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Meaning of ‘I think about it all the time’ by ‘Charli XCX’ feat. Charli xcx

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Released: 2024

Features: Charli xcx

In “I think about it all the time” by Charli XCX, we dive into a reflective and personal narrative about considering the possibility and implications of motherhood. Charli XCX takes us through her thoughts on the potential of having a baby, the fear of running out of time, and how such a life-changing decision could redefine her sense of purpose and freedom.

The song opens with Charli confessing the constant thought that she might be running out of time to make significant life choices, particularly about starting a family. The line “I think about it all the time” echoes as both a confession and a worry, showing her deep contemplation about her future. When she says “But I finally met my baby, And a baby might be mine,” it’s clear she’s envisioning a future where she could be a mother, oscillating between excitement and apprehension.

The story unfolds with Charli recalling a visit to Stockholm, where a cold setting contrasts with a warm, life-changing encounter—meeting her friend’s baby for the first time. This moment of joy and realization, “How sublime, What a joy, oh my, oh my,” sparks deep reflection on her part, considering motherhood perhaps for the first time seriously. The beauty of a new family, seeing her friends in their new roles, opens her eyes to different life possibilities she hadn’t deeply considered before.

Charli XCX I think about it all the time

The chorus repeats these ponderings about the future, with Charli wrestling with the idea of possibly missing out on freedom if she chooses motherhood. Yet, there’s also the thought that a child might bring a “new purpose” to her life, showcasing the dichotomy of her feelings.

As the narrative moves forward, Charli confronts her fears of missing out – “And I’m so scared I’m missin’ out on something” – reflecting a universal human anxiety about making the wrong choice that could lead to regrets. The discussion about potentially stopping birth control amid contemplations about career and existential relevance, “‘Cause my career feels so small in the existential scheme of it all,” highlights the depth of her internal conflict between personal desires and professional achievements.

Overall, “I think about it all the time” is a deeply introspective song that captures the complexity of considering motherhood against the backdrop of personal dreams, career ambitions, and the ticking clock of time. Charli XCX’s candid lyrics invite listeners into her world of self-reflection, making this track a relatable piece for anyone at a crossroads in life.

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