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Released: 2023

“Rush” by Troye Sivan is an electrifying pop anthem that paints an intimate portrait of a passionate, physical relationship brimming with lust and deep connection. The lyrics depict an intense yearning and the magnetic pull of desire, with Sivan expressing the exhilaration and urgency found in this addictive relationship.

Opening with the lines “(I feel the rush) / (Addicted to your touch)”, Sivan immediately lays out the fundamental theme of the song – a feeling of intoxication and intense craving, a “rush”, induced by the touch of his lover. The expression “Addicted to your touch” indicates a deep longing and dependency, suggesting a powerful, irresistible attraction.

Continuing with “Big communication, tell me what you want / Translate your vibration, let your body talk”, the song delves into the realm of sensual communication. These lines reflect the non-verbal, physical language that speaks volumes in close relationships. The use of ‘vibration’ represents intimate, energetic exchanges, while the plea “tell me what you want” underscores Sivan’s eagerness to satisfy his partner’s desires.

When Sivan speaks about “Trust the simulation, don’t you let it break / Every stimulation promise I can take”, he’s emphasizing the immersive and intense nature of his relationship. He’s willing to endure any heady height of passion they might journey into, solidifying his commitment to this addictive connection.

The chorus, “I feel the rush, addicted to your touch / Oh, I feel the rush (it’s so good, it’s so good)” reaffirms the theme of longing and all-consuming desire. His repetition of “it’s so good, it’s so good” is a testament to the euphoric pleasure derived from the relationship. Further reinforcing this pleasure, the phrase “So good when we slow gravity” gives a sense of the couple existing in their own world, suspending time and space during their intimate moments.

Finally, by expressing “Pass your boy the heatwave, recreate the sun / Take me to the feeling, boy, you know the one”, Sivan is conveying his desire to relive their passionate encounters, indicative of the cyclic quality of their relationship and the depth of invigorating emotions that it elicits.

Overall, “Rush” is a vibrant song illustrating the power and intoxication of physical desire, effectively drawing listeners into a world where the senses take precedence, and passion rules.

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