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Released: 2022

Features: Khalid

“Wish You Were Here (feat. Khalid)” by Lukas Graham is a poignant pop ballad that resonates with the pain of longing for someone who is absent. The song delves into emotions of nostalgia, loss, and yearning, but also posits hope for a reunion in the future.

The refrain “I wish you were here” is a straightforward expression of the singer’s longing. It’s a universal sentiment, one that captures the heartache of distance and disconnection. The ‘here’ in this context is likely not just a physical location but an emotional one, a moment or space where the singer and the absent individual were together and happy.

The lyrics “Yeah, I’ve had my share of friends that come and go…Seems they don’t make ’em like they made you anymore” signify the irreplaceable nature of the person the song is directed at. It suggests that the singer values the individual’s unique qualities, and probably their shared history, which makes their absence all the more felt.

The lines “All these places, all these faces, still alone…It only helps to grow, tell you ’bout it when I’m home” convey the idea of feeling emotionally isolated despite being socially active. The singer anticipates sharing these experiences when reunited, an anticipation that further amplifies his longing. The phrase “and life don’t have a re-do” underscores the reality that time and opportunities lost can never be regained, while “No one else in the world could ever be you” reaffirms the person’s uniqueness.

The hook, “It could be the way it was…The way it was way back when…Way before crazy began” draws from the yearning for simpler times, times when the person was present and things were presumably less complicated. It expresses a longing for the past and a desire to return to those cherished moments.

The line “I got you right here with me…Here in my memories…I know I’m gonna see you again” implies that the singer cherishes the person’s memories and is hopeful for a future together. The lyrics “After all this time and all these years…Oh, I, wish you were here” emphasizes the duration and intensity of the singer’s longing, cementing the person’s enduring significance in the singer’s life.

In conclusion, “Wish You Were Here” is a reflective piece imbued with longing and heartache but wrapped in hope and appreciation. It captures the human experience of longing for someone who, for whatever reason, isn’t present, and beautifully articulates the pain and hope that accompanies such longing.

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