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Released: 2014

We’re diving into the tumultuous waters of Bishop Nehru’s “You Stressin'”, an intricately penned track that bristles with fiery verses and an undercurrent of relentless ambition. The track is an anthem for the underdogs, laying claim to the crown in the competitive rap game, while negating the doubts and pressures—which Nehru refers to as ‘stressin’— that come along with the struggle for success.

The song kicks off with Nehru establishing his prowess as he sings, “The master of the 16 bars and leaving rappers starving/ Sickening punch lines leave em salty like almonds.” In casual vernacular, ’16 bars’ is a reference to a traditional length of a verse in a rap song, and here, Nehru positions himself as the master of this domain, leaving other rappers hungry for his skill set. His ‘sickening punch lines’ are a nod to his lyrical genius, leaving others ‘salty’, a slang term indicating jealousy or bitterness.

Nehru weaves a tapestry of success with “Six 16’s left teens fleeing from the market,” meaning his powerful verses are driving competitors out of the rap game. He then compares his complex lyrics – his ‘styles that spark the mind and brain’ – with those of others, which he labels as ‘nothing, plain,’ emphasizing his unique talent in a sea of mediocrity.

Bishop Nehru You Stressin'

The chorus, “You stressin’, You stressin’, The minds a lethal weapon,” sends a clear message—while others are stressed, Nehru is cool and collected, his mind—his creativity and talent—serving as his ‘lethal weapon’ in the rap game which propels him beyond their ‘projections’—expectations and assumptions made about him.

The second verse unfolds a more personal narrative as Nehru acknowledges the rapid rise in his popularity and success, “Getting cream and exposure reaching my dreams they seem closer.” The phrase ‘getting cream’ here is a play on Wu-Tang Clan’s classic ‘C.R.E.A.M.’ — Cash Rules Everything Around Me, implying he’s enjoying financial success.

The track winds up with Nehru flaunting his dominance over other MCs, whose fall from grace he likens to moving “From balling, to bawling in tears now they calling / My name out loud cause my sound ain’t found.” This means the unique style and sound of Nehru is rare and his competitors are left calling out his name in despair.

To sum up, “You Stressin'” captures Bishop Nehru’s confident stride in the rap world, asserting his superiority in a competitive field and brushing aside naysayers and pressure with seasoned verve. His lyrical talent and self-assured demeanor are his ‘lethal weapons’—tools for success that rise above the ‘stressin’ associated with mounting expectations and competition.

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