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Meaning of the song ‘Sway’ by ‘Tove Styrke’

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Released: 2018

Alright then, let’s dive into Tove Styrke’s much-lauded pop track “Sway.” The song is all about a burgeoning romantic connection, with both participants seemingly on the same page but not quite articulating it, preferring to let their actions and vibes communicate their feelings. It’s a breezy pop banger that revels in the thrill of maybe-romance set amidst a party atmosphere.

Styrke starts off by telling us about the chemistry she senses with her would-be partner, “I got a feeling that we got a chemistry / Gimme what’s on your mind.” The classic passive-aggressive move we’ve all played, trying to read minds and hinting at deeper connections. She suggests that she’s ready to leave the party with lines like “Ready, been waiting here, can we get out of here? / Wanna get you alone.” It’s clear that she’s interested, ready to take the step into something beyond vague flirting.

Her honesty rips through in the hook, “Sway with me / Don’t speak / Stay with me / No sleep,” showcasing the pop princess’s yearning for silent action over words. “Are we gonna stay up? / Are we gonna get out this crowd?” She’s asking the question we’ve all wondered – is it just us, or is there something more happening here?

Styrke is unafraid to call out the facade of coolness they’re both maintaining, “All this acting cool is kinda useless” and points out the waste of time if efforts aren’t reciprocated. She’s not looking for ambiguity; she wants clear intentions if they’re going down this path.

Throughout the song, she reiterates the line, “I don’t see nothing wrong / With you and me getting along,” a rhythmic reinforcement of her apparent feelings. It’s a simple, relatable sentiment, taking us back to simpler times when the biggest concern was whether your crush liked you back.

“Sway” is Styrke’s call-to-action, her subtle-but-unmistakable invitation to cut the pretense and let the vibes takeover. It’s a classic pop narrative, articulating the anticipatory dance that characterizes early attraction. And above all, it’s a reminder that sometimes, actions do speak louder than words.

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