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Harry Styles Songs List: Top 25 Singles

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Harry Styles, the tousle-haired heartthrob originating from Britain’s famed boy band, One Direction, reinvented himself as a solo artist drenched in the iridescent colors of psychedelic, indie pop rock that harken back to the swinging sixties. Armed with a tireless flair for fashion and a gift for penning evocative, thought-provoking lyrics, his discography is a treasure trove of pop gems, each offering a different facet of his journey through the industry.

Styles’ talent as a songwriter shines exceptionally in albums like “Fine Line” and “Canyon Moon”, graced as they are with his creative genius that stands in a lane of its own. A track like “Watermelon Sugar”, for example, masterfully distills the saccharine anticipation of summer love into a breezy bop that’s impossible to resist. On the flip side, deep cuts like “Cherry” and “From the Dining Table” unfurl the raw, emotional side of Styles that speaks to the heartbreak within all of us.

Whether it’s the sun-soaked charm of “Golden”, the deeply introspective “Falling”, or the experimental rock underpinning “Kiwi”, Styles demonstrates his prowess to render pop music into something fresh and diverse, pushing boundaries to what seems infinitely boundless. It’s his thrilling unpredictability, his willingness to dive headfirst into previously unexplored realms that catapult him to a rare echelon in pop music.

So let’s get into it. From the dreamy indie pop to the iconic smash hits, here are the Top 25 Singles from Harry Styles.

25. Canyon Moon

“Canyon Moon”, that’s where it’s at, folks. This Harry Styles ditty, plucked from his 2019 sophomore juggernaut, “Fine Line”, has got the ’60s psychedelic folk-pop vibrations down pat. The harmonica intro? The crisp acoustic strumming? It’s as if Styles invited Paul McCartney and Donovan to a sun-dappled lair to craft a tune perfectly designed to transport your mind to the wild, open-hearted freedom of a summertime road trip.

But go deeper and you’ll find more. If Styles is often pointed to as the Gen Z reincarnation of Mick Jagger, then this song proves he’s got more in his toolbox. He’s an aesthete mixing old-world influences with his own individual sparkle – a modern-day troubadour telling tales through chords and verses.

“Don’t want to feel you, don’t want you on my mind,” he sings but as the melody swells, it’s hard not to feel engrossed. It may not be as radio-friendly as “Watermelon Sugar” or as emotionally raw as “Falling”, but “Canyon Moon” is a testament to Styles’ range and the breadth of his ambitions, encapsulating his commitment to avoiding the predictable. A Mick Jagger for a new generation, indeed, but with a twist of his own.

24. Sunflower, Vol. 6

Sunflower, Vol. 6. Hold onto your hats, pop aficionados, because we’re stepping into psychedelic territory. This sixth Harry Styles opus saw our boy particularly adventurous, drawing inspiration from the late-’60s psychedelic pop. Millennial flower children, stand up! If any other pop heartthrob attempted this trip down San Francisco’s psychedelic alley, they’d run the risk of sounding contrived. But not Harry. There’s a certain earnestness to his experimentations that makes it work.

Harry styles the track with resonating harmonies, plucked guitar strings, and an irresistible rhythm section that screams Flower Power vibes. It’s a meticulous blend of old and new, groove-laden psychedelia meeting modern pop sensibilities—his flamboyance blending with a nostalgic touch to marry the best of both eras. This ain’t no faux Coachella hipster vibe, folks. It is, at heart, a sonic expression of Harry’s love for vintage music, yet a fresh offering in today’s pop culture. This song is proof, if it were needed, that the former One Direction member isn’t afraid to yank the pop genre out of its safety net and sprinkle a little retro sunshine over it.

23. Cherry

“Cherry”, from Harry Styles’ sophomore album “Fine Line”, is a spectral, stripped-back waltz that spills emotion in every note. The track has Styles in singer-songwriter mood, tenderly picking at a failed relationship, a far cry from the upbeat pop numbers that made One Direction world dominators. More Joni Mitchell than Justin Timberlake, you could say. The melancholy refrain, “Does he take you walking ’round his parents’ gallery?” delivers a punch that pop rarely has the nerve to throw. Plus, the inclusion of his ex-girlfriend’s voicemail at the end? Bold, daring, and controversial, showcasing Styles’ ability to push the boundaries of mainstream pop. While it might not have topped the charts like “Watermelon Sugar”, “Cherry” is the true testament to Styles’ maturation as a solo artist, proving that he’s not afraid to bare his soul and wear his heart on his sleeve.

22. From the Dining Table

“From the Dining Table,” the closing track from Harry Styles’ eponymous debut album, is a hauntingly beautiful ballad that shows off Styles’ ability to transcend the boy-band pop stigma. Unplugged and intimate, with a touch of lo-fi, the song is a bonafide testament to his versatility, harking back to the heyday of ’60s and ’70s singer-songwriters. It’s a raw, naked look into the post-break-up midnight blues, diverging from the mainstream pop anthem blueprint. Styles’ vocals, gently layered over a delicate acoustic guitar and a thumping heartbeat-like rhythm, place you right there at the dining table with him in the wee small hours, nursing a heartache and a half-empty bottle of wine. While it hardly charts as a hit single, it’s a gem for the audiophile digging deeper into Styles’ discography. In the context of pop music history, it calls to mind Leonard Cohen’s lyrical vulnerability—it’s just so Harry and yet so vintage. It’s a risky move to lay yourself so bare on your first solo outing, but then again, Harry Styles has never been one to play it safe.

21. Cinema

“Cinema,” mate, is a genuine diamond in the rough! It demonstrates Harry Styles’ uncanny ability to weave a compelling narrative, even within the confines of a 3-minute pop song. The track struts with Glam Rock flair, marrying Styles’ penchant for 70s-inspired instrumentation with an intriguing modern pop sensibility. It’s an audacious mélange of ‘Bowie-esque’ grandeur and the salient intimacy of younger contemporaries like Billie Eilish, a neon-lit cinema serving a technicolor palette of emotion. What particularly stands out is how Styles uses the song to wrestle with the performance of life under the public eye, with the cinema serving as a metaphor for our insatiable voyeurism. Now, Styles ain’t no Dylan, but he’s no slouch with the pen either. “Cinema” helps solidify him as a legitimate artist, not just another boy-band member turned pop star. Well played, Harold!

20. Lights Up

“Lights Up,” Harry Styles’ liberating anthem and lead single from his second solo album, “Fine Line,” dropped in late 2019. It was Harry’s not-so-subtle shout into the pop stratosphere that he’s no longer the pop-rock poster boy from his One Direction days. The tight guitar riffs and the intoxicating tempo of this track give it an undeniable groove, but its Styles’ introspective lyrics that truly elevate it. This song sees Harry tackle themes of identity, authenticity, and freedom. It’s a self-discovery journey that’s as personal for Styles as it is universal for his listeners. Caught in the all-encompassing, intoxicating haze of fame, can you really ‘step into the light’? Harry Styles dares to ask that question. However, the misunderstandings about the song’s ‘party’ vibe clearly show that Styles’ experimentations with lyrical depth might be a bit overshadowed by his charismatic charisma. Here’s to hoping more gems like this will continue to surface on his musical journey. It’s a deep dive into Harry Styles’ psyche – vulnerable yet powerful, and anything but one-dimensional.

19. Grapejuice

18. Sweet Creature

“Sweet Creature,” mate, what a serenade in disguise. Plucked out of Harry Styles’ self-titled debut album, this 2017 single delicately marries the simplicity of pure acoustic guitar strings with an unpretentious vocal performance that’s pure Harry. It’s the sound of a boy-bander breaking free from the pop machine, embracing his folk-rock sensibilities and, let’s face it, giving a hearty nod to the folk giants like Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell.

Even though it marks Styles’ departure from the One Direction days, it’s almost a tease for the complete metamorphosis we would witness in “Fine Line.” It’s like reading an open letter to a childhood sweetheart, interspersed with the lyrical depth and emotional gravity we’ve come to expect from Mr. Styles. Yet, it lacks the maturity of his later work. “Sweet Creature,” for all its charm, is a transformation in progress, charming in its simplicity, but still precursory of the edgy, bold Styles we now know and adore. It’s like a plucked string that’s resonating, waiting for its full symphony.

17. Kiwi

“Kiwi” – what a wild ride this one is! This earworm from Harry Styles’ self-titled debut album, released in 2017, is a pure rollicking romp that throws caution to the wind, reflecting a rebellious side of Styles we hadn’t seen before.

Mercy me, this track has got some serious swagger! It’s a raw, hard-edged rock anthem with its blaring guitar riffs and Styles’ robust vocals. And those lyrics? They’re chaotic, nonsensical, and utterly brilliant; definitely a departure from the sweet boy-band tunes he crooned as part of One Direction.

Remember when he debuted this bad boy live on The Late Late Show with James Corden? That performance was an absolute barn-burner! It was Styles in his element, shedding his boy-band skin, adorning himself in this rock-n-roll persona, and revelling in the sheer joy of it all. “Kiwi” was, without a doubt, a defining moment in Styles’ solo career – and darn it, it still gets the adrenaline pumping.

For the snappy guitar work, the raucous energy, and the bold departure from his pop roots, “Kiwi” secures a spot on our top 25 singles from Harry Styles. Cheers to many more tracks as audacious as this one!

16. Daydreaming

15. Love Of My Life

14. Music For a Sushi Restaurant

Look, I’m a massive fan of Harry Styles’ sonic adventure, but even I’ve got to admit, “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” is one of his most left-field experiments. Borrowing heavily from the ambient genre, our boy Harry is shimmying out of his heartthrob britpop outfit and into something a little more ethereal. No doubt, the track has its charms – who wouldn’t be intrigued by the pop icon’s flirtation with atmospheric textures and melancholic melodies? But let’s be real: Styles’ vocal prowess is sorely missed amid all these synthetic soundscapes.

It truly feels like an ambient detour in an otherwise upbeat pop record. To be fair, I give him props for daring to go off the beaten path. We’ve seen Harry toy with folk, pop, and rock, but ambient? That’s a whole new ball game. However, it’s also a game that doesn’t quite suit his vocal robustness.

Are we saying no to experimental Harry? Absolutely not. But “Music For a Sushi Restaurant,” while a bold attempt, may not be the biggest hit of his discography. It’s got the vibes, but lacks that classic Harry spark we dance and cry to.

13. Little Freak

Alright, you bunch of groove-busters, let’s chat “Little Freak”. This Harry Styles jam is like a fresh splash of bubbly on an otherwise humdrum chart landscape, and it’s doing freak flags everywhere a solid by turning them into pop chart gold.

This banger is like if Bowie and Prince had a pop music lovechild, dunked in a little of Styles’ own brand of Brit-pop magic for good measure. It’s got a funky bassline that’ll hook you faster than a catfish on a summer Sunday, paired with a chorus that’s catchier than the common cold.

That being said, the lyrics are where Styles really shines. “Little Freak” isn’t just about letting your weird flag fly – it’s about rejecting the plastic, cookie-cutter ideals our culture often glorifies and embracing your own idiosyncratic beauty.

However, we gotta talk about how it’s a touch self-indulgent. We get it, Harry. You’re not a regular pop star, you’re a cool pop star. But hey, if “Little Freak” is the price we gotta pay for that, consider us sold. Ultimately, it’s a wild, unwieldy, and unapologetically Harry experience, and pop music is all the better for it.

12. Keep Driving

Oh baby, Harry Styles hit the accelerator and didn’t look back with “Keep Driving.” Chart-toppers were dime a dozen for this prodigious pop prince, but this jammy had the Petrolheads bobbing their heads. A fab fusion of punchy pop rock, it had Styles’ impeccable vocals driving it home, steering his fans right into Heartbreak Avenue.

From the get-go, the melody’s velocity hooks you, but as true Style-ists know, it’s the lyrical depth that keeps us in for the long haul. Drawing parallels between a fading relationship and a late-night drive, Styles uses the metaphor to killer effect.

“Keep Driving,” like many of Mister Styles’s superior singles, carries his sonic signature — a fearless flirtation with vintage vibes married to a banging, modern beat. Is it his magnum opus? That’s up for debate amongst the heartthrobs’ horde, but it undoubtedly rides right into our count of top Harry Styles singles. Why? Because it’s an audacious anthem oozing with his quintessential cool-boy charm, veering off the beaten track, and embracing vulnerability. That’s why. Keep driving, Harry, we’re all here for the ride.

11. Daylight

“Daylight”, an indisputably stellar feature from Harry’s sound garden, deserves its moment in the sun, ranked high among Styles’ illustrious discography. It’s not simply a song; it’s a cinematic journey. Styles, your veritable pop laureate, here proves himself a true pop Magellan – ostensibly venturing into uncharted territories with a bravura yet to be matched by his pop peers. Rooted deeply in psychedelic rock and inflected with the spirit of the ’70s, “Daylight” effortlessly transcends the boundaries of what we perceive as pop. Yet, the song never deviates from Styles’ core identity. It’s a grand showcase of his seasoned vocal styling, interwoven with deeply poetic lyrics that make you pause. “Daylight” is Styles’ golden formula of blending old school grandeur with contemporary pop sensibilities. Yet, its brilliance extends beyond craft; this is a track with a soul. It evokes an ethereal end-of-summer melancholy, creating a sense of longing only Styles’ soundscapes can induce. An audacious exploration, a fearless leap into the unknown, “Daylight” illuminates Styles’ unparalleled greatness. It stands as a testament that Styles is far from done in redefining the modern pop landscape.

10. Fine Line

“Fine Line,” that closing opus from Harry Styles’ sophomore album of the same name – it’s nothing short of a pop ballad odyssey. This track weaves a profound introspection into a lush, folk-pop tapestry, something we hadn’t quite seen from Styles before. It’s a musical journey, starting soft as a breeze, building up to an orchestral tempest, and finally bravely baring all in lyrics that cut to the core. It was in this moment we witnessed Styles’ transformational ascension in the pop world. He went from playing it safe with friendly radio-ready tracks to creating music that demanded your ear, mind, and heart. While it didn’t garner the charts’ domination its sibling “Watermelon Sugar” did, “Fine Line” has become a cornerstone in understanding Styles’ artistically bold trajectory. We see Styles, all vulnerability and raw power, willing to leave it all on the line, hence underscoring the true essence of who he is as an artist. “Fine Line” isn’t just a song, it’s a statement. If Styles was walking a ‘fine line’ with this single – he didn’t falter; he soared.

9. Golden

“Golden” is an utter gem within Harry Styles’ discography for its exuberant blend of pop with a touch of indie rock. Its sun-kissed melodies and effervescent instrumentation make it a bonafide, mood-lifting anthem. No other single showcases Styles’ penchant for infusing classic rock tropes within a pop context quite like “Golden” does. The sheer joy of the song is unmissable, even palpable, as it transports listeners to the sun-soaked California coastline, a frequent muse for Styles’ sonic escapades. However, beneath its radiant surface, the song harbors a tinge of melancholic longing, a testament to Styles’ lyrical depth. “Golden” may often be overshadowed by its chart-topping siblings from the “Fine Line” album, but its place in Styles’ career as a signature sound bridging his classic rock influences with radio-friendly pop is nothing short of iconic. It may not always be the first Harry Styles’ single that pops up in conversation, but overlook it, and you’re denying yourself some of Harry’s lushest and most intoxicating musical panoramas. A dip into “Golden” is a bittersweet dip into Styles’ perceived sun-and-shade world.

8. Matilda

7. Satellite

Soak it in, pop aficionados: “Satellite,” one of Harry Styles’ less celebrated singles, but no less grand, nestled away like a hidden gem. A glimmering testament to Styles’ formidable aesthetic sensibilities, a supernova of sound that sparkles with celestial charm and lyrical gravity. “Satellite” orbits around Styles’ liquid mercury vocals, lifting us high into the stratosphere of heartache and longing. Ah, longing, Styles’ eternal muse.

But let’s chat about the composition, shall we? It’s like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band gate-crashed a Fleetwood Mac rehearsal, birthing a hybrid that is nostalgic yet undeniably modern. Styles isn’t just showing up, he’s dialing up the past, reclaiming it, remixing it, redefining it for a new generation of fervent pop disciples.

“Satellite” may not have lit up the charts like “Sign of the Times” but this track proves that Styles’ artistic prowess isn’t shackled to the Billboard Hot 100. His place in pop’s star-studded galaxy isn’t defined by statistics, but by a steadfast commitment to craft. To miss out on “Satellite” is to overlook a pivotal part of Styles’ musical tapestry and a profound testament to his evolution as an artist.

6. Falling

“Falling” is High Art, no exceptions. The third single from Harry Styles’ sophomore album, “Fine Line,” it’s the kind of gut-wrenching ballad that redefines a pop star. Oh honey, yes, we’re talking about a song that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. Styles wears vulnerability like it’s the vintage Gucci suit he loves – with easy elegance.

It’s not about flashiness, but pure lyrical profundity. Hazz takes us through the tribulations of love lost, and the introspective self-reckoning that follows. Listen to it once and you might think it’s melancholic, but loop it (as we all do) and you’ll find a touch of catharsis.

What sets it apart is the ex-One Directioner’s unfiltered rawness, a leap from his debut’s polished showmanship. His vocals hold nothing back, burnt by remorse and doused in regret. It’s beautiful, it’s brutal, and it’s Harry Styles stripping himself bare. No walls, no pretense, and certainly no “bubblegum pop” labels left. “Falling” is proof that pop can dig deep, and Styles isn’t afraid to dive in.

5. Sign of the Times

“Sign of the Times,” released in 2017, is Harry Styles’ magnum opus and so much more. It’s a sprawling, rock-tinged epic with Beatles-like undertones and a palpable sense of grandeur. Leave it to Styles to flip the script on pop norms and still come out on top – this ballad clocks in at a whopping five minutes and forty seconds without losing the crowd’s attention. This track marks Styles’ seismic departure from One Direction’s bubblegum pop, signaling his willingness to plunge into the deep end of rock-infused pop experimentations. And boy, does it pay off! The song’s lyrical gravity offers an introspective gaze into Styles’ soul while the soaring chorus is a straight-up eargasm. “Sign of the Times” in many ways revolutionized pop ballads, and certainly silenced any naysayers. Harry’s metamorphosis from teen heartthrob to seasoned artist is never more evident than in this career-defining, watershed single. But let’s not forget, it’s just the tip of the iceberg – Harry Styles had much more to offer to pop music.

4. Adore You

Well, well, if it isn’t “Adore You,” Harry Styles’ magnum opus. This track is Styles unbuttoning his heart and allowing us to peek inside. The third single off ‘Fine Line’ is an effervescent pop song that absolutely soaks you with love-soaked sentimentality and a disco-esque groove you can’t help but sway to.

“Adore You” is evidence of how Styles have evolved his sound, locking onto a cosmic, War-on-Drugs-meets-Paul-McCartney vibe that’s captivating. It’s refreshing to see an artist as mainstream as Styles venture away from cookie-cutter pop formulas, preferring to dabble in more experimental and psychedelic tones.

But it’s not just the music that hits right in the feels, the lyrical content is equally arresting. Styles wears his heart on his sleeve, revealing his vulnerability in an earnest confession of raw obsession and adoration. “Walk through fire for you, just let me adore you”, he croons. It’s an all-consuming love, bordering on reckless and we’re all here for it.

“Adore You”, for all its emotional layers, is undoubtedly a testament to Styles’ daring artistry. He’s not afraid to plunge into the depths of pop music, unearthing gems that redefine genre boundaries. Lads and lasses, take a bow for Mr. Styles!

3. Late Night Talking

“Late Night Talking,” a sublime single from Harry Styles, is unassuming but no less lethal. This track is a kaleidoscopic, chameleonic adventure in pop music that goes down smoother than a fine wine. Let’s not beat around the bush here: Harry Styles is a masterful pop savant and this single embodies his genius.

With its ethereal melodies, you’d think you were in a Lynchian dreamscape, but it’s the grit in Harry’s voice that anchors you back to reality. The nuances he interjects at every turn—each phrase imbued with heartfelt emotion—makes this a cut above the rest. As much as he’s part of the grand pop tapestry, he’s a rogue element, subverting expectations and defying conventions with every note.

Now, it’s not all sunshine and roses. The murky production could’ve been clearer, bringing those textured instrumentals to the foreground instead of clouding them like fog on a London morning. But then again, it’s Harry’s vocal prowess that truly shines here.

In essence, “Late Night Talking” is emblematic of Styles’ profound influence on pop, sending a clear message: he’s not just playing the game, he’s rewriting the rules, one single at a time.

2. Watermelon Sugar

“Watermelon Sugar,” eh? This gem has solidified Harry Styles as a virtuoso of pop culture in the 21st century. It’s a sweet, tantalizing musical cocktail that zestfully blends pop and rock tones with a throwback vibe. This chap certainly knows how to make his voice the superstar of the track.

Styles’s vocals are pure gold – there’s a charming rawness in his falsettos, a clear nod to the classic rock gods he idolizes. Yet, the crowning glory is the lyrics; an eclectic mix of mildly psychedelic imagery and forthright horniness. “Breathe me in, breathe me out, I don’t know if I could ever go without.” It’s audacious, unapologetic, and just downright seductive.

“Watermelon Sugar” is Styles peeking under the veil of pop music, stealing what works, and making it his own with this cheeky, sugary tune. It’s a track that not only positioned him at the zenith of the pop world but showed that he’s a force capable of stitching up the fragmented pop-rock genre. There’s no doubt that it’s an essential Styles experience.

1. As It Was

Let me lay the first card on the table, “As It Was”, the absolute gem from Harry Styles’ latest album. This track deserves all the huzzahs for the audacious audial journey it takes you on. The song kicks off with a stripped-down, intimate vibe, inviting you to lean in before it transitions into a stomping, glam rock-infused chorus that throws you for an electrifying loop. The juxtaposition is pure genius, a testament to Styles’ prowess and his penchant for bending pop conventions.

Yet, it’s not just the sonic palette that makes “As It Was” stand out. Styles delivers a gut-punch with his lyrical prowess, navigating themes of heartbreak, recovery, and self-reinvention with deftness. When Styles sings “Just as it was, baby / It will be better from now on”, you feel that mix of melancholy and hope vibrate with every strum of the guitar.

Harry Styles is not just another pop heartthrob, my friends. “As It Was” underscores his astute understanding of pop music dynamics, his flair for theatricality, and his steady evolution as a songwriter. Bring on the next one, Harry!

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