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Meaning of ‘Been Like This’ by ‘Meghan Trainor’ feat. T-Pain

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Released: 2024

Features: T-Pain

“Been Like This” by Meghan Trainor ft. T-Pain is a self-assertive anthem that celebrates confidence, success, and sexual liberation. The song is about being authentically oneself amidst criticism, maintaining one’s identity, and the beauty of self-confidence.

The first verses introduce us to the cheeky, empowered persona of Trainor, who flaunts her desirability and asserts her individuality: “That type of boom-boom, that bass that I like.” Here, “boom-boom” typically refers to a dance beat but in this context, it implies attractiveness or charged energy. Lyrics such as “I keep it juicy” and “She’s cute and she’s classy / Thick, bold and sassy” reinforce her unwavering individualism and body positivity.

The choruses: “‘Cause I been like this, I been like this / Run your mouth, but I’m on your lips / Ain’t nothin’ new, still that bitch” and “Take your shots while I blow a kiss / Ain’t nothin’ new, still that bitch,” underline her resilience against detractors. The phrase “been like this” serves as a punchy affirmation of how long she’s maintained her authenticity. The mention of “still that bitch” is a reclamation of a derogatory term, turned into a self-affirming badge of honor.

The second verses showcase T-Pain’s perspective, displaying his admiration and desire for Trainor’s unapologetic demeanor: “Your hands all over this legend.” The lines, “Trippin’ over these Grammys, but who needs a stand / When their reservation got levitation for two?” cleverly express Trainor’s success, referencing her Grammy awards, and indicating she’s at ease and ready for more.

In the bridge, Trainor further endorses her self-assuredness with: “I’m a popstar, I’m a wifey / Put an X by my name if you don’t like me.” She fearlessly embraces criticism and remains immune to it, proof of her rock-solid self-esteem. The line “I’ma have to get a little bit spicy” insinuates that she’s ready to push boundaries and stir things up.

Overall, “Been Like This” is a confident rebuke to critics and a proud statement of self-love and success from Meghan Trainor, cementing her as a consistently authority-defying figure in the pop world.

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