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Released: 2022

“Made You Look” by Meghan Trainor is a spunky pop anthem that drips with self-confidence, asserting that true beauty comes from within and not from external possessions. Brimming with top-notch sass, it deftly merges the theme of body positivity with a commentary on materialistic culture.

The song kicks off with Meghan claiming that even without her Gucci or Louis Vuitton, she can still attract attention. “Gucci,” “Louis Vuitton” and “Versace” are famous luxury brands, symbolizing extravagance and high status. Her statement is a strong rebuttal to societal norms that often judge a person’s value by their possessions. Her confidence is such that she’s sure to cause her observer a neck sprain from a double take – an expression for looking at something or someone twice out of surprise or disbelief.

Meghan then assures she’s about to “make a scene” and “turn the heat up”, meaning she is about to grab everyone’s attention by being her unapologetic self, and suggests the observer put on sunscreen and expect their glasses to steam up, implying the level of her presence is likened to being under the scorching sun.

The chorus of the song, “when I do my walk, walk..”, is a swagger-filled acknowledgment of her uniqueness and self-assuredness. The line “I can guarantee your jaw will drop” suggests the level of impact her confident self-presentation will have on observers. She throws in that they “don’t make a lot of what I got,” highlighting her individuality and rare qualities.

Her confidence oozes when she notes that even with her hair a mess in the morning or with a casual hoodie on, she can still make heads turn. It emphasizes the idea that one’s allure and attractiveness are not defined by expensive clothes or perfect looks.

Lastly, the line “This ain’t that ordinary, it’s that 14 karat cake” uses cake, a term sometimes used to refer to a person’s body, and compares it to a 14 karat gold, again underlining her unique value and self-esteem. It’s a triumphant dismissal to the concept of ‘ordinary’, it says, go above and beyond that.

Overall, Meghan’s “Made You Look” is a powerful statement against societal pressures of materialism and unrealistic beauty standards. It champions the idea of inner worth and self-confidence, inspiring listeners to embrace their unique selves with pride.

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