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Meaning of the song ‘Mama Said’ by ‘Lukas Graham’

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Released: 2016

“Mama Said” by Lukas Graham is a celebration of a humble upbringing, transmuting the struggles of an ordinary childhood into a beacon of hope, motivation, and wisdom. This pop anthem stands as a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of holding onto one’s roots in the face of adversity.

The narrative of “Mama Said” is centered around the protagonist’s anecdotes from his childhood. He details his modest lifestyle – never traveling to exotic destinations, passing on clothes instead of buying new ones, and his shoes doubling up as his plaything. The verses here feel deeply autobiographical, painting an image of an upbringing that’s less than glamorous, but filled with love and lessons.

Instrumental in setting the tone of the song are the choruses, which carry the comforting words of Lukas’ mother – her reassurance that their modest lifestyle was “quite alright” and that they were “good kids”. These messages impart a sense of self-worth and esteem that insulate them from the snide remarks and harsh judgments of others – an echo of the resilience and determination characteristic of pop culture sensibilities.

Moving on to the bridge, the lyrics take an intriguing turn as Lukas reveals his Hollywood dreams to his parents. Lukas’ parents might not fully grasp his dreams, yet they shower him with unconditional love. This could well be a nod to the collision of an artist’s aspiration with the perplexity of their non-artistic environment – a recurring theme in the underdog narratives of pop culture.

The second verse zeroes in on Lukas’ struggle with his dreams, backed by a mix of peer ridicule and skepticism. He perseveres, however, inspired by his mama’s wise words and eventually proving the naysayers wrong. Here, Lukas firmly establishes that the narrative arc of his personal journey resonates with the much-celebrated pop culture ethos of turning doubters into believers.

The song concludes with the realization that Lukas’ roots keep him grounded during moments of self-doubt, underscoring the importance of staying connected to one’s heritage and personal history. The repeated phrase – “And Mama said that it was okay” – acquires an anthem-like rhythm, reaffirming the notion that resilience, hope, and self-belief often stem from the foundational values imparted during one’s upbringing.

Overall, “Mama Said” is an emotional journey through Lukas Graham’s childhood, serving as a reminder of the power of holding onto one’s roots, the resilience it can provide, and the importance of self-belief in the pursuit of one’s dreams.

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