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Meaning of ‘Stargazing’ by ‘Myles Smith’

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Released: 2024

Here’s the tea on “Stargazing” by Myles Smith: it’s an anthem of waking up to love that’s been patiently waiting, a story of a heart reaching out to another, secretly pining away yet finally recognizing the blossoming love. The song portrays the emotional journey of Smith, craving for deep, undying love and then realizing that his desired love has been right beside him all along.

Straight from the heart, “Time stood still, Just like a photograph” captures the magic of the moment when Smith realizes the depth of his emotion for his beloved, with time freezing like a scene printed on a photographic paper. The lyric “You made me feel like this would last forever” suggests the lasting, eternal nature of this love which is further emphasized with “Looking in your eyes, I see my whole life”. This is the moment – the one we all wait for – when he comes face-to-face with the hard truth of his forbidden love.

The chorus, “They say you know it when you know it, and I know, Promise that you’ll hold me close, don’t let me go”, echoes the sudden realization of love and the fear of losing that love. It’s here, where he pleads, as if implying the promise is his lifeline. “Take my heart, don’t break it” is his request for love, but also care and trust, while “Love me to my bones” speaks to his desire for a love that’s deep, intense, and all-consuming.

The bridge, “I lose my mind, When I’m around you, how I come alive” underlines the intoxicating effect of love on him. When he’s around his beloved, he feels alive, as if he’s ignited with a newfound energy.

The recurring phrase “You were right there all along” paints the picture of his beloved as an omnipresence in his life, expressing a sense of regret for not noticing sooner. And finally, “You and I stargazing, Intertwining souls”, beautifully links the cosmic act of stargazing to their bonding experience – a celestial love story unfurling under the starry night sky.

In essence, “Stargazing” is a serenade to a love deep as the cosmos, anchored yet nebulous and awe-inspiring. It’s one of those tracks that makes you pause, reflect, and maybe rush off a love note to that special someone you’ve been taking for granted all along.

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