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Meaning of the song ‘Vibe’ by ‘Tove Styrke’

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Released: 2018

“Vibe” by Tove Styrke is an empowered break-up anthem, using the concept of a lost ‘vibe’ as a metaphor for the disconnection and misunderstanding that signifies the end of a relationship. Right off the bat, the song communicates a sense ofs resignation and self-reliant strength, as Styrke navigates through the post-relationship emotional jungle.

The lyrics, “You say what you mean thing / You feel what I feel thing,” kick things off with a sense of irony, as Styrke examines the deception lurking behind the supposed honesty and empathetic connection. Similarly, when she describes their relationship like a movie, it’s a nod to the inflated illusion of perfect romance often portrayed in cinema. However, this movie-like romance doesn’t last, as shown when she states, “My bad, I was just assuming / Now you treat me like you never knew me.”

Styrke emphasizes her self-esteem when saying, “Good luck trying to find a new me,” implying that she is unique and irreplaceable. It’s a power move and sets the tone for the rest of the song. The phrase “A vibe, a vibe, a vibe, a vibe” repeats like an echo, a reminder of what was lost and how it’s still lingering in her mind.

When she says, “I gave a hundred percent / Thought it was something I said,” she’s showcasing the frustration and self-blame often experienced in the aftermath of a breakup. Her willingness to take responsibility, even in the midst of misunderstanding, marks her character as introspective and candid.

In the next verse, Styrke asserts her independence saying, “I don’t want excuses, I don’t wanna see your friends.” She’s ready to move on, severing all ties with the past relationship. The line “If you don’t feel it, don’t pretend” reinforces this sentiment, expressing a desire for authenticity over deception.

The last verse delivers an ultimatum when she states, “Please don’t waste none of my time / When you’re lonely in the night / I don’t see you in my life.” Styrke sets the boundaries and takes back control, emphasizing her independence and self-respect. The persistent repetition of “I thought we had a vibe” serves as a reminder of the disconnection, making it clear that this vibe was lost and is not coming back.

In short, “Vibe” is a self-assertive statement from Styrke, distilling post-breakup feelings into a slick slice of hip-hop infused pop. It’s an anthem for those who have been there, felt that, and come away stronger.

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