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Released: 2024

“DOING IT AGAIN BABY” by girl in red is a fiery testimony to self-confidence and unabashed individuality. It’s a heady mix of pop hooks and exuberant relatability that sets the stage for a liberating anthem of self-love and empowerment.

The hook: “I’m on a new level / Something’s got me feelin’ like / I could be inflammable / And I might be!” encapsulates the nerve of this anthem. The speaker commands the stage with renewed confidence, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. “Inflammable” here implies an internal vigor, ready to catch fire and blaze brightly, a sentiment echoed in “I’m gonna light it up.” It’s a call to action, a dismissal of self-doubt.

With the lyrics, “Got the Japanese denim / And loafers on my feet / Lookin’ like a rockstar / From the seventies,” the singer references a style that speaks to both cultural savviness and a nod to vintage nostalgia. This styling could be taken as a symbol of her individuality and unique style that sets her apart.

The repeated chorus, “Doing it again, doing it again (Baby),” is a testament to resilience and persistence. It suggests a cycle of self-rediscovery and reaffirms the familiar pop music trope of reinvention.

The lines “I’m loving this new self esteem / Like the one I had at seventeen / So unfazed by the world and its screams” resonate as a throwback to teenage confidence, unassailable by societal expectations and judgments. This harks back to the time when bravado often outpaced reality, fueling a fearless approach to life that can be energizing to rekindle.

The references to “Ray-Bans,” and “99 vintage” are noteworthy, reinforcing the image of a stylish nonconformist. These are symbolic choices that signal a cool, retro aesthetic and reflect the persona of someone who’s stylish, self-assured, and unapologetic about it.

In sum, “DOING IT AGAIN BABY” is more than just a pop anthem; it’s a lyrical manifesto proclaiming the joy of rediscovered confidence, individuality, and the thrill of being impervious to societal constraints. It underscores the value in reclaiming and celebrating one’s unique identity, a potent reminder of the liberating power of self-love and pop’s transformative potential.

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