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Meaning of the song ‘Love Someone’ by ‘Lukas Graham’

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Released: 2018

“Love Someone” by Lukas Graham is a deeply emotional anthem that explores the concept of vulnerability, fear, and the sheer power of unconditional love presented through a sweet blend of incisive lyrics and heartfelt melodies. This track serves as an intimate manifesto of what it truly means to love someone, reflecting on the anxieties, personal growth, and fulfillment that love brings.

The opening verse encapsulates the protagonist’s disbelief in having his loved one by his side – “There are days / I wake up and I pinch myself / You’re with me, not someone else.” He pinches himself, a stark metaphor suggesting his love feels too good to be true, like an elusive dream. He also acknowledges his fear of the infatuation being transient – “And I am scared, yeah, I’m still scared / That it’s all a dream.”

As the song moves forward, it resonates with appreciation for his partner who, despite the ups and downs, remains immaculate in his eyes – as underlined in lines like “you still look perfect as days go by / Even the worst ones, you make me smile.” This sentiment shows the power of love to overwrite even the most challenging days.

The chorus is an authoritative lecture about the workings of love. When Graham says “when you love someone / You open up your heart”, he’s advocating for vulnerability in love, implying that true love necessitates risk and emotional openness. The line “If you love someone / And you’re not afraid to lose ’em / You probably never loved someone like I do” comes across as a strong declaration of his love, suggesting that if your love doesn’t make you fear its loss, it may not be as deep or sincere.

The final verse portrays the sweetness and pain of finding true love – “I thought it’d be hard to find / The one ’til I found you / And I find it bittersweet / ‘Cause you gave me something to lose.” This poignant confession taps into the paradoxical nature of love; it brings immense joy but simultaneously makes one vulnerable to unimaginable pain.

Overall, “Love Someone” is a delicate exploration of the beautiful yet terrifying journey of love, replete with personal confessions and relatable emotions. It epitomizes the fact that to truly experience love, one must embrace vulnerability, risk heartbreak, and see beyond imperfections.

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