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Released: 2014

Features: ScHoolboy Q

“2 On (feat. ScHoolboy Q)” by Tinashe, featuring ScHoolboy Q, delivers a pulsating paean to the pleasures of living fast, expressing one’s exuberance, and embracing the party spirit. In brief, the song encapsulates the experience of being young, affluent, and deeply immersed in hedonistic indulgence. It weaves a narrative of unfettered celebration, interlaced with themes of ambition, self-confidence, and high-energy enjoyment – all primary tenets of the upbeat, youthful spirit inherent in much of pop music.

From the jump, with the titular “2 On,” Tinashe sets the tone, where “2 On” can be interpreted as a slang for getting high or heavily intoxicated. This phrase establishes the party-centric theme that pervades the song. Phrases like “I’m gone, so faded, I’m on one,” and “Get faded, turn up with the big boys” reinforce the narrative of recreational substance use and hardcore partying. Tinashe’s unapologetic revelry showcases a spirit of independence and a zest for life that says much about the confidence and audacity of pop music’s younger generation.

The lyrics “Live fast, die young that’s my choice/Get money, get money like an invoice,” pulls back the veil on the other side of the coin – the perils of living life in the fast lane. In these lines, we can discern the dangers and inevitable downside of living a high-speed, hedonistic lifestyle, while also noting the pressures of maintaining wealth in the fast-paced world of music stardom.

“If you a lame nigga, you ain’t making no noise” signals a dismissal of those not living as boldly or as boastfully. It’s a testament to Tinashe’s unwavering self-assuredness, thereby personifying the fierceness and flamboyant, assertive vibe that so often characterizes pop music’s leading ladies.

ScHoolboy Q’s verse further pushes the envelope of the raw, no-holds-barred, pleasure-seeking lifestyle. His audaciously explicit lyrics maintain the party ambiance, but also introduce a strong sexual undercurrent. The sheer brazenness of lines such as “Beat that pussy up, make you wanna holla Q” are representative of ScHoolboy Q’s in-your-face style, which aligns seamlessly with the larger-than-life, decadent narrative woven by Tinashe.

In conclusion, “2 On” is a powerful exhibit of pop music’s unabashed embrace of youthful exuberance, intoxicating revelry, and candid expressions of desire. Tinashe and ScHoolboy Q’s delivery of this narrative offer a snapshot into the mindset of pop culture’s younger generation, revealing the joys, risks, and relentless pace of their high-flying lifestyles.

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