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Released: 2016

“Vroom Vroom” by Charli XCX is a flamboyant, tongue-in-cheek anthem to self-empowerment and rebelliousness. The song expresses the attitude of a successful, independent woman who is in control and enjoying her life, characterized by the freedom symbolized by high-speed car rides and colorful imagery.

Opening with “Lavender Lamborghini, roll up in a blue bikini,” the song immediately sets an opulent, glitzy scene. The lavender Lamborghini signifies luxury and power, while the blue bikini indicates carefree femininity and indulgence. “Bitches on the beaches, lookin’ super cute and freaky” casts imagery of a lavish beach life populated by attractive, fun-loving women. Charli’s crew, her “princesses,” live a delightfully decadent lifestyle, characterized by the “whipped and creamy” metaphor that references a life of richness and indulgence.

The “Ice cubes on our tongues because we like to keep it freezy” line is laced with a chilled-out vibe, literally and figuratively, promoting the pursuit of pleasure and relaxation. The lyrics “want to take it to the highway, come on, let’s go for a drive” celebrate freedom, adventure, and speed, metaphorically painting a picture of commanding life’s journey and dynamics.

The chorus “Bitches know they can’t catch me… Beep beep, so let’s ride” repeats the theme of overpowering control, emphasizing Charli’s dominance and independence. “Cute, sexy, and my ride’s sporty” points towards a mature, successful woman who takes pride in her appearance and achievements. The “bitches” and “slugs” represent those who might be envious of or attempting to slow her ride – they simply can’t catch her, emphasizing her untouchability and success.

Finally, the song winds down with a “boom, boom, boom, hear me coming through the radio,” asserting her impressive presence and ending with a playful, dismissing taunt, “try to catch me, but you’re too slow.” This represents Charli XCX’s view of her position in the pop scene – boldly moving forward, provocatively daring anyone to compete, but ultimately relishing in her inimitable, unique ride through the life of pop stardom.

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