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Meaning of ‘Happier’ by ‘Marshmello’ feat. Bastille

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Released: 2018″Happier” by Marshmello featuring Bastille is a song drenched in sacrifice and selflessness. It’s a ballad of a relationship that has spiraled downwards, but there’s still an undying wish for the other person’s happiness, even if that means stepping away.

When the lyrics go, “We’re a flame in the wind, not the fire that we’ve begun”, they’re essentially saying their love has been reduced to a mere flicker, powerless against the winds of change. Yet, the desire to see the other person smile comes up with, “I wanna raise your spirits”, showing an enduring affection even amidst the emotional turmoil.

The lines, “I want to change my mind ’cause, This just don’t feel right to me,” speak of an internal struggle. Subconsciously wanting to hold on, but reality tells a different story. They want their partner to be happier, and they’re ready to leave if that makes it possible.

There’s this raw scene created when the lyrics go, “When the evening falls, And I’m left there with my thoughts, And the image of you being with someone else”. It’s a person mourning a love lost in the solitude of their thoughts and coming to terms that they might not be the one to make their partner happier.

For me, the crux of the song lies in, “So I’ll go, I’ll go, I will go, go, go”. It’s a declaration of departure for the sake of the other person’s happiness. The pain is real, but the love is greater, hence the resolve to step away and let the other person find their happiness.

At the end of the day, “Happier” is a song that paints a vivid picture of love that is unselfish. It’s a testament that sometimes, real love means letting go when staying means causing more pain.

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