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Released: 2018

Alright pop peeps, let’s dive into “Throw A Fit” by Tinashe. The central theme of this bass-laden anthem rests in an unabashed display of self-love, confidence, and asserting worth; Tinashe essentially tells us ‘she’s the shit’ and she expects her worth to be affirmed. In essence, she’s saying treat her right or she ain’t gonna play nice, a sentiment all can agree with.

The opening lines introduce us to a self-assured Tinashe, asserting she’s “the shit” and “super lit,” essentially asserting that she’s exceptional and on fire in the pop context. “If you don’t buy me what I want, I’ma throw a fit,” carries a strong sense of entitlement, suggesting that she expects to be spoiled and if her expectations are not met, there could be a conflict, a ‘fit’ being thrown. Not exactly the most peaceful negotiation method, but it’s a metaphor for asserting self-worth, lovelies.

Moving onto the lines, “Hey, brand new coupe, I’m backing out / Spend that shit, I buy you out,” Tinashe showcases her financial independence and her ability to splurge on lavish items like a new car, further reinforcing her power and self-sufficiency.

Later in the song, the lyrics “I got sauce, bitch, I shine / I got millions on my mind” further emphasize Tinashe’s confidence, ambition and drive. She’s got ‘sauce’, a colloquial term used to define a unique style, a charm, an appeal that is hard to replicate. ‘Millions on my mind’, it’s all about dreaming big and working towards making those dreams a reality.

The repeated sections enhance the song’s theme by reinforcing the different aspects of Tinashe’s personality: her confidence, her sassiness (she’s “nasty,” which in this context is meant as a compliment, meaning she’s bold, assertive and unapologetic), and her expectations in a partner. It’s an assertion of the fact that she knows her worth and is not willing to settle.

Toward the end, Tinashe uses the line “Nashe, might just pop it on a handstand,” which is a brazen physical expression of her ability to command attention and entertain – much like an audacious gymnast, popping it on a handstand. Additionally, ‘Nashe’ is a short form of Tinashe’s stage name, kind of her alter ego, which she uses to express her audacious outlook.

In summary, “Throw A Fit” by Tinashe is a power-filled pop anthem about self-confidence, assertiveness, hard work, and rightfully demanding what you deserve. It’s a spicy concoction of pop meets sass meets ambition meets demanding respect, something we can take a leaf or two from.

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