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Meaning of the song ‘Mother’ by ‘Meghan Trainor’

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Released: 2023

“Mother” by Meghan Trainor is a sassy, empowering hymn that slams mansplaining and asserts women’s independence. This song, with its catchy beats and pointed lyrics, asks all to listen up as she stitches together a vivid narrative of self-assertion using relatable and lively language.

The song kicks off with the repeating declaration, “I am your mother, you listen to me”, where “mother” appears to symbolize a figure of authority and wisdom. It’s a power move that’s meant to force respect and attention, aimed at those with a tendency to ‘mansplain’; a term casually sprinkled in the lyrics that refer to a man explaining something to a woman in a condescending manner. The jab at ‘mansplaining’ isn’t just a trendy reference; it’s also a critique of broader societal patterns of male dominance and the felt need for women to consistently assert their voice.

Lyrics like “M-m-m-mister big boy, pullin’ up in your big toy / Sayin’ all that blah-blah-blah, makin’ all that big noise” paints a vivid and critical image of a man who hides his insecurities behind a façade of arrogance. The dismissive term ‘big toy’ is likely code for an ostentatious car or other luxury symbols often associated with status. His noise, a metaphor for nonsensical chatter, is juxtaposed with the singer’s sensible, powerful stance.

In the second verse, Meghan introduces the idea of a ‘masterclass from her man,’ suggesting that respectful and empowering behavior towards women isn’t entirely alien to all men. It contrasts starkly with the ‘bum’ from the chorus and again underscores the importance of respect. The playful ‘bum-bum’ repetition intensifies the critique, robbing the addressee of his seriousness.

In her takedown of man’s ‘God complex’, Meghan holds nothing back, calling out the disparity between a self-aggrandizing attitude and the inability to create life, an ability traditionally ascribed to women. “Yet your opinion’s so strong even when you’re wrong”, she wryly notes, underlining the audacity of unsolicited opinions. The line “Must’ve forgot who you’re talkin’ to” is a powerful proclamation reinforcing her command in the conversation and a reminder of her elevated status.

With “Mother,” Meghan Trainor crafts an assertive, potent anthem challenging societal norms and demanding respect – a pop victory against the patriarchy, one catchy melody at a time.

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