Dark Light

Released: 2023

Features: Sam Smith

“In The City” by Charli XCX, featuring Sam Smith, is a poignant pop anthem that explores self-realization and discovery, set against the vibrant yet mysterious backdrop of a nocturnal cityscape. The artist’s journey towards self-understanding spreads across the verses, with the city acting as a catalyst for and a reflection of their inner journey.

The song kicks off with vivid sensory imagery: “I’m flowin’ through you like water / Yeah, my body’s swayin’ side to side”. Here, the artist sets the scene of fluidity, movement, and immersion, speaking not just about a physical experience but a psychological one. The artist is navigating the cityscape (possibly a metaphor for their inner psyche) that’s as fluid and enveloping as water.

In the following lines “All the lights are diamonds in the sky, yeah / And I finally see myself like you see me now / Took time, time to see myself ’cause I”, the artist draws a connection between the city’s illuminating “diamonds” and their own self-awareness. It’s like the city’s glimmer is lending clarity to their self-perception, finally enabling them to see themselves through others’ eyes.

The chorus “In the city, in the dark / In the city, in the dark / In the city, in the dark / In the dark, dark, dark” emphasizes the duality of the city — it’s both a place of discovery and mystery. The recurring “dark” amplifies the city’s cryptic nature while suggesting that it’s within this darkness, the artist has found something valuable — their true self.

The line “Underneath the New York City lights / Baby, no matter what I do / There’s an angel standing by my side” carries a hopeful tone amidst the search. The city lights, usually associated with glamour and promises, are reframed here as protective, guiding the artist’s exploration. The “angel” could also symbolize an ally or a source of faith aiding the artist in their self-discovery journey.

The song draws to a close with the reiteration of an important realization “I found it in the dark”. It’s clear that the artist’s journey, while set against the backdrop of the city, is not merely about navigating urban spaces. It’s about navigating the dark, unexplored corners of their being and emerging with a newly found, authentic sense of self.

Overall, “In The City” is not just another love letter to the urban landscape but an intimate exploration of identity wrapped in a danceable pop tune.

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