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Ranking Lady Gaga’s Albums, from Best to Worst

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Few artists have had as much of an impact on the pop music landscape as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known to the world as Lady Gaga. From the moment she burst onto the scene with her debut album “The Fame” in 2008, Gaga has been a defining voice of her generation, continuously pushing the boundaries of pop music with her daring sonic experiments and exceptional narrative themes.

Across her discography, we see a potent cocktail of diversity, artistry, and bold experimentation. Albums like “The Fame Monster” and “Born This Way” reveal her willingness to take risks, flaunting her versatility and courageousness to challenge the norms. With “ARTPOP”, she continued this trend, diving further into the intricacies of avant-garde pop and conceptual artistry.

She then took a delightful detour into the world of traditional pop standards with “Cheek To Cheek”, her duet album with Tony Bennett, only to return in full force with “Joanne”, an album that showcased a more personal and stripped-down side of Gaga.

With more recent releases such as “Chromatica” and “Love For Sale”, Gaga has continued to prove her mettle, demonstrating her capacity to evolve and adapt while still maintaining the Gaga-esque edge that we’ve come to love. Even her soundtracks are killer – “A Star Is Born Soundtrack” held us spellbound, revealing Gaga’s proficiency not just as a pop artist, but a multifaceted and talented musician.

This diversity and evolution is what makes studying Lady Gaga’s discography a journey in itself, a thrilling rollercoaster of pop, jazz, electronic music, and everything in between. So let’s get into it. From “The Fame” to “Love For Sale”, here are the best of Lady Gaga albums ranked.

15. Cheek To Cheek

Cheek To Cheek

Released: 2014

Label: Streamline/Columbia/Interscope

Features: Tony Bennett

Swapping disco sticks for jazz hands, Gaga teamed up with the living legend Tony Bennett, proving her mettle as a versatile lady who can shoulder the weight of the classics. This American Songbook-inspired whirlwind showcases Gaga in a new light, letting the pitch-perfect slink of her timbre do all the talking. The album flaunts 16 tracks adorned with brass-heavy hues, scat breaks, and an indisputable chemistry between the duo. Even in the sea of Gershwin and Berlin, the standout remains their take on the title track, a sultry, slow-burning duet of romance. Chart-wise, the album made sweet music, reaching no. 1 on the Billboard 200, with a Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album to boot. Its musical finesse and homage to jazz giants demonstrate Gaga’s calculated career swirl from pop diva to a diva unbound by genre.

13. Love For Sale

Love For Sale (Deluxe)

Released: 2021

Label: Columbia Records/Interscope Records

Features: Tony Bennett

Here, Gaga showcases her versatility, leaving behind her synth-pop aura to connect with the timeless magic of Cole Porter’s songbook. Each track is a decadent cocktail of Bennett’s timeless raspy charm and Gaga’s chameleon-like vocal prowess. There’s a salient display of affection, reverence, and empathy in numbers like “I Get a Kick Out of You” and “Dream Dancing” that tug at your heartstrings. However, the album doesn’t rest easy in the Billboard charts, peaking at #6. A daring departure from Gaga’s usual discography, it’s not here to top charts, but to celebrate a musical partnership unlike any other. “Love For Sale” is a testament to Gaga’s musical evolution and her undeniable, ever-broadening prowess as a multi-genre artist.

12. Dawn Of Chromatica

Dawn Of Chromatica

Released: 2021

Label: Interscope

Features: LSDXOXO, COUCOU CHLOE, Ariana Grande, Arca, Rina Sawayama, Clarence Clarity, Pabllo Vittar, Charli XCX, A. G. Cook, Ashnikko, Oscar Scheller, BLACKPINK, Shygirl, Mura Masa, Doss, Dorian Electra, Chris Greatti, Count Baldor, Elton John, Chester Lockhart, Mood Killer, Lil Texas, Planningtorock, Bree Runway, JIMMY EDGAR, Tchami, BloodPop®

Gaga taps into her vast network of friends, allies, and kindred spirits to create remixes that speak to her pioneering influence in both pop and electronic music. From Arca’s hypnotic spin on “Rain On Me” to Dorian Electra’s hyperpop take on “Replay”, each collaborator injects their unique DNA into Gaga’s original works. The album didn’t break the Billboard, but it made tidal waves in the club scenes. It also showcased how Gaga’s influence expands beyond just her music, reaching deep into the DJ decks of nightclubs across the globe. With this release, Lady Gaga reiterates her ability to retool pop conventions while reminding us why she’s the matriarch of modern dance music. “Dawn of Chromatica” is thus a worthy sequel, reinventing and reimagining tracks we thought we knew.

11. Cheek To Cheek

Cheek To Cheek (Deluxe)

Released: 2014

Label: Streamline/Columbia/Interscope

Features: Tony Bennett

Shifting gears from EDM-esque anthems, Gaga cozies up in the world of classic American songbook standards, singing the tunes with a gusto that’s as surprising as it is delightful. The album, featuring 15 tracks on its deluxe version, twirls through classics like “Anything Goes” and “I Won’t Dance,” showing both artists in a symbiotic exchange of respect and talent. Even as it strays from Gaga’s typical pop wheelhouse, “Cheek to Cheek” hit a high note on the Billboard 200, debuting at #1, proving the timeless appeal of classic jazz and Gaga’s versatility as an artist. Its success underlines Gaga’s ability to transcend genre boundaries, demonstrating that she doesn’t just play pop music – she plays Lady Gaga, and does it with panache and verve.

10. Born This Way

Born This Way

Released: 2011

Label: Interscope

Released onto an unsuspecting world in 2011, it stands as a time capsule of Gaga’s artistic bravery and flaunts her desire to rip up the rulebook. Between the title track’s unabashed anthem of self-acceptance and the Madonna-esque dance-pop of “Marry the Night,” the album exhibits Gaga’s knack to blend catchy, electro-pop with meaningful messages. The audacious “Judas,” stirs up biblical controversy while “The Edge of Glory,” offers a slice of vibrant, euphoria-inducing synth-pop. It’s audacious, extravagant and seething with genre-blurring risks – a kaleidoscope of Eurodance, 80s inspired pop, and rock, paving the way for a new era in pop music. The album charted at #1 on the Billboard 200, solidifying Gaga’s reign, becoming a beacon of audacity. It’s a riveting exploration into Gaga’s inclusive, boundary-breaking vision, an album that forever changed the pop landscape.

9. Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick (Music From The Motion Picture)

Released: 2022

Label: Interscope Records

Features: Harold Faltermeyer, Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Kenny Loggins, Miles Teller, OneRepublic

The last update in my database is from 2021, so I don’t have detailed information or insights on the “Top Gun: Maverick (Music From The Motion Picture)” album released in 2022. I suggest checking the latest reviews and charts for the most recent analysis.

8. Born This Way

Born This Way (Special Edition)

Released: 2011

Label: Interscope

Features: DJ White Shadow, Zedd, Fernando Garibay

Brimming with 17 tracks, this collection isn’t just an album, it’s an outright declaration of Gaga’s talent for genre-bending pop extravagance. The title track became a bona fide LGBTQ+ anthem, with its powerful lyrics and pulse-pounding beat inducing an expression of self-love and acceptance. The album also featured massive hits like the electro-Madonna-esque “Judas” and the clashing synths of “Edge of Glory.” The special edition opened new dimensions with the stark ballad “Yoü and I”, and “Marry the Night,” essentially a pop-suite in one song with its shifting tempos and roaring choruses. It shot to #1 on the Billboard 200, and was lauded for its blend of 80’s-inspired synths, electro beats, and rock influences. Gaga, in this album, managed to balance her outré fashion-forward persona with genuinely affecting, and danceable, pop music. She didn’t just birth a new album with “Born This Way,” she birthed a pop culture phenomenon.

7. Joanne

Joanne (Deluxe)

Released: 2016

Label: Interscope

Features: Florence Welch

Released in 2016, it marks a crucial turning point in Gaga’s career, as she swaps dancefloor anthems for a more country-tinged, bare-bones sound. Album’s title, “Joanne” is a tribute to her late aunt, and you can feel the raw intensity of her personal revelations throughout the record. From the electric country-pop of “A-YO” to the heartfelt ballad “Million Reasons”, Gaga touches on themes of love, loss, and personal evolution, unearthing a side of her we’d never seen before. The infectious and emotive “Perfect Illusion” had chart success, but was a clear departure from the dance-pop Gaga we knew – a risky move, yet highly commendable. This album may not have reached the commercial heights of “Born This Way” or “The Fame,” but its authenticity and emotional depth affirmed Gaga’s status as a versatile, genre-defying artist. Indeed, “Joanne” has Gaga stripped down to the bone, baring her soul so heartrendingly that it demands to be respected.

6. Chromatica


Released: 2020

Label: Interscope

Features: Ariana Grande, BLACKPINK, Elton John

This synth-laden spectacle, brimming with club-ready bangers and collaborations with the likes of Ariana Grande (“Rain On Me”) and Blackpink (“Sour Candy”), signifies Gaga’s triumphant return to her dance-pop roots. Gaga’s artistic prowess is on full display as she navigates the nuances of darkness and light, pain and euphoria, creating an immersive world where dichotomy and unity coexist. Despite the glittering surface, the undercurrent of vulnerability threaded through tracks like “911” and “1000 Doves” anchors the album. Serving both style and substance, “Chromatica” reinforces Gaga’s status as pop royalty, meticulously blending introspective lyricism with infectious dance beats that keep you coming back. Peaking at number one on the Billboard 200 and amassing over a billion streams in 2020 alone, “Chromatica” showcases Gaga’s knack for constant reinvention that keeps her afloat in the churning waves of pop culture.



Released: 2013

Label: Interscope

Features: T.I., Too $hort, Twista

This was not just an album – it was a multi-media experience, a “reverse Warholian” experiment designed to blur the lines between music, art, and technology. The album, bursting with 15 tracks, is a sonic kaleidoscope – merging elements of EDM, synth-pop, and R&B, decorated with potent lyrical expression. The lead single, “Applause,” certainly earned its name, capturing global attention with its playful beat and catchy hook. However, tracks like “Do What U Want” and “Venus” proved Gaga wasn’t afraid to dig deeper, to challenge both herself and her listeners. On the chart front, it hit #1 on the Billboard 200, further cementing Gaga’s position in the pop pantheon. Critics, however, were divided: some praised its audacity, while others found it overly ambitious. Controversial and unconventional, “ARTPOP” is a testament to Gaga’s relentless creativity and ambition.

3. The Fame

The Fame

Released: 2008

Label: Interscope

Features: “Colby ODonis”, Space Cowboy, Flo Rida

A complementary blend of Gaga’s pop sensibilities and Bradley Cooper’s country-blues edge, the album is no mere accompaniment to the film – it’s a living, breathing entity itself. Gaga seduces listeners with power ballads like “Always Remember Us This Way” and “I’ll Never Love Again”, leaving us desperate for more of her raw, unparalleled vocal prowess. However, the undisputed jewel is, of course, “Shallow”, a song synonymous with Gaga’s artistic versatility and firepower. Winning four Grammy Awards including Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and an Oscar for Best Original Song, the song is a timestamp in pop culture history. The “A Star Is Born” soundtrack, transcending the typical confines of film scores, proves that when it comes to music – be it pop, country, dance, or blues – Lady Gaga is a force to be reckoned with.

2. A Star Is Born Soundtrack

A Star Is Born Soundtrack

Released: 2018

Label: A Star is Born OST

Features: Cast, Bradley Cooper

The album offered a tasty blend of country, rock, pop, and blues, painting a vivid musical portrait of the characters’ journey in the movie. Tracks like the chart-topping “Shallow” demonstrated Gaga’s ability to break hearts and muster goosebumps with raw vocal prowess and emotional songwriting. Its success was not only commercial, sweeping the world and camping at Billboard 200’s #1 spot, but also critical – earning four Grammy nominations and winning for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. But the crowning jewel? The Oscar for Best Original Song, cementing Gaga’s place not just in pop iconography, but also in the annals of film history. However, it’s not an album that entirely captures Gaga’s artistic identity, subtracting some of her signature eccentric pop flavor.

1. The Fame Monster

The Fame Monster (Deluxe Edition)

Released: 2009

Label: Interscope

Features: Beyoncé, “Colby ODonis”, Space Cowboy, Flo Rida

The album, an eight-track sonic behemoth, features some of Gaga’s most iconic tunes, including the Euro-disco anthem “Bad Romance”, the infectious “Alejandro”, and the provocative “Teeth”. The deluxe version laces in tracks from Gaga’s debut those “Paparazzi” and “Poker Face” – fan favorites that helped catapult Gaga into the stratosphere of pop royalty. Each track explores a specific “monster” or fear, Gaga explained, transforming introspection into universal anthems. Rife with synths, irresistible hooks, and Gaga’s versatile vocals, this album doesn’t just dazzle; it commands attention. Its genre-fusing sound palette echoes back to 80’s pop, while its electronic heartbeats could be traced to David Bowie or Madonna. “The Fame Monster” is not just an album; it’s an audacious affirmation of Gaga’s place in pop history and her bold claim to its future. Musically and visually, it’s a compelling portrait of a woman not just on the edge, but leaping into the glory of the pop abyss with breathtaking courage.

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