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Released: 2023

“Driftin'”, a track by Bishop Nehru, serves us clever wordplay and introspection layered over a contemplative beat. This song deals with themes of resilience in the face of adversity, authenticity, and the perils of fame and ambition in the music industry. Nehru uses his own experiences and observations to comment on the predatory nature of the industry, while also exploring his personal journey.

Right from the opening lines, Nehru sets the stage by positioning himself as an “emperor,” a mogul in the making who’s been navigating the rough waters of the music industry. Words like “Moving vicious” and “sleeping with fishes” illustrate the treacherous path he’s had to walk, nodding to mafia tales of betrayal and danger. The hook, “Lost in my mind and I’m driftin'”, drives home a deeper sense of introspection. Nehru is parsing through his thoughts, constantly reaching for deeper self-understanding amidst a world of chaos.

Nehru plays with opposites to underscore his point – if you aren’t showing love, you’re only propagating hate. His lines, “Wanting cream, need it double stuffed” and “Most of ’em like Biden, Joe’s tryna get a buck” suggest a critique of a society where greed often overrides empathy. His line about “Biden” might refer to politicians who cater to their own ambitions at the cost of people’s needs.

He continues his critique, this time on fellow rappers, with “Meanwhile rappers say the same thing like Coco”. With this, he equates repetitive lyrics to strange echoes, hinting at a lack of originality in lyricism. Punchlines like “Gotta snap like necks in bad choke holds” amplify his combative stance against the monotony.

Lastly, Nehru emphasizes his resilience in the face of adversity and his determination to stay authentic. With “I got my guard higher like I got God higher”, he metaphysically plays with the concept of raising his defenses and elevating his spiritual consciousness. Despite the adversity, he is ‘hanging in like a fighter’, while ensuring he maintains his originality (or, as he puts it, ‘I gotta be liver’).

Ultimately, “Driftin'” serves as a profound exploration of Nehru’s introspective journey. It’s a musical peek into his mind, a landscape filled with ambition, resilience, and a call for authenticity in a landscape of repetition and greed.

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