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Meaning of ‘Miles On It’ by ‘Marshmello’ feat. Kane Brown

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Released: 2024

Features: Kane Brown

Marshmello’s ‘Miles on It,’ featuring Kane Brown, is a celebratory anthem on forging experiences together. A love song at its core, it uses the metaphor of a road trip in a new truck to symbolize a fresh start in a relationship, hinting at the thrills and unforgettable moments that come with young love.

The lyrics open with “New truck, big lift, old roads we’ve been/Tearin’ up since way back when”, as the artist introduces us to the setting of the song—a known landscape now to be explored in a new vehicle. This is smartly used as a metaphor for diving into an established relationship anew. The words “But these wheels are innocent” and “New hitch, new seats, no history” further emphasize that the truck (the relationship) is fresh. The appeal to “put some miles on it” is an invitation for the partner to create new experiences and shared history.

Throughout the song, the lyrics return to the chorus about spending time in the back of the Chevy – “Just you and me in a truck bed wide like a California King”. The reference to a “California King” bed, which is notably wide and spacious, is likely used to add a degree of romantic and intimate imagery to the journey they’re embarking on.

The imagery gets more intimate and personal in the verse “All night, no brakes, all tail, no gate…I said, “Hey, baby, slow it down, let’s make it last”/You said, “Where’s the fun in that?” These lyrics suggest a break-neck, thrilling ride into the unknown which also represents the passionate, unrestrained love between the two.

The phrase “We could break it in if you know what I mean,” appearing in both the chorus and the outro, is laden with double entendre. In literal terms, it means to wear something in – in this case, the new truck. However, it’s also used as a playful suggestion towards a deeper level of intimacy and understanding in their relationship.

In conclusion, “Miles On It” is a passionate ode to adventurous romance, cleverly using the journey motif to depict a relationship that’s exciting, intimate, and deeply cherished.

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