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Top 15 Singles from Olivia Rodrigo in 2023

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Lightning in a bottle. That’s the best way to describe the meteoric rise and unparalleled impact of pop sensation, Olivia Rodrigo. She heralded her arrival with ‘Driver’s License,’ a record-breaking anthem of adolescent heartbreak that launched her squarely into the pop music cosmos. Yet, it is the depth and breadth of her catalogue that truly sets her apart.

Rodrigo’s tracks explore the messiness of Gen Z existence, navigating love, loss, and the angst of coming of age in a chaotic world. ‘Teenage Dream’ is a nostalgic sucker-punch, a hymn to the complexity of youth, while ‘Pretty Isn’t Pretty’ unravels the myth of perfection, challenging the relentless standards imposed on young women. ‘Making the Bed’ and ‘Logical’ dive deep into the spectrum of post-breakup emotions, from the mundane to the mad, with a raw sincerity that leaves you breathless.

Then there’s ‘The Grudge,’ ‘Deja Vu,’ and the rip-roaring ‘Good 4 U,’ singles seething with resentment against the backdrop of infectious pop-punk beats. Rodrigo’s fearless honesty, paired with her crystal-clear vocals and sharp lyrics, helps her music resonate with fans across generations.

No discourse on Rodrigo would be complete without discussing ‘All-American Bitch.’ A biting critique of internalized misogyny, it cements her as a reckoning force, unafraid to delve into sticky socio-cultural conversations. And ‘Bad Idea Right?,’ ‘Get Him Back!,’ ‘Vampire’ – tracks that show her evolving artistry and capacity to experiment across genres.

So let’s get into it. From the gloriously gothic ‘Vampire’ to the eponymous anthem of teenage angst, ‘Teenage Dream,’ here are the Top 15 Singles from Olivia Rodrigo.

15. teenage dream

Hold up, ready your playlists as we dive into “teenage dream,” a song that’s got Olivia Rodrigo’s emotional artistry painted all over it. This single didn’t just drop; it crash-landed onto the pop scene, spraying fragments of teenage angst and aching nostalgia everywhere. Channeling the quietly revolutionary spirit of Taylor Swift with a dash of Lorde’s poetic lyricism, Rodrigo stitches together a narrative of tender innocence clashing with the brutal realities of growing up. It’s a pop ballad that hits right in the feels, and drags the listener through a roller coaster ride of raw emotions. But hey, who said pop music was ever meant to be easy listening? “teenage dream” is one of those rare singles that manage to capture the zeitgeist of a generation and resonate with millions of listeners worldwide. Critics might point out Rodrigo’s tendency to wallow in the throes of adolescence, but her ability to articulate the shared experience of an entire generation goes unmatched. It’s a devastatingly pretty song with a soul-stirring depth – a dream, indeed, for pop lovers. “teenage dream” is more than just a song; it’s a testimony to Rodrigo’s unapologetic emotional honesty. Stand up and take a bow, Olivia.

14. pretty isn’t pretty

“Pretty isn’t pretty,” oh, what a jam! Here we see Olivia Rodrigo doin’ a one-eighty on pop’s glitzy and glamour facade, taking a DIY sledgehammer to the beauty myths that plague the industry. Rodrigo, the Gen Z wunderkind, has an uncanny knack for soul-baring, gut-wrenching lyricism—don’t we just live for it? This song is a direct jab at society’s unrealistic beauty standards. Rodrigo dons the mantle of pop feminism, her voice marinated in candid melancholy, dishing out lines like “I’m done spending hours on a look that I’ll wash down the sink.” It’s a sonic slap to superficiality. Bold and brave, ain’t she? Yet, it doesn’t stray from what we adore about her discography. Melding indie pop and emo-rock leanings with an irresistible beat, it’s as much an earworm as it is a powerful manifesto. This is pop music with a standpoint. This is pop music that argues, that confronts, that challenges. It’s “pretty isn’t pretty,” ladies and gents—another Rodrigo anthem for the ages.

13. making the bed

“Buckle up, pop aficionados, ’cause we’re about to dissect one of Olivia Rodrigo’s lesser-known gems, “making the bed.” Clocking in at number 15 on our list, this single might not have made the seismic impact of “Driver’s License” but —mark my words— it’s by no means a lightweight in Rodrigo’s arsenal. This track meticulously weaves waking-up-from-a-breakup metaphors into an intricate tapestry of dreamy synths and soft guitar strums. It’s a masterclass in both production and lyrics, demonstrating Olivia’s beyond-her-years songwriting prowess. The chorus is a pungent blend of heartache and resilience. It’s like Rodrigo is whispering right into our ear, sharing the intimate details of her romantic saga. Sure, “making the bed” hasn’t grabbed the spotlight as some of Rodrigo’s other bangers have. But it’s that quiet delicacy, that unassuming vulnerability, which underscores Rodrigo’s genius. This single is a testament to her narrative dexterity and her uncanny ability to transform common, almost mundane, activities into mini odysseys of loss and recovery. While it doesn’t dazzle with theatrics, it serves to remind us all — this young woman can make magic with the mundane.”

12. logical

11. ballad of a homeschooled girl

Ah, “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl,” were you expecting this melodic curveball from our dear Olivia Rodrigo? It’s not her usual high-energy pop, and it throws a blazing spotlight onto the singer’s daring versatility. Characteristically introspective but with a refreshingly homespun twist, Olivia goes full-on confessional in her storytelling, painting an intimate portrait of her homeschooling days. It’s raw, relatable, and completely Rodrigo. The track’s haunting piano chords and wistful melody underscore the narrative like a delicate aural embroidery. Each note feels like a poignant stitch, weaving together a tapestry of childhood memories, homey imagery, and heartfelt teen angst. But don’t get it twisted, this ain’t no saccharine-fueled nostalgia trip. Olivia’s vocals, both tender and pained, cut through with a truth that’s as sharply refreshing as a lemon squeeze onto a papercut. It’s a masterclass in vulnerability served over a catchy beat, folks. Bottom line? “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl” shows that Olivia Rodrigo isn’t just riding the post-Disney pop wave; she’s crafting it, shaping it, and lending it her own unique flair. And we’re all here for that, aren’t we? The legend of the homeschooled Cinderella just keeps growing, one chart-topping hit at a time.

10. lacy

“lacy” didn’t top the charts and it’s not even Rodrigo’s most streamed track, but it’s a sparkling gem in her discography that deserves its spot in the top 15. This single is undeniably Rodrigo at her softest, embodying her more indie-pop leanings and showing a gentler, more introspective side of the rising star. With an ethereal, minimalist sound, she coaxes out lines about love and heartbreak that are as palpable as they are relatable. While it may lack the explosive ferocity of “good 4 u”, it’s quietly powerful, a testament to Rodrigo’s versatility as a pop auteur. As far as pop anthems go, “lacy” might not be the crowd-puller, but it’s cuts like this that reveal the depth in Rodrigo’s artistry. It’s time to take this underdog for a spin.

9. love is embarrassing

8. good 4 u

Alright popheads, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of Olivia Rodrigo’s chart-topping burner, “good 4 u.” This single is a masterclass in bridging the gap between angsty pop-punk and slick, radio-ready pop. It’s the spiritual offspring of Paramore and Taylor Swift rolled into one, with Rodriguez’s diary-entry lyrics spraying a caustic, lyrical venom that would make Avril Lavigne tip her trucker hat in respect. Here Rodrigo takes the heartbreak narrative she built in “Drivers License” and twists it into a full-on scorcher, laced with self-empowerment and the sort of raw, rage-filled catharsis we seldom see in bubblegum pop. “good 4 u” is Rodrigo flipping the bird to the jukebox, catapulting herself into a pop-punk resurgence, and declaring herself as a groundbreaking artist rather than just another industry puppet. While this track could’ve easily become a mope-fest, Rodrigo’s ability to channel her hurt into a pop-punk anthem is downright brilliant. Despite its sugarcoated surface, the track resonates with anyone who’s nursed a rum and coke over a lost love. Talk about a gut-punch wrapped in bubblegum beats!

7. traitor

“Traitor” – Now, this is where our girl Olivia Rodrigo pivots from the straightforward pop bops and leans into a more introspective, indie aesthetic. A standout from her debut album “SOUR”, “Traitor” reads like a tear-stained diary entry, scrawled in the heat of youthful betrayal. Lean close and you can almost smell the high school hallways as Rodrigo spills the tea on the mate who’s traded up—ouch! And that music? Hell yeah! Rodrigo’s vocals are raw and wrought with pain, rising and dipping over the elegant piano melody. It’s as resonant as Taylor Swift’s early work, but with the added edge of Billie Eilish’s whisper-pop sound. This ain’t just bubblegum pop fluff, folks! “Traitor” proves that Rodrigo knows her way around cutting lyrics and emotionally charged music. It’s got that angst, that heartache, and that sweet symphony of vindication. Time to make room on your break-up playlists for this gut-wrenching gem!

6. the grudge

Alright folks, let’s get real about “the grudge” from Olivia Rodrigo’s smashing debut album: the track subtly reinvents the pop genre wheel while also borrowing generously from the angst-filled lanes of Alanis Morrissette and Avril Lavigne. Rodrigo’s raw emotion pours out of this loaded confessional as she channels the vexation and trauma of a grudge that takes a stubborn hold on you. It’s not the chorus that will hook you – it’s the visceral honesty in her voice, threaded with a hint of heartbreaking naiveté. The tune swiftly dismisses the sugar-coated pop image we’re force-fed, favoring, instead, the exploration of the messy, raw corners of post-breakup emotions. This track encapsulates the brilliance of Rodrigo’s songwriting ability, as she effectively presents a universally relatable concept with a personal touch that resonates deeply with listeners. With “the grudge,” Rodrigo gives us a well-needed intervention, revealing the destructive futility of clinging onto past hurts. A stinging indictment on grudges, wrapped in a pop package. We stan!

5. deja vu

Ah, “deja vu” – where we find Olivia Rodrigo flexing her songwriting muscles in pop’s gym, working out beside the likes of Taylor Swift and Lorde. With a shimmery synth driving the melody, and a punchy, indie-pop aesthetic, this track is a bellwether of Rodrigo’s maturing sound. It’s jam-packed with poignant teenage angst – the kind that’s served up in relatable lyricism and doused in tightly-woven melody. But let’s keep it real: the magic of “deja vu” lies in its narrative nuance. Rodrigo ain’t just tossing around the ‘Ex’s New Girl’ trope like an old rag-doll – she’s interrogating it, demanding answers, craving understanding. She’s looking at the recycling of love through a uniquely woozy, haunting lens. Blink and you’ll miss her nod to Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl,” a clever intertextual reference that adds yet more layers to this multi-faceted track. Sis came to school us on heartbreak and pop culture – and class is definitely in session. “deja vu” may not sit at the top of her discography, but it’s an essential piece in understanding the genius of Olivia Rodrigo.

4. all-american bitch

3. bad idea right?

Oh honey, when Olivia Rodrigo unveiled “brutal,” she was dropping a pop-punk truth bomb on all of us. The track’s rock-infused pop aggression was a fitting debut for the Gen Z superstar exclaiming, ‘it’s brutal out here’ in her distinctive sharp vocals. This track moves at a lightning pace, emulating the chaotic energy of youth and the crushing weight of the world’s expectations on young shoulders. The distorted guitars hit you like a slap in the face, and then there’s Olivia’s scathing commentary on the experience of growing up in the social media age. It’s a head-spinning rollercoaster of an opener, a gutsy full-throttle anthem, that confidently struts its stuff in the confines of pop, punk, and everything in-between. And it’s not just audacious; it’s relatable on a molecular level for millions. Remember how she blurts out, “And I’m so sick of seventeen, where’s my f***ing teenage dream?” That’s not just teenage angst, my friend. That’s a modern-day war-cry for a generation grappling with the impossible ideals served up on their feeds daily. The courage, the audacity, the rage – it’s all raw, real, and Rodrigo, proving she’s not here for a lullaby-laden pop ride; she’s here to shake things up and maybe even tip the whole damn cart over.

2. get him back!

“get him back!” – This is Olivia Rodrigo at her pop-rock finest, a complete U-turn from her previously mournful ballads. It’s a track that’ll have you remembering the days of classic Avril Lavigne, but with a Gen Z twist. The song is a raw, emotional journey that explores the aftermath of love’s fallout. But, rather than wallowing in self-pity, Olivia is focused on recovery and regaining her power. You can’t help but salute her sheer audacity. Oh, the drums, they hit a rhythm that feels like your heart pulsing in your chest. The lyrics are direct, assertive, and, dare I say, oh-so-relatable to any one who’s ever had their heart broken. It’s revenge pop at its best: cathartic, angsty, and tremendously empowering. But make no mistake, while the song is assertive, it’s not about spite – it’s about rebirth. Olivia Rodrigo is not just the face of pop, she’s its pulsing heartbeat, and “get him back!” is one heck of a strong pulse.

1. vampire

Ah, “vampire,” the quirky deep cut from Olivia Rodrigo’s chart-topping debut album, “SOUR.” This tune oozes with a fascinating fusion of teen angst and supernatural metaphor, echoing the Twilight-era vibes of our not-so-distant past. Riffing on the femme fatale trope, Rodrigo presents heartbreak in a vampiric lens, giving it an edge that’s both playful and tragic. Drawing from the well-trodden path of pop’s finest, Rodrigo’s lyrics are diary-like confessions that echo the raw authenticity of artists like Alanis Morissette – yet with a Gen Z twist. The brooding melody has tinges of Lorde’s “Pure Heroine” era, showcasing Rodrigo’s adept ability to cherry-pick and repackage multiple influences into a compelling soundscape. “vampire” may not have caused the seismic shock her lead singles did, but it’s a refreshing reminder that Rodrigo isn’t just about powerhouse ballads and angst-ridden anthems. Strap on your garlic necklaces, because this song bites! Rodrigo shows us yet again that she’s unafraid to bare her bleeding heart, even if it’s with a whimsical, fanged metaphor. Stick this one on your pop playlist, folks – it’s worth sinking your teeth into!

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