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8 Taylor Swift Singles from the 2020s That Had Us All in Our Feels

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Hey music fam! The 2020s were a rollercoaster, and at the helm? None other than Taylor Swift. While legends like Queen Madge and Britney defined their times, Tay gave the 2020s its soundtrack. Let’s dive in!

First off, lyrical genius is an understatement for Swift. She didn’t just write songs; she penned anthems. From love tales to epic clapbacks, every word was a mood. Lines like “I knew you dancing in your Levi’s” weren’t just lyrics; they were whole stories.

Commercially? Taylor was a juggernaut. Album drops became global events. Streaming? She broke the internet more than once. And let’s not even start on the sold-out tours.

Recognition? Overflowing. From Grammys to AMAs, the accolades kept coming. But it wasn’t just about the bling. Her songwriting chops, often solo or with a select crew, set her apart. Authenticity was her brand.

Countdown: Taylor’s Emotional Singles of the 2020s:

“Cardigan”: A nostalgic masterpiece.

Folklore (2020)

“Cardigan,” one of the standout tracks from Taylor Swift’s indie-folk venture folklore (2020), wasn’t just a song; it was a whole vibe. 🎶 Drenched in nostalgia, this track took us on a feels trip down memory lane. The lyrics? Pure poetry. With lines like “When you are young, they assume you know nothing,” Tay tapped into that raw, emotional space we’ve all been in – feeling overlooked, yearning for lost love, and clinging to memories. The backstory? Rumor has it, “Cardigan” is a nod to a past relationship, and Swifties worldwide have been decoding every line, linking it to her other tracks, creating the “Teenage Love Triangle” theory.

The reception? Fire. Climbing charts and melting hearts, “Cardigan” became an anthem for those seeking solace in the midst of 2020’s chaos. Its moody music video, with Swift at a piano amidst a magical forest, further amplified the song’s ethereal aura. The success? Massive. Earning accolades and racking up streams, it solidified Taylor’s prowess not just as a pop princess but as a versatile artist unafraid to explore. And that emotional core? It’s what made “Cardigan” more than just a hit; it was a hug in song form. So, as you wrap yourself in the warmth of “Cardigan,” remember: the next track might be just as wild. Stay tuned, Swifties!

“Willow”: Dreamy vibes on point.

Evermore (2020)

Dropped from her evermore (2020) album was the emotional banger we didn’t know we needed. 🎶✨ Taylor is certainly known for her storytelling prowess and took us on a feels trip with this one. The track, with its ethereal vibes and hauntingly beautiful lyrics, paints a picture of love, longing, and the magnetic pull of a soulmate. Lines like “Life was a willow and it bent right to your wind” had us all swooning and reminiscing about that one person who got away. Behind the scenes, “Willow” was a product of Swift’s lockdown creativity, teaming up with her usual suspects, Aaron Dessner and William Bowery. And let’s not even start on the TikTok challenges it inspired. Swift’s “Willow” wasn’t just a song; it was a mood, an emotion, a whole vibe. So, if you’re looking for a track to play on repeat during those late-night feels, “Willow” has got you covered.

“You Need To Calm Down”: A colorful LGBTQ+ anthem.

Lover (2019)

This tune was a whole mood. Dropping in 2019 as part of her “Lover” album, this track was a colorful clapback to haters and a vibrant shoutout to the LGBTQ+ community. Tay served us with catchy hooks and lyrics that were both sassy and supportive. Lines like “Shade never made anybody less gay” became instant anthems, and let’s be real, who didn’t have “You need to calm down, you’re being too loud” stuck in their head? The song’s emotional core resonated with many, as it tackled issues of equality, acceptance, and self-love. As the beats fade and you’re left humming the chorus, you can’t help but anticipate what Tay’s got up her sleeve next. Ready for more?

“ME!” ft. Brendon Urie: Pop explosion with a dash of self-love.

Lover (2019)

Featuring Brendon Urie, this was the pop explosion we didn’t see coming, but dang, were we here for it! Dropping in 2019, this bop was all about embracing individuality and self-love, with Tay and Brendon serving major vibes. The pastel-colored MV? A visual treat, giving us Broadway meets pop fantasy. The lyrics, “I promise that you’ll never find another like me,” became the self-love mantra for many. Behind the scenes, “ME!” was a strategic shift from Swift’s darker “Reputation” era, signaling a return to her pop roots but with a fresh, playful twist. The collab with Panic! At The Disco’s frontman was the cherry on top, blending their vocals in a candy-coated duet. And let’s be real, who didn’t try to hit that high note in the shower?

“Lover”: The love song we didn’t know we needed.

Lover (2019)

Dropped in 2019, this rhyme wasn’t just a song; it was an emotion. Part of her Lover album, this track had Swifties and even the casual listeners diving deep into their feels. The song, with its dreamy instrumentals and vintage vibes, felt like a love letter penned in the golden age. Tay, known for her storytelling prowess, outdid herself with lyrics that painted a vivid picture of timeless romance. Lines like “Can I go where you go? Can we always be this close forever and ever?” had us all wishing for that kind of love. It’s a tune that resonates with listeners on a personal level, making many reminisce about their own love tales.

“The Man”: A fierce feminist bop.

Lover (2019)

This track was Tay’s clapback to the double standards faced by women in the spotlight. The lyrics? Pure fire. Swift didn’t hold back, serving lines like “If I were a man, then I’d be the man,” calling out the industry and society at large. The emotional weight of the song was palpable, resonating with fans and critics alike. It wasn’t just about the catchy tune; it was the message, the raw, unfiltered frustration of being a woman in a man’s world. And while the song was a massive success, it was also a testament to Taylor’s growth as an artist and activist. She wasn’t just singing about love and heartbreak anymore; she was using her platform to address real issues. And let’s be real, if this track is any indication of what’s next on the list, we’re all ears!

“Exile” ft. Bon Iver: A hauntingly beautiful duet.

Folklore (2020)

🎶 When Taylor Swift teamed up with Bon Iver for this track from her folklore (2020) album, fans knew they were in for an emotional rollercoaster. The song, dripping with melancholy and raw emotion, paints a picture of two ex-lovers seeing each other again, each from their own perspective. The haunting piano, combined with Taylor’s ethereal voice and Bon Iver’s deep, resonant tones, creates a soundscape that’s both nostalgic and heart-wrenching. But beyond the accolades, “Exile” resonated because of its universal theme – the pain of saying goodbye.

“Betty”: Storytelling at its finest.

Folklore (2020)

This was the emotional rollercoaster we didn’t see coming. Swift, known for her storytelling prowess, took us back to high school days, painting a vivid picture of teenage love, regrets, and that classic yearning for redemption. The track, with its harmonica vibes and indie undertones, was a departure from her usual pop anthems, giving off major old-school Taylor feels. Lyrically, “Betty” is a masterclass. Swift dives deep into the psyche of a 17-year-old boy, James, apologizing to Betty for a summer love gone wrong. The raw emotion, the front porch imagery, and that iconic key change had us all sobbing and reminiscing. Was it a true story? A continuation of her previous tracks? The speculations were endless.

But the 2020s weren’t just hits and awards for Taylor. The tea was piping hot. Drama over her masters, public feuds, and those ever-evolving love stories. Yet, through every storm, Taylor emerged, reclaiming her narrative and her music.

Wrapping up, the 2020s were Taylor’s era. Through hits, heartbreaks, and headlines, she remained the decade’s defining voice. And us? Forever Swifties.

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