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Meaning of the song ‘October Passed Me By’ by ‘girl in red’

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Released: 2022

“October Passed Me By” by “girl in red” is a poignant ode to lost love and the lingering effects it can have on an individual. This power ballad encapsulates the struggles of navigating a relationship that has come to an end, with the songwriter wrestling with her feelings of longing, loss, and regret.

The opening verse sets the stage with the line, “I keep the letters that you wrote/ In a secret place”, imparting an immediate sense of nostalgia and emotional connection. The singer is cherishing memories of her former love, revealed through stashed-away letters. The phrase “Down memory lane” emphasizes this sentiment, underscoring the bittersweet journey through past memories she’s undertaking.

As the chorus hits, “October passed me by/ Just like any month/ But I still think of the times/ You took the breath out of my lungs”, we understand this song represents an internal struggle. The month of October is depicted as unremarkable, yet it reminds her of a time when her lover left her breathless, suggesting the emotional depth of their relationship.

Then comes the acknowledgment that the relationship had its hard times, “Yeah, I got bitter when you got cold”. The coldness here could stand for emotional detachment, leading to bitterness, a common reaction when love seems unreciprocated. The singer is still tied up, showing the lingering effects of this relationship.

The bridge offers a deeper insight into the relationship dynamics. The lyrics, “It wasn’t all good, yeah, it wasn’t all pretty/ Lost our grip while tryna go steady” suggest a turbulent relationship. Despite its instability, she clung to hope, shown in the phrase, “Holding on to you like, maybe/ One day we’ll meet”. This indicates a sense of unresolved tension and a desire for closure, which she perhaps never found.

Finally, “I made you my whole world/Screamin’ at the top of my lungs/ “How I love you, my girl”/ Always in the back of my mind/ You’ll be my girl” is a vocalization of the significance this person held in her life. The persistent echo of ‘my girl’ signals a residual attachment, provoking the gut-wrenching reality of longing for someone who’s no longer present.

Overall, “October Passed Me By” is a melodic exploration of heartache and longing, with a raw, relatable undercurrent. girl in red’s evocative lyrics, laced with vivid emotional imagery, make it a poignant anthem for anyone who’s ever been stung by the pangs of lost love.

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