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Meaning of ‘Borderline’ by ‘Tove Styrke’ feat. Vanic

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Released: 2015

Features: Vanic

“Borderline – Vanic Remix” by Vanic and Tove Styrke is a lyrical exploration of inner conflict and societal pressure, underpinned by a daring spirit of defiance. The song reflects on the contradictions of the self, the struggle between conforming and breaking free, and ultimately, the assertion of individuality amidst systemic expectations.

Throughout the song, Styrke uses the metaphor of the ’empire’ to symbolize a system of power and control. Lines like “the boys of the empire / They set head on fire” suggest the oppressive nature of this system. The “head on fire” can be viewed as a mental state of anxiety and tension caused by the conformist pressures of the ’empire’.

The line “Pull the plug, sire / I’ll spit fire” is a clear act of rebellion against the prevailing order. Here, Styrke asserts that she will voice her opinion (“spit fire”) even if it’s disagreeable to those in power (“pull the plug, sire”).

The hook of the song “I’m borderline happy and I’m borderline sad / I’m borderline good and I’m borderline bad” discusses the dichotomies of emotions and behavior that people experience. It also paints the artist’s emotional state as being on the edge or ‘borderline,’ constantly fluctuating and undefined.

Styrke repeatedly mentions, “As long as nobody breaks my stride,” reinforcing her determination to maintain her path, despite the systemic pressure and her internal struggles. She has found a stride, a pace, a way of life that suits her, and she won’t let it be disrupted. Even if she’s “borderline free” or partially blind to the world’s complexities, she embraces her own unique perspective.

Overall, the “Borderline – Vanic Remix” articulates the complexities of personal identity and societal pressure in the modern world. This track is more than just a catchy beat; it’s a bold declaration of defiant individuality, urging listeners to embrace their eccentricities and resist systemic pressure.

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