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Meaning of the song ‘MellowWithMe’ by ‘Bishop Nehru’

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Released: 2015

Let’s dive into the flow of “MellowWithMe,” a track stacked with lyrical complexity by hip-hop wunderkind Bishop Nehru. Nehru reveals personal vulnerability, grapples with societal perceptions, and expresses his desires for peace and simplicity in the midst of life’s chaos.

The song kicks off with Nehru sharing a state of mental and emotional fragility, the lines “I been out my mind, feeling feeble / Why am I the guy seen as evil?” This repeated refrain underscores the artist’s struggle with perceived villainization, perhaps both personally and as an embodiment of broader societal biases against young Black men, a recurring theme in hip hop culture’s critique of our society. Here, Nehru taps into the long-standing tradition of rappers using verses to bear witness to societal injustice.

Bishop Nehru then explores his experiences and challenges with fame and success in the lines “It seems problems are always approaching / Been living pessimistic and it’s gotten me frozen.” He expresses the difficulty of meeting optimism when his reality has been frequently marred by issues, a feeling that can resonate with anyone who has seen their fair share of lows in life.

Nehru rejects the performative party culture enthralled by alcohol and superficial pleasures, emphasized in the verse “Cause I ain’t going to these parties, they fucking suck / At every one someone’s trying to get me drunk.” The surrounding lines paint a picture of the artist’s preference for introspection, sincere connections, and self-fulfilling creative pursuits over trivial distractions.

When Nehru spits “I lost my mom needed dad or a tide / And I just can’t find it / It’s awfully silent,” he provides deep insights into his personal life, suggesting a stark feeling of loss and solitude. This also layers additional meaning onto the chorus, presenting time not just as a relentless linear movement, but as a reminder of irreplaceable losses.

Finally, the song concludes with Nehru’s evocative journey “to the fifth dimension.” He’s not simply referencing theoretical physics here, but employing it as a metaphor for transcendence above mundane existence and petty squabbles. Clearly, Bishop is a rapper who not only shies away from superficiality, but actively seeks deeper meaning in life.

In essence, “MellowWithMe” is Bishop Nehru’s introspective manifesto, his personal and societal grievances intertwined with his aspirations to live meaningfully and peacefully, all wrapped up in a lyrical tapestry of vivid imagery and thought-provoking metaphors. And with that, he’s made considerable footprints in the vast landscape of pop music.

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