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Meaning of ‘Silence’ by ‘Marshmello’ feat. Khalid

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Released: 2017

Features: Khalid

“Silence” by Marshmello, featuring Khalid, is a heart-wrenching song about the struggle for acceptance and the comfort found in solitude. The lyrics reveal a journey from isolation to peace, using the metaphor of silence to express the protagonist’s inner turmoil and eventual tranquility. This isn’t some light, fancy-free pop – it digs deep.

The opening line, “Yeah, I’d rather be a lover than a fighter”, shows the protagonist’s desire for love and peace over conflict. The ‘fighter’ metaphor offers a glimpse into the personal battles they have been through. When Khalid sings “Never felt a feeling of comfort / All this time, I’ve been hiding”, he’s talking about the suffocating loneliness and the shielding of true self from the world.

One powerful phrase that repeats throughout is “I found peace in your violence”. At first, it might sound a bit whack, but it’s a profound statement of acceptance. The ‘your violence’ could suggest self-criticism or adverse circumstances, and finding peace means accepting their life, warts and all. The repeated line “I’m at one, and I’ve been quiet for too long” hints to this acceptance enabling the protagonist’s voice, their true self, to finally shine through.

The second verse, “I’m in need of a savior / But I’m not asking for favors”, uncovers a longing for rescue from personal demons. But, there’s a catch – the protagonist isn’t seeking a free pass, they’re finding strength within. The line, “Loving never gave me a home / So I’ll sit here in the silence” reaffirms their peace in solitude. It’s like saying, ‘Hey, I’ve been through the wringer, love hasn’t exactly been cozy for me, but I’m good with myself now.’ And here, ‘silence’ becomes a safe haven.

To wrap it up, “Silence” drops an emotional bomb. It’s about struggling, finding acceptance, and discovering peace in quiet solitude. This isn’t a simple tale of loneliness; it’s a power-charged anthem of self-acceptance and inner strength.

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