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Meaning of ‘Sweet Love’ by ‘Myles Smith’

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Released: 2024

At the heart of “Sweet Love” by Myles Smith, it’s all about deep affection and the invincible force of attraction. Smith sings his adoration for a special someone who’s become as important to him as the air that he breathes, and who inspires him to express his feelings through melody and song.

Why don’t we kick things off with the repeating lines “My sweet love / You got a hold on me / Oxygen / She’s like the air I breathe”? These words make clear how hooked, or caught up, he is with this person. She’s his “oxygen” – meaning, she’s absolutely vital to him, just like air is important for us to live. Then he’s saying “You’re the one/Who makes me wanna sing/Simple melodies”, so we can see that his love is giving him the drive to be creative and to sing about his emotions. Those sweet “ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh” parts? It’s like he’s got such strong feelings that he can’t even put it into words anymore.

Placing the lyrics “I watch the sunset/And lie with you beneath the stars” next to “Dance in the moonlight/And fall asleep to chasing cars”, we’re given a snapshot of intimate moments that paints a picture of shared experiences. These moments aren’t crazy adventures, they’re simple and comfortable and that’s what makes them so special. He’s not chasing flashy cars; he’s chasing moments with her.

The repetition of some lines really make his point clear – he’s crazy about this person. When he says, “I can’t control the way I’m feeling,” you can bet he’s full-to-brimming with overwhelming love that he just can’t hold it in. He even asks, “Can you feel it?” – it’s as if his love is so intense that he believes it must be tangible.

Throughout the track, Smith uses the line “simple melodies” to show that expressing his emotions doesn’t need to be complex. The beauty and power of his feelings can be conveyed through a simple tune. In essence, this song feels like a love letter, carefully constructed from simple melodies, finding beauty in the basics works for Myles and it’s why “Sweet Love” strikes a chord with so many!

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