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Released: 2023

“My Home” by Myles Smith is an emotive ballad that binds the essence of love, loneliness, longing, and the comfort of home. The home here symbolizes a haven of warmth and safety, a metaphor that conjures vivid imagery and heartfelt sentiment.

The first lines, “Like a shelter from the storm, a fireplace that keeps me warm…,” establish the central metaphor of the song – a home. This is not just about physical architecture but a representation of a person who provides comfort, warmth, and love. This is underscored by the line, “you start a fire inside my veins,” which communicates that this person stirs deep, intense feelings within the singer.

The chorus, “You’ll always be my home, my heart, I’ll be with you wherever you are…,” is a heartfelt declaration of the singer’s unwavering attachment. It’s a recognition that even when they are physically separated, the emotional connection transcends physical distance. ‘Home’ is not a place but a state of being, tied to this person in his heart.

The second verse, “You save me from a flood, You give me everything I know…,” further expands on the idea that this person is a savior, a shelter, and the source of all good in the singer’s life. The phrase, “Even in my darkest nights, I know you’re there, right by my side,” intensifies this feeling of security and support that this beloved ‘home’ provides.

In the lines, “Bring me home, close to you, I miss your arms wrapped around me…,” we hit peak longing. It’s a plea for the security, affection, and comfort that only this ‘home’ can provide, effectively painting a picture of the singer’s profound emotional dependence and yearning.

Overall, “My Home” by Myles Smith is a testament to the power of love and connection, presenting the loved one as a sanctuary that can be carried in one’s heart, irrespective of their location. It’s a poetic description of the sensation of ‘feeling home’ when you’re with that special person, tapping directly into universal human emotions of love, longing and a desire for belonging.

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