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Meaning of ‘Everything is romantic’ by ‘Charli XCX’ feat. Charli xcx

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Released: 2024

Features: Charli xcx

“Everything is Romantic” by Charli XCX captures the essence of love’s repeating cycles against a backdrop of vibrant, sensory-rich imagery. At its heart, the song is an anthem for the endlessly romantic, those who see the world through a lens tinted with love, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Charli XCX uses simple yet evocative visuals to paint a picture of this unending romance.

The opening lines, “Bad tattoos on leather-tanned skin / Jesus Christ on a plastic sign”, throw us into a world where imperfections and icons come together. It’s about finding beauty in the rough edges, in the flawed and the everyday. The “bad tattoos” become symbols of life’s unpredictable paths and the stories we tell on our skin. The repetition of falling in love “again and again” underscores love’s relentless drive, no matter the setting.

Another vivid scene unfolds with “Lemons on the trees and on the ground / Sandals on the stirrups of the scooters / Neon orange drinks on the beach”. Here, Charli XCX isn’t just talking about a picturesque scene; she’s infusing the ordinary with an extraordinary sense of wonder. Each detail, from the lemons to the neon drinks, is a note in the symphony of romance that plays in the background of our lives.

The refrain, “Everything is Romantic,” is straightforward yet profound. It’s the song’s heartbeat, repeating like a mantra, reminding us that romance isn’t just found in grand gestures or epic love stories. Instead, it’s in the everyday moments, the “early nights in white sheets with lace curtains” and the backdrop, whether it’s Capri or Pompeii, that adds a layer of magic to our daily lives.

In sum, Charli XCX’s song is a tribute to the ceaseless nature of love and the beauty of finding it in every corner of existence. With every “fall in love again and again,” she’s not just speaking about romantic love, but a broader, more encompassing love for the world and its wonders, no matter how small or seemingly mundane they might be.

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