fly On The Wall” remind us of her pop roots. Her live gems like “Jolene” and “Like a Prayer” demonstrate her onstage prowess, while her poignant version of “When I Look At You” reveals her vulnerability.

The studio-recorded “Wildflowers” reveal Miley’s ability to rework classics, while “High”, “Hate Me”, and “Midnight Sky” – from her raw album “Plastic Hearts” – embody her audacious spirit. Her live covers like “Zombie” and “Heart of Glass”, recorded amid the global pandemic, stand as testaments to her symbiosis with the rock genre.

And then there are her era-defining hits: “7 Things”, “The Climb”, “Can’t Be Tamed”, “We Can’t Stop”, “Wrecking Ball” – songs that not only topped charts, but also instigated cultural conversations. A distinguishing feature of Miley’s oeuvre is its bare honesty, whether it’s rebellion, heartbreak, or self-discovery.

The spirited “Prisoner”, her duet with Dua Lipa, the homey acoustic vibe of “Malibu”, and the ultimate party anthem, “Party In The U.S.A.” showcase her knack for catchy tunes, while “Angels Like You” provide emotional resonance in its lyrical depth. It’s a wild ride through the soundscape of Miley’s world, and we’re all invited. So let’s get into it. From the youthful exuberance of “Hoedown Throwdown” to the mature introspection of “Flowers”, here are the Miley Cyrus Songs List: Top 50 of All Time 2023.

50. Nothing Else Matters

We’ve got to talk about Miley’s showstopping performance on “Nothing Else Matters”, one of her many deftly handled covers. The original Metallica ballad isn’t exactly your typical track for a pop princess, but Miley, the queen of chameleonic pop, made it her own with a musical blaze of glory. Her husky vocals brought a heartrending depth to the lyrics that transcended genres. But let’s address the elephant in the room – did this pop-dipped-in-rock cover surpass Metallica’s original? Some diehard headbangers might clutch their black band tees in horror, but this version does pack a hefty emotional punch. Love it or hate it, in “Nothing Else Matters”, Miley daringly blurred the boundaries between pop and rock and fiercely owned it.

49. Fly On The Wall

The quintessential pop-rock earworm, “Fly On The Wall,” from Miley’s sophomore studio album “Breakout” (2008), is an undeniably catchy track that finds the then-teenage songstress flexing her rock-chick persona. This track might not top the usual Miley hit list, but the die-hard fans know its worth. It encapsulates the sort of paparazzi paranoia and celebrity scrutiny that plagued Cyrus throughout her Disney days. Miley, armed with her powerhouse vocals, launches a tongue-in-cheek attack on prying eyes, turning the tables on voyeurism. It’s a perfect encapsulation of her transition phase, blending bubblegum pop with a more mature sound. Though it might be slightly eclipsed by her later, more provocative works, “Fly On The Wall” is nevertheless classic Miley – raw and unfiltered.

48. Wildflowers – Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC

Ah, “Wildflowers” – an anthem that feels like a rollicking love letter to the freedom of youth. Originally a country classic from Tom Petty, Miley’s version, recorded at Spotify Studios NYC, is a glorious mash-up of her pop sensibilities with a rock ‘n’ roll heart. The raw, stripped-down production allows Miley’s gravelly vocal chops to soar, infusing the track with a quintessential Cyrus edge. It’s a testament to her chameleon-esque ability to transcend genre boundaries, honoring Petty’s legacy while putting her stamp on the track. Underestimate her at your peril, because as “Wildflowers” prove, Miley Cyrus is a musical force to be reckoned with. Whoever said pop music couldn’t have grit hasn’t been paying attention.

47. Jaded

“Jaded” is a smash hit from Miley Cyrus, and here’s why it’s popping, darlin’. A sultry, effervescent track brimming with edgy pop sensibility, it’s proof that Miley knows how to evolve and seize the zeitgeist. But let’s not skim over the vulnerabilities laid bare here; this isn’t just a dance floor bop, it’s a cathartic expression of disillusionment in love. It might not be the happy, skippy Disney fare of her “Hannah Montana” days, but it’s pure, unadulterated Miley. So, here’s a toast to “Jaded,” a bold testament to how our girl can reassess her own state of mind, and weave it into an absolute pop anthem. A shiny gem in her discography, marking Cyrus’ steady ascendance in the pop pantheon.

46. Bad Karma (feat. Joan Jett)

Oh Miley, you sassy siren, hitting us with that “Bad Karma.” This track off 2020’s ground-breaking album ‘Plastic Hearts’ is a fiery fusion of pop-rock, with a rebellious streak that’s undeniable. An electrifying collab with the indomitable Joan Jett, this song is the audacious display of two generations of rock goddesses clashing, blending, and dominating together. Miley’s explosive vocals and Joan’s gritty riffs tear through the track, ultimately serving up an audacious anthem of potent self-awareness. And boy, doesn’t it remind us all that karma is indeed a dish best served hot and loud? Never one to shy away from controversy, Cyrus brandishes ‘Bad Karma’ as a fierce embodiment of all the wild, rule-breaking energy she encompasses. Now that’s a karmic sequence we can all dance to, darlings!

45. Do My Thang

“Do My Thang” – a true gem buried deep in the tracklist of 2013’s ‘Bangerz’. Bursting with audacious Cyrus sass, this track is Miley at her rebellious best. It’s her snarling manifesto of self-expression, an unapologetic declaration of independence direct from the School of Madonna. Cyrus goes hard, unafraid of the pop playbook, spitting verses over a grimy hip-hop beat before flipping into sparkling disco-infused choruses. It’s the sound of the girl who gave us “Party in the USA” all grown up and unfiltered. While the song didn’t chart as high as others, it’s truly a testament to Miley’s artistic audacity and a bright spot in the pop landscape of the 2010s. Missed this Miley moment? Do your ears a favor and go listen.

44. High

Alright, let me get this straight – if you haven’t yet felt the raw emotional depth seeping out of Miley Cyrus’s “High”, then turn up the volume, pal. This 2020 gem from her ‘Plastic Hearts’ album is an honest-to-god triumph in the modern pop ballad arena. Miley taps into her rebellious punk rock soul, yet tugs your heartstrings with genuine vulnerability. You hear her sing about lost love, regret, and longing, all wrapped up in a synth-blanket that lights up the melancholy. It’s a classic case of Miley doing Miley – she takes the pop rule book, chews it up, and spits it back with glitter and attitude. That’s why “High” ranks as one of her finest works. It’s pure Miley magic.

43. Handstand

“Handstand” might just be the perfect jam for those craving the early days of Miley Cyrus’s Hannah Montana quirkiness. But don’t get it twisted, this track isn’t a throwback. The 2023 single showcases Cyrus’ growth as an artist, blending her pop roots with a fearless exploration of new sonic territories. Stuffed to the brim with infectious hooks, “Handstand” is everything we love about Cyrus – spunky, unpredictable, and unapologetically in-your-face. Yet, there’s also a certain vulnerability in the lyrics that adds a whole another layer to the energizing beats. It’s like a perfectly mixed cocktail of sweet and sour, guaranteed to have you reaching for the repeat button. Hands down, “Handstand” is a testament to Cyrus’ undeniable power as a pop force.

42. Hate Me

“Hate Me”, a track off Cyrus’s experimental 2019 EP “She Is Coming”, is a jarring exploration of self-destruction. Here, our pop provocateur is more defiant than ever, putting on a brave face amidst a turbulent emotional landscape. The electro-pop undertones are testaments to Cyrus’s ability to bend genres, while the lyrics capture her innate talent for raw, candid storytelling. Yet, it’s not a track without its flaws. The production feels mildly unpolished, a rough diamond in her discography. But, hey, it’s Miley being Miley – turning pain into art with a do-not-give-a-damn swish of her platinum blonde hair. Can’t hate her for that, can we?

41. FU (feat. French Montana)

“FU” is a raw, unadulterated scorcher from Miley’s 2013 edge-defining album “Bangerz”. This electronica-infused number is where Miley unabashedly trades her bubblegum image for the blunt reality of grown-up emotions – an audacious move that punctuates her metamorphosis from tween popster to envelope-pushing artist. Injected with French Montana’s rap verse, the track gets an extra reputation boost. But let me tell ya, it’s how Miley brazenly wears her empowered vulnerability on her sleeve that makes “FU” a real firecracker. The track’s like a modern “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’,” with its fierce, feminist spirit, and proved Miley isn’t afraid to pull a few punches for the sake of artistic authenticity. This is one breakup song that hits you where it hurts, in the best possible way.

40. Unholy

Ah, “Unholy”! A deep cut from Miley’s sixth studio album, ‘She is Coming,’ this track captures Cyrus in her most defiant mode, brushing off societal expectations like last season’s rhinestone cowboy boots. It’s a toast to nonconformity, where Cyrus croons about late nights and early morning lows in a casual, nonchalant manner that resonates with the rebellious spirit of her audience. She manages to maintain a certain lascivious charm throughout, exuding an air of devil-may-care defiance all while serving up some memorable pop hooks. The song unapologetically embraces its raw and non-mainstream elements, reminding fans of the ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ era Miley. In the grand tapestry of Miley’s career, “Unholy” is a middle finger to the sky – a rebellious anthem symbolizing Cyrus’ unfiltered individuality.

39. Gimme What I Want

In the pop pantheon, Miley’s “Gimme What I Want” is a richly textured masterstroke. From her 2020 album “Plastic Hearts,” the track is a full-throttle manifestation of her rock-infused reinvention, seasoned with a smidgen of 80s synth-pop. Cyrus’s vocals strike with raw power, weaving through gritty synth lines and pulsating drum beats. It’s a middle-finger raised to the expectations of pop divadom. But let’s address the elephant in the room – is it an individualistic anthem or a subliminal plea to partners (real or imagined)? Either way, “Gimme What I Want” cements Miley’s status as an audacious pop provocateur, unafraid to bare her needs and desires. Cyrus ain’t here for your approval – she’s here to demand what she wants, need be damned. Pure, unapologetic Miley!

38. Night Crawling (feat. Billy Idol)

“Night Crawling” is a stunner from Miley Cyrus’s opus, “Plastic Hearts”. It’s the type of track that demands your attention, with a vibe meshing dark 1980s synth-pop influences with 2020s swagger. Billy Idol’s feature on this duet is pure genius – his seasoned rock vocals blend effortlessly with Cyrus’s raspy edge, resulting in a cinematic, rebel-anthem vibe. It’s an audacious move to rope in a legend like Idol, and it’s indicative of the bold strides Cyrus is making in her ever-evolving career. However, where it lands in the grand timeline of Cyrus’s discography, it feels more like a novelty act than a career-defining moment. Still, it’s a helluva good time.

37. Wildcard

Sure thing, let’s talk “Wildcard.” Now, this track has a deceptive pop gloss, creating a playground to house Cyrus’ rebellious spirit. It’s the ultimate pop-punk hybrid that exudes Miley’s rambunctious energy while holding onto the catchy hooks that characterize the best of pop genre. Yet, one may argue there’s a touch of insubstantial fun; it’s a party anthem that won’t keep you up late brooding. Ultimately, “Wildcard” isn’t trying to be the deepest cut in Miley’s discography, it’s simply a seatbelt-defying joyride. And sometimes, isn’t that just what pop music is all about? Let’s not forget that a good pop song should be like a great joyride – exhilarating, carefree, and fun as hell. Oh, and before you ask, it’s definitely on our Top 50 list.

36. WTF Do I Know

“WTF Do I Know” is raw Miley, a true slice of unadulterated Cyrus sass we’ve come to expect. From her 2020 album ‘Plastic Hearts,’ this track is a spitfire salvo of post-breakup catharsis. The pop-punk tune wears its feisty heart on its sleeve, flipping the bird to predictable pop and demanding attention like a neon sign in a quiet neighborhood. Lyrically, Cyrus gives no quarter, questioning old love and defiantly asserting her newfound independence. It’s a bold kickstart to the album, and a hallmark Miley tune, showing off her rock-infused evolution while remaining true to her pop roots. It’s raw, real, and a testament to her uncompromising artistic vision.

35. Zombie (Live from the NIVA Save Our Stages Festival)

Miley Cyrus took a dive into the rock nirvana with her cover of “Zombie” during the NIVA Save Our Stages Festival. She knocked it out of the park, and how! The rasp in her voice and her demonstrated vocal chops breathed a new life into the ‘90s grunge anthem by The Cranberries. Though some purists bristled at the thought of a pop princess straying into such hallowed rock territory, most agreed that Miley’s raw energy and emotion captured the angsty ethos of the original. However, she didn’t simply mimic Delores O’Riordan’s charged vocals, instead infusing her own distinctive twang, thereby creating a transformative version that echoed the original yet was unmistakably Cyrus. Rock on, Miley!

34. When I Look At You

“When I Look at You” is pure, unadulterated Cyrus. Released as a single from her 2010 EP “The Time of Our Lives,” the song is a showcase of Miley’s raw vocal prowess and her emotional depth. It’s a far cry from her twerk-tastic “Bangerz” era. Instead, it echoes with the earnestness of a young artist straddling the line between her Disney-fied past and an uncertain but promising future. And although it doesn’t rank among her chart-toppers, the song’s powerful piano accompaniment and Cyrus’s heartfelt delivery make it a fan favorite. What it lacks in commercial success, it makes up for in emotional resonance. A precious gem in the deep Miley Cyrus catalogue.

33. Violet Chemistry

Alright fam, we gotta talk about this standout track from Miley’s discography – “Violet Chemistry”. It’s pure, unadulterated Miley: unconventional, fearless, and oh-so infectious. Acidic lyrics mesh with raw, booming beats, making this single a sonic potion that intoxicates the senses. Every note screams metamorphosis, encapsulating Miley’s journey from Hannah Montana’s wholesome sweetness to the rule-breaking rebel queen of pop. Despite the pop veneer, “Violet Chemistry” proves Miley isn’t afraid of delving deep into emotional territory. But let’s not ignore the elephant in the room: the song polarizes, making fans and critics either venerate it as a masterpiece or dismiss it as over-produced kitsch. To us, though, it’s a banger. Every. Single. Time.

32. Hoedown Throwdown

Let’s shimmy down memory lane to “Hoedown Throwdown”, the pop-country anthem that catapulted Miley Cyrus’ transition from Disney darling to certified chart-topper. Featured in her 2009 film “Hannah Montana: The Movie”, this track had us all doing the “Boom-Boom Clap”. It’s a country-pop firecracker, with a buffet of earworm hooks that displays Cyrus’s Southern heritage like a badge of honor. Now, let’s face the music — it’s not exactly “Party in the USA”. Yet, there’s an undeniable charm in its kitschy choreography and instructions that arguably solidified its legacy in pop culture. The “Hoedown Throwdown” is a guilty pleasure, a pop confection trimmed with banjos, and an integral part of Miley Cyrus’s sonic quilt of hits.

31. Jolene – Live

Let’s talk about “Jolene – Live”, shall we? When Miley Cyrus dropped this cover of Dolly Parton’s classic at The Backyard Sessions in 2012, everyone’s jaws just about hit the floor. Here she was, our Disney-turned-pop-princess, trading in her bubblegum beats for some bare-boned, gritty country. It wasn’t just a rendition, it was a revolution for Miley. And it worked. Her rasp-laden voice and wild passion breathed new life into Jolene, and it gave us a glimpse of the artist she was on her way to becoming. Critics may argue it’s a bold move to try to top the inimitable Dolly, but props to Miley for taking the risk and slaying it nonetheless.

30. Like a Prayer – Live

Just like the other live gem “Jolene”, this smasher “Like a Prayer” demonstrate her onstage prowess to the extreme.

29. Never Be Me

Oh, let’s get into it— “Never Be Me” off Miley Cyrus’s audacious album ’Plastic Hearts’. An anthem of acceptance and living boldly, darling. Miley’s rasp-soaked voice carries the emotional weight, turning the melody into a defiant manifesto. A stripped-back ballad that allows her vocals to shine brighter than a disco ball in Studio 54. But it ain’t just melodrama here; the lyrics are a gut-punch of realism about unfulfilled expectations and accepting one’s flawed self. A far cry from her “Hannah Montana” days, this song shows Miley’s growth as an artist who isn’t afraid to embrace her true self. It’s a pop classic that oozes vulnerability, echoing the sentiments of Billy Joel’s “I Go To Extremes”. That’s Miley, beautifully unpredictable and an unstoppable force of pop music.

28. 7 Things – Single Version

Ah, “7 Things – Single Version”, a vintage Miley Cyrus gem from her 2008 album “Breakout”. With its infectious pop-rock energy and disarmingly honest lyrics, this track boldly marked Cyrus’s transition from Disney darling to bona fide pop star. Cyrus grapples with the tumultuous, seven-layered love-hate relationship with an ex, painting a raw and relatable image that resonated with teens worldwide. Packed with catchy hooks and angst-filled lyrics, it showcased her vocal chops and intuitive knack for storytelling. But let’s not overlook its shortcomings: its formulaic structure and reliance on teen tropes might have boxed it into the dated category. Even so, “7 Things” cemented Cyrus’s place in the pantheon of pop music’s most intriguing figures.

27. Edge of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remix) (feat. Stevie Nicks)

“Edge of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remix)” is a glorious, intergenerational pop handshake between Miley Cyrus and the timeless Stevie Nicks. It takes the cosmic charm of Miley’s “Midnight Sky” and slaps it with a dose of Stevie’s iconic “Edge of Seventeen.” A power move, indeed! It’s like having the aural equivalent of a disco ball in outer space – sparks of nostalgia with glitzy, high-energy pop-rock. You can’t overlook the vocal delivery either, Miley’s husky boldness and Stevie’s mystical whisper create a chemistry that’s pure magic. This remix could teach a masterclass on how to tastefully merge two eras of pop. It’s Miley, but with a generous dash of Fleetwood Mac’s fairy dust.

26. Butterfly Fly Away

“Butterfly Fly Away” is pure Cyrus-family gold, a sweet duet with papa Billy Ray from the “Hannah Montana: The Movie” soundtrack. This folksy pop number is a heart-tugging emotional capsule, its acoustic soul melding with the Cyrus harmonies perfectly. The lyrics tell a tender tale of growing up, capturing that struggle between holding on and letting go. Not your typical smash-hit Miley anthem, but a gentle gem that showcases the nuanced layers of her vocal range. Fancy something a touch less party-in-the-USA and a smidgen more porch-swing-at-sunset? Slip “Butterfly Fly Away” onto your playlist and let Miley and Billy Ray take you on a nostalgic journey down memory lane.

25. Muddy Feet (feat. Sia)

“Muddy Feet”, a profound collaboration between Miley Cyrus and Sia, is a masterclass in harnessing the stormy, emotional undertones of pop. Seemingly unabashed in its raw honesty, the track is classic Cyrus, spiked with Sia’s sonic splendor. It’s like taking a wild, emotional rollercoaster ride through the depths of their combined musical prowess. The tune marries Miley’s fiery rebelliousness with Sia’s compelling vocal power, reminding us why these two rule the pop universe. But don’t get it twisted—you won’t find any party anthems or wrecking balls here. Instead, “Muddy Feet” dives deep into the muck of raw emotions, digging into the soil of self-reflection. Who said pop has to be polished and perfect, anyway?

24. You

“You” is a prime example of Miley Cyrus’s masterful blend of pop tradition with a modern edge. A chart-topping hit, “You” showcases her knack for combining meaningful lyrics with infectious melodies that stick in your ear like aural bubblegum. While critics may chastise its formulaic structure or its reliance on catchy hooks, there’s no denying the track’s appeal. It is Cyrus at her pop star pinnacle, solidifying her as a mainstay in the industry. This is pop music done right – a smorgasbord of verse-chorus-verse that leaves you humming long after the track has ended. And let’s not forget the singer’s vocal prowess, it’s a sonic testament to Cyrus’ versatile voice that can range from whispery vulnerability to roof-raising belt. This is quintessential Miley, unpretentious, unwavering, and unapologetic.

23. Can’t Be Tamed

“Can’t Be Tamed”, the audacious anthem of Miley’s coming-of-age narrative, became a game-changing hit in her discography. Released amidst the wholesome Disney glitter, Miley shattered the shackles of Hanna Montana’s sugar-coated fame and truly declared herself as a pop renegade. The track was a formidable barrage of dance-pop and electro-pop, fed by Miley’s rebellious energy and audacious lyricism. The song showcased a daring Miley, shedding her girl-next-door image for a fiercer and edgier persona. The track was a stunning, if controversial, testament to her shifting musical perspectives, and while some naysayers called it too brash, true pop aficionados raised their glasses to this pop phoenix, rising, not from the ashes, but from the sparkly dust of Disney’s magic wand. It wasn’t just a song, it was Miley’s declaration of independence.

22. Island

“Island” is an unexpected tour de force in Miley Cyrus’ discography. Taking a page from the Caribbean-influenced pop playbook, Miley dips her toes into the reggae genre and accommodates it comfortably within her sonic spectrum. What’s impressive about this track is not just Miley’s ability to genre-hop but how effortlessly she settles into the rhythm, her stylized vocals weaving seamlessly with the laid-back groove. However, it’s worth noting that while “Island” is an enjoyable detour, the lack of a stronger lyrical narrative somewhat prevents it from being a standout in Miley’s incredible songbook. That being said, the experimental track offers a tantalizing glimpse into Miley’s evolving musical versatility.

21. Mother’s Daughter

1. “Mother’s Daughter” – When Miley Cyrus unveiled “Mother’s Daughter” in 2019, pop music was forever enriched with a banger that’s both unapologetically anthemic and deeply personal. This track doesn’t just hit hard; it practically rattles the bones, making its ferocious feminist message impossible to ignore. Cyrus’ raspy vocals swing like a wrecking ball (pun intended), while the lyrics amplify her birthright as the progeny of the audacious Billy Ray Cyrus. The song peeked into Miley’s evolution from a Disney star to a power beacon for self-expression and female empowerment. It’s fierce, it’s fiery and it’s quintessentially Miley. Those jarring synths and aggressive percussions? Delicious. Yet, a tease of vulnerability leaks, reminding us that behind the renegade is a soul shaped by a mother’s love. Here, folks, is Miley’s unabashed charisma in full blow.

20. Thousand Miles (feat. Brandi Carlile)

“Thousand Miles”, Miley Cyrus’s 2023 collaboration with Brandi Carlile, is an anthemic pop-rock ballad that is undoubtedly etched in the minds of pop aficionados. It’s a testament to the raw power of their voices, fused with epic musical arrangements. Miley ain’t holding anything back here, belting out every note with fierce conviction, matched in intensity by Carlile, whose Grammy-winning talents are on full-blast. The genius of the track lies in its guitar-driven intensity, its lyrical honesty and its capacity to convey a vivid story of resilience. It’s that rare breed of song—both commercial and deeply personal, making it stalwart in Miley’s discography.

19. The Climb

“The Climb” – ah, a seminal gem from Miley’s “Hannah Montana: The Movie” era in 2009. This wasn’t just a song, it was a definitive statement by an artist emerging from her teen idol cocoon. It was Miley’s “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” moment, if you’ll permit a Britney reference. This was more than just a pop ballad; it was ripe with emotion, ambition and a surging determination that subtly hinted at the grit we’d see in her later works. But don’t let its placement in the squeaky-clean Disney universe fool you; “The Climb” has always been a heavyweight in Miley’s discography. It’s a track that brims with the kind of sincerity that we love from her, a timeless reminder that life is indeed about the journey, not the destination.

18. See You Again

“See You Again,” is Miley Cyrus’s pop-rock banger, and arguably her first real entry into pop super-stardom. Released back in 2007 on her breakout album, “Meet Miley Cyrus,” this track presents a delicious amalgamation of pulsating drum beats, energetic synths, and Cyrus’s distinct husky yet high-pitched vocals. The song’s lyrics dabble in the teenage angst and infatuation – a testament to Cyrus’s youthful start. Its infectious hooks and catchy chorus helped launch Cyrus into the stratosphere, but the lack of lyrical depth and maturity somewhat undermines its staying power. Still, it’s a bop that deserves a replay, and a nostalgic reminder of Cyrus’s humble beginnings in the ruthlessly evolving pop landscape.

17. Adore You

Ah, “Adore You” – the emotional rollercoaster from Miley’s 2013 “Bangerz” era that had everybody teary-eyed. With the soft, synth-driven ballad blended with Miley’s raw, open-hearted lyrics, it was a masterstroke of pop music vulnerability. Dropping the tough-girl act, our girl Miley showed us her tender underside, creating a significant swerve in her soundscape. But, and it’s a big but, the music video is where the song copped criticism. Miley’s risque antics felt like a detraction from the emotional honesty of the song. No tea, no shade, but it gave the impression that Miley was more focused on shock value than authentic storytelling. Epic tune? Absolutely. Missed chance for a killer video? Sadly, yes.

16. Slide Away

“Slide Away”, folks, is Miley Cyrus in full emotional technicolor. Dropping as a surprise single in August 2019, following her split from hubby Liam Hemsworth, the track is a heart-wrenching ballad brimming with raw vulnerability. Miley’s voice is a tour de force here – husky, sorrowful, and drenched in regret. The lyrics see her bidding adieu to the boozy, Malibu-laden dreams of yesteryears, signalling a willingness to “slide away” from a past love chapter. Many dismissed it as tabloid fodder, but in my book, “Slide Away” is Miley maturing as an artist, unafraid to bare her post-breakup soul. Achingly beautiful and hauntingly poignant, it easily slides into the Top 50 Miley moments. Pop music, ladies and gentlemen, sometimes is about the pull of a tearing heartstring.

15. Plastic Hearts

“Plastic Hearts” – the title track off Cyrus’s 2020 LP – is pure rebel energy wrapped in a glamorous, rock-n-roll couture. With her Joan Jett attitude and Stevie Nicks mystique, Cyrus serves us a side of herself that channels the defiant spirit of the rockstar era of the 80s. But don’t be fooled, this ain’t mere imitation. We’re talking raw Miley DNA, interlaced with her now signature whiskey-soaked vocal cords. Blending genres like a music chemist, she’s got pop in her veins but rock in her soul. “Plastic Hearts” cements Cyrus’s shift from Disney teenybopper to bona fide rock goddess. Sure, it might’ve ruffled a feather or two, but since when did Miley shy away from controversy?

14. Heart Of Glass (Live from the iHeart Festival)

Strutting onto our list with punk-rock panache is “Heart Of Glass (Live from the iHeart Festival)”. This isn’t your mama’s Miley, folks, but a radical reimagining of a Blondie original that carves its own identity with an audacious flair. The track presents Cyrus as a rock-chick phoenix rising from her Hannah Montana ashes. The raw ferocity in her voice accentuates the throbbing rhythm, bringing down the house with its electrifying charge. The performance, dripping with edge and attitude, is a testament to Cyrus’ adaptability and genre-straddling prowess. And while classic rock purists may have a bone to pick, let’s not forget that Debbie Harry herself gave it a thumbs up. Cyrus definitely nailed the don’t-give-a-damn punk spirit, making this track hit our top 50 chart.

13. Rose Colored Lenses

Ah, “Rose Colored Lenses,” a true gem in Miley Cyrus’ discography. This track, y’all, showcases Miley’s vocal prowess like no other. It’s wrapped in a glittery, synth-soaked production that could make any pop aficionado weep with joy. Our girl powerfully uses metaphors of rose-colored glasses to tackle the gritty reality of heartbreak, stepping away from her usual bold sonic delivery. Instead, she takes a contemplative, almost introspective turn, solidifying herself in the pantheon of the pop’s profound wordsmiths. However, she doesn’t always hit that sweet emotional note. Sometimes, the lyrics veer towards cliché, but it’s a minor hiccup in an otherwise solid pop offering. In the pop universe, Miley has moved mountains, but with “Rose Colored Lenses,” she colors the sky pink!

12. Midnight Sky

Straight off the bat, let’s kick start this list with the nitty-gritty of Miley’s discography, the head-turner “Midnight Sky.” A blatant 2020 banger, it saw our gal-greyhound shed the last vestiges of her Disney veneer, replacing it with polished disco-glam-pop-rock. Draped in a Stevie Nicks ‘Edge of Seventeenth’ cape, Miley’s husky vocals led the charge like a rebel queen in a sea of pop princesses. This boundary-pushing piece of ear candy was a melodic middle finger to stereotypes and a testament to Cyrus’ morphing mastery. Iconic? Hell yeah! “Midnight Sky” was a blazing comet across the pop music stratosphere, signalling Miley wasn’t just in the game, she was changing it. Unapologetic and relentless, it was a hit that left us gagging for more.

11. River

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10. Malibu

Aw, “Malibu:” Miley’s dreamy, sun-drenched 2017 ballad that made us all want to take a ride along the Pacific Coast Highway. Far cry from her “Bangerz” days, this track was a breath of fresh air, showcasing Miley’s versatility as an artist, effortlessly blending pop with a dollop of country and a sprinkling of folk. “Malibu” is like a love letter to the West Coast, but beneath its sparkling surface, it’s a testament to personal growth and self-evolution, a theme Miley’s always rocked at exploring. It might not be a chart topper, but it’s undeniable, the song has lived rent free in our pop culture consciousness since its release. Not too shabby, eh?

9. Party In The U.S.A.

“Party In The U.S.A.” – a flashy, bang-up Miley Cyrus anthem that’s forever immortalized on the dance floors of 2009. Deftly melding pop, R&B and a gentle nod to hip-hop, the track was an upbeat emblem of her transition from Disney mascot to bonafide pop diva. It’s got the irresistible chorus, the unabashedly catchy beat, and of course, Miley’s twangy vocals oozing teenage exuberance. Some may scoff at its patriotic sentiments, but let’s not get twisted – it’s not a political statement, it’s a bona fide bop. Handcrafted by hit-making wizards Dr. Luke and Max Martin, this track is pure pop perfection, a sparkly testament to Cyrus’ ability to dominate the charts whilst baring her star-spangled heart.

8. Prisoner (feat. Dua Lipa)

“Prisoner (feat. Dua Lipa)” is a powerhouse of a track, pulling at the heartstrings of the rock-nostalgic while paving its own path on the pop landscape. Released as part of Miley’s 2020 tour de force, “Plastic Hearts,” this track seamlessly knits Cyrus’ rock-chick resurgence with Dua Lipa’s disco-infused charm. It’s a neon-drenched, 80s inspired banger with an infectious chorus that echoes the rebellious spirit of pop’s diva duets of yore, adding a gritty, almost punkish layer. However, despite the track’s undeniable energy, it’s the blend of Cyrus and Lipa’s vocals that really set the tone – a harmonious marriage between rock’s defiant growl and pop’s sultry croon. So, buckle up popsters, “Prisoner” takes you on a wild ride, but it’s oh-so worth it.

7. We Can’t Stop

Miley Cyrus, in 2013, said “peace out” to her Disney era, and “hello” to twerk-filled, tongue-wagging rebellion with “We Can’t Stop”. This jam insists on its party-anthem nature — unarguable considering its omnipresence in summer pool parties and clubs. Yet beneath the infectious pop beats and flashy video, Miley strikes gold with her bold declaration of independence. No one could stop her from growing up, not her naysayers, not the critics, not even her own past. Say what you will about the controversy-spurring antics, but don’t downplay the track’s impact. The song opened the floodgates for Cyrus’ radical evolution and remains cornerstone in her expansive discography. “We Can’t Stop”, we didn’t stop, and as it turns out, neither has Miley. It’s our party indeed, and she rules it like a pop queen.

6. Jaded

“Jaded”, from Miley Cyrus, is the quintessential power ballad that shows the world she’s not just another bubblegum pop starlet. Bleeding vulnerability woven with raw vocal prowess, it’s a track that charms you and stings you in the same breath. Miley’s departure from twerking-antics to a more subdued, emotionally powered number redefined her as a serious artist. What sets “Jaded” apart is its almost cinematic feel – a symphony of pain and strength. Now, don’t get your knickers in a twist, I’m not saying it’s the second coming of “Imagine”. Nevertheless, in the pop landscape, “Jaded” stands out as a testament of Miley’s versatility. And yes, you can yell at me all day about it being ‘too mainstream,’ but you don’t get to the top 50 by keeping it underground, darling.

5. Wrecking Ball

“Ahh, ‘Wrecking Ball.’ Unleashed onto the world, in 2013, it saw Cyrus swinging (literally and figuratively) into the annals of pop music with a purpose. Here we find the former Hannah Montana star radically shedding her Disney image, and folks, let me tell you, it was an earth-shattering moment in pop culture. The power ballad, part of her ‘Bangerz’ era, is drenched in raw emotion—pain, regret, longing—and marks a transformation of Cyrus from teen idol to serious artist. Love it or hate it, the song’s impact is undeniable, proving that our girl Miley could pack a punch. ‘Wrecking Ball’ is an unabashed confession of vulnerability on Cyrus’ part, and that, my friends, takes guts.”

4. Used To Be Young

Miley Cyrus’ anthem “Used To Be Young” is a testament to her knack for reinventing herself. Released in the thick of her metamorphic phase, the track is a pop tour de force, underpinned by an infectious synth line and punctuated by Cyrus’ raw, emotive vocals. The lyrics, laced with a nostalgic reminiscence of youthful days, are a bittersweet ode to the inevitability of growing up, honing in on Cyrus’ uncanny sense of self-awareness. Critics may argue it lacks the iconicity of “Party in the USA” or the audaciousness of “Wrecking Ball”, but the song’s captivating charm lies in its authenticity. It might not be her biggest banger, but “Used To Be Young” displays Miley at her most introspective, showing that she has many more tricks up her sleeve.

3. Used To Be Young

Brace yourselves pop aficionados, because we’re diving into the shimmering depths of Miley Cyrus’ discography, starting with her glossy pop gem, “Used To Be Young”. This single dropped in 2023, heralding in a new era of Miley magic every aficionado yearned for. Miley was no longer the rebellious ingenue stirring the pot. Light years away from her twerking days, darling Miley arrived with maturity that crackled in every note of this stark confession about the illusion of youth and the sobering realities of growing up. Still, despite its somber undertones, the track carried a hopeful message laced with Miley’s classic bravado – a blend that makes it one of her most compelling pieces to date. Pop music, raise your glass. No one does it quite like Miley!

2. Angels Like You

“Angels Like You,” off Cyrus’ monumental 2020 album “Plastic Hearts,” is a solid gold nugget of emotional turmoil. This track throbs with heartache, its lyrics as raw as a newly opened wound. Miley’s husky voice absolutely smashes the emotive chorus with the veracity of a speeding semi-truck. “Angels like you can’t fly down here with me,” she sings – a melancholy admission of destructive tendencies in relationships. The song weaves a sonic fabric of guilt, regret, and self-awareness, setting Miley apart from her bubblegum-pop-mold beginnings. It’s these darker tinges that cement “Angels Like You” in the pantheon of Miley’s greatest hits, a testament to her capacity for emotional depth and vocal prowess.

1. Flowers

Miley Cyrus truly blossomed on her 2023 single, “Flowers”. It’s a petal-powered pop ballad with roots deep in her country heritage. A masterstroke of lyricism, Miley serves up a symbolic bouquet of emotions, transplanting her raw honest vibes directly into your heart. The echoes of Dolly Parton in her voice can’t be denied here, although Miley’s vocal prowess remains one of a kind. Critics might say it’s a little wilted on originality as it follows a classic country ballad blueprint. However, the vulnerability and raw power she brings make it a standout track. By the end, one cannot help but wish to see more blooming talent like Miley in the garden of pop music. When it comes to “Flowers,” Cyrus has proved that she doesn’t just pick trends, she plants them. Her deft handling of genre-blending is evergreen.

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