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Meaning of the song ‘we fell in love in october’ by ‘girl in red’

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Released: 2018

“We Fell in Love in October” by Girl in Red is a melancholic pop tune that rides on bursts of indie-rock riffs, conveying an enamored queerness and the fuzzy warmth of a nascent love blossoming in the autumn. The song tells a story of two young girls falling for each other under the stars, a storyline intersected by quiet, solitary moments on a rooftops, smoking cigarettes, and basking in the radiance of each other’s company.

As the opening line “Smoking cigarettes on the roof” echoes, we’re plunged into a scene where the chaos of the world is left behind for the serenity up above. The song illustrates a sense of escapism and a private utopia where societal prejudices and binaries fail to permeate. This is the world of our young protagonists, where they’re free to express their love—the air filled with newly ignited passion and wisps of cigarette smoke.

“You look so pretty and I love this view / We fell in love in October / That’s why, I love fall” juxtaposes the visual beauty of the partner against a picturesque autumnal backdrop, signifying that the love they found in October, and the ensuing affinity for fall, isn’t merely a seasonal sentiment, but a yearning to return to the exact moment and emotional space where their love was born.

The repeating phrase “My girl, my girl, my girl / You will be my girl” is a testament to a strong, heartfelt pledge, but make no mistake—it’s more than a simple, youthful promise. Amid this looping affirmation, it’s impossible to disregard the artist’s courage to openly embrace her sexual orientation, thereby subtly pushing against heteronormative boundaries within pop music.

“Looking at the stars / Admiring from afar” points towards the larger theme of longing and desire. Here, ‘the stars’ could as well be a metaphor for dreams or ambitions, distantly glowing, yet within admiration’s reach, much like their love which is both intimate and untouchable at times.

Finally, “Don’t bother looking down / We’re not going that way / At least I know, I am here to stay” delivers a firm stand against societal pressures, signaling a sense of contentment in their shared love and a determination to not be swayed by external perceptions. Amid its coming of age narrative, Girl in Red stares down conformity confidently, celebrating love in all its forms.

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