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Meaning of the song ‘Talk To Me Nice’ by ‘Tinashe’

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Released: 2023

In “Talk To Me Nice”, Tinashe is laying down the demands for a relationship on her terms, intertwining the joys of a flashy lifestyle with the emotional complexities of modern romantic entanglements. This tune is a bold assertion of self-worth, urging partners to be respectful (“talk to me nice”) while also acknowledging the transient nature of romantic connections in an upwardly mobile world.

From the get-go, Tinashe sets up an atmosphere of disarray and desire with “Mix up my days, got me in a daze”. She’s disrupted and enamored, and she demands sweet talk in the midst of this chaos. Here, ‘nice’ doubles as both kindly sentiment and luxe lifestyle—a clever play on the duality of her desires.

In lines like “Don’t pick me up, I’ll drive / Dinner res’ at The Nice Guy,” Tinashe exudes independence and control. She’s steering the ship, both literally and figuratively, and she’s dining in style. The Nice Guy is a well-known Los Angeles hotspot, frequented by celebs—and Tinashe isn’t shy about namedropping it. Naming The Nice Guy implies not only the luxurious lifestyle Tinashe is accustomed to but also sets a tone for the power dynamics in play.

She cleverly intersperses the assertive independence with softer, vulnerable lines like “Let’s make it right, put pride to the side”. The balance showcases her duality – she’s tough, yet tender. The utterance “I don’t wanna wait all life for the right time, I know,” is a powerful acknowledgement of seizing the moment, refusing to let the societal constructs of ‘appropriate timing’ dictate her choices.

Another forte in the song is when she sings, “You got options, I got options”. Tinashe, understanding the nature of the dating game, doesn’t shy away from acknowledging both her and her potential partner’s choices. But she is also clear about the expectations – she wants mental stimulation (“tease you”), physical satisfaction (“please you”), and a clear understanding of options without being confined to a singular choice.

The lines “This a feeling money can’t buy / Couldn’t be fake if I tried / Loyalty, what the money can’t buy / You only get one chance, only one try” is a staunch reminder of the importance of emotional fidelity over materialism. While she enjoys the lifestyle replete with “spades on ice”, private charters, and high-end soirees, she’s not selling herself short on the emotional front.

In the end, while Tinashe talks ‘nice’ and appreciates the ‘nice’ things in life, her song is a fierce demand for both a tangible and intangible balance. She won’t settle for less, and she isn’t scared to vocalize her desires. “Talk To Me Nice” is a testament of a woman setting her terms and standing her ground – in the confusing world of love, sex, and lifestyle.

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